March 8 Episode 80: An Update with Tony Ortega

We welcome our old friend Tony Ortega back to talk about the current state of scientology, their ongoing financial crimes and the devastation COVID 19 has wrought on their information control.

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Battlefield Scientology
The Unbreakable Miss Lovely
The Miscavige Pandemic Bulletin
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Scientology "Stay Well" booklets
Scientology Decon 7 Hazmat outfits
The "insider" Blog Posts

There are a series of these posts at Tony Ortega’s blog

The Chase Wave
Bert Schippers on The Aftermath

Season 3 Episode 5 Ideal Orgs

NY Org Leak
Mark Fladd on The Aftermath

Season 3 Episode 6 The Collection Agency

Efrem Logreira
March 1 Episode 79: Roberta Blevins MLM Whistleblower

Roberta Blevins is a former member of a Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) scam known as LuLaRue. The similarities between MLM’s and cults are legion. Peer pressure. Information control. Even Fair Game tactics. Roberta discusses her experiences and her work today as a whistleblower against what she calls “Commercial Cults.”  Roberta was featured in the Amazon Prime doc LuLaRich.

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Amazon Prime LuLaRich
Steve Hassan's BITE model
Roberta's TikTok
Roberta's Instagramas
Life After MLM Podcast
Life After MLM YouTube
Roberta's website
February 22 Episode 78: Dylan Gill and Church of Spiritual Technology

We talk to Dylan Gill, former executive of Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) about the organization established to preserve Hubbard’s words in the event of a nuclear holocaust for all future civilizations, what the symbols etched into the ground mean, the various homes built for Hubbard after his death that are maintained to this day, and much more.

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The Church of Spiritual Technology (CST)

The Wiki entry describing CST

The Archiv e Project

A scientology promotional video describing their over-the-top activities to preserve the “technology” of L. Ron Hubbard

CST Headquarters

Drone footage of the CST headquarters at Twin Peaks in San Bernardino County CA

Whispering Winds ranch

Drone footage of Hubbard’s last home, near Creston CA

CST Tuolomne property

Drone footage of the vault in central California

CST Tremontina NM property

Drone footage of the CST vault and Hubbard mansion near Tremontina NM

CST Petrolia CA property

The CST vault and property near Petrolia N California

Bonnie View

The $10 million mansion built for Hubbard at the Gold Base, Gilman Hot Springs CA

February 15 Episode 77: Jefferson Hawkins

We are joined by Jeff Hawkins, an extremely talented, thoughtful and articulate former Sea Org member, to recount his experiences with David Miscavige, his role in making Dianetics a bestseller again the 80’s and his journey into and out of scientology. He is the author of 3 books on the subject.

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Counterfeit Dreams

Jeff’s wonderful book on his life and leaving scientology

Leaving Scientology
Closing Minds
The Sociopath Next Door

Incredible book by Harvard Professor Martha Stout

Dianetics ad from 80's

Jeff created these ads and the campaign that launched Dianetics back onto the bestseller lists after more than 30 years

AC 360 History of Violence

Jeff was featured in the week long series by Anderson Cooper

Aftermath Episode with Jeff
Jeff's blog: Leaving Scientology

This is a great blog filled with excellent content

February 8 Episode 76: Professor Aharon Friedman

Former scientologist Aharon Friedman is a professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering and serves on the Board of the Israeli Center for Cults’ Victims. Unlike L. Ron Hubbard, he really IS a nuclear physicist. We talk about his experiences in scientology, what drove him to escape and his work helping victims of cults today.


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Man's Search for Meaning

Viktor Frankl’s brilliant book about his time in Nazi concentration camps and what he learned from his experiences

The Dissemination Drill
Marriage Hats

Marriage Hats by Mary Sue Hubbard

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What is the Ideal Org Program?
Debbie Cook Email
Debbie Cook Courtroom testimony
All About Radiation

Written by a “Nuclear Physicist” (L. Ron Hubbard).

The Purification Program Debunked
Israeli Center for Cult Victims
The Aftermath Foundation
February 1 Episode 75: Marc Headley on Scientology and the Internet

We welcome back our old friend Marc Headley to talk about Scientology and the internet, including covering the bonkers domain names scientology has registered, and how they have unsuccessfully attempted to control access to information on the World Wide Web.

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Marc's Book: Blown For Good
Partial List of Domain Names

Blog post from The Scientology Money Project

Jokers & Degraders
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The Scieno Sitter
TRapped In The Closet

The South Park episode “What Scientologists Actually Believe”

Alexa Ranks

A recent blog post about scientology has using Click Farms in Tanzania to generate traffic to their site, but even then they still rank lower than MikeRinders blog and Tony Ortega’s

Andreas Heldal Lund

The recent Fair Game Podcast episode featuring Andreas

Going Clear
Scientology and The Aftermath
AC 360 "Inch Wives"
Marty Rathbun Rotten Rat site
The Aftermath Foundation
January 25 Episode 74: Julian Wain on WISE

Leah and Mike with their old friend and Leah family member Julian Wain discuss his experiences with WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) companies and how they implement high pressure sales techniques into dental and chiropractic offices, and act as recruitment agencies for scientology.

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An earlier blog post about WISE

Wikipedia entry on WISE
Hard Sell"

The official scientology dictionary definition — the sanitized version. In scientology fundraising circles it means “do whatever necessary to get the money”:

More on Hard Well

Excellent Tampa Bay Times piece about scientology Hard Sell techniques, featuring former Flag reg Hy Levy

STerling Management Systems
Greg Hughes

Founder of Sterling, he went on to become WDC WISE and then was in The Hole and now out of the Sea Org

Time Magazine cover story
The Command Chart of scientology

The organizational structure of scientology — taken from the official scientology “Command Channels Booklet”:

The WDC Sectors

The various “sectors” overseen by the Watchdog Committee (WDC) in CMO International, which includes WISE:


January 18 Episode 73 — Operation Clambake Founder Andreas Heldal-Lund

Leah and Mike talk with the creator of Operation Clambake, and one of the earliest non-scientologists to go head-to-head with scientology in the fledgling days of the internet. We cover how he got involved and why and some of the key things that have happened along the way.

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Jason Becghe video
Operation Clambake
Scientology and the Internet
Who is Zenon Panoussis
Who is Karin Spaink?
January 11 Episode 72: Stefani Hutchison Exposing the Lies

We bring back one of our favorites this week, the wonderful Stefani Hutchison. Stefani was never a scientologist, but has taken up the cudgel of exposing the lies of scientology on her excellent blog: Confront and Shatter. In this episode, we cover some of the sleuth work Stefani has done, investigating the claims made by scientology and their front groups. Links to her pieces are below.

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Confront and Shatter Blog
Scientology Cruise Ship Claim
The Freedom of Misdirection
Volunteer Ministers Just Passing Through for a Photo Op
Scientology Bestows Upon Itself Another Fake Award
Photo Op Flop
Another One Bites the Dust
he Volunteer Ministers... We Give Up
Two More Nopes for the Volunteer Ministers
Volunteer Ministers Fake Another Good Dee
Scientology Lie
Surprise! They Lied Again
Volunteer Ministers Busted Once Again
9/11: Scientology’s Biggest Lie to Date
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
January 4 Episode 71: Listener Questions #10

We start 2022 with one of our favorites — more Listener Questions. We cover a wide scope of topics, from Fair Game campaign tactics to preserving Hubbard’s “legacy” on stainless steel plates in titanium capsules in nuclear-bomb-proof vaults and the embarrassing “We Stand Tall” song video…

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"Preservation of the Tech"

Scientology is so proud of the activities of Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) to preserve the tech they have a fully dedicated video on ScientologyTV expounding on the brilliance of their program.

What is CST?

Some less hypey information about CST

"We Stand Tall"

The infamous scientology “music video” featuring David Miscavige

SNL parody

The brilliant SNL parody of We Stand Tall

Hubbard on curing cancer
Wiki on Scientology Controversies
Wiki on Fair Game
Judges on Scientology
Wiki on Gabe Cazares
December 21 Episode 70: Claire Headley on Knowledge Reports

Leah and Mike continue their discussion from last week about Committees of Evidence with Claire Headley, now covering the snitch culture of scientology and the subject of Knowledge Reports. It is one of the most important control mechanisms within the scientology world.

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Scientology Org Board outline

This is the standard organizing board for all scientology organizations

HCO Div 1 Org Board

This is the detailed organizing board for Division 1 The Hubbard Communications Office where the Ethics Officer is found

AC 360 episode
Knowledge Reports PL
View/Download Document
Staff Member Reports PL
View/Download Document
Things That Shouldn't Be PL
View/Download Document
Offenses and Penalties PL
View/Download Document
Truth Rundown by Marty Rathbun
View/Download Document
Dev-T Summary List PL
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Scientology Day Care story
December 14 Episode 69: Claire Headley on Committees of Evidence

We talk to our old friend and Aftermath OG Claire Headley again this week, this time to discuss Committees of Evidence. What are they exactly, our personal experiences convening, participating and being victims of them, and how they differ from arbitration.

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The Headley's on The Aftermath

Season 1 episode 5

Blown for Good
The "Arbitration Agreement"

The language from the scientology service Enrollment Agreement that requires “religious arbitration” in the event of a dispute


The Committee of Evidence PL
View/Download Document
Earlier Blog Post #1

Concerning Scientology “Religious Arbitration”

Blog Post #2

Scientology “Religious Arbitration” — Giving Kangaroo Courts a Bad Name

Blog Post #3

More on Scientology “Religious Arbitration”

Blog Post #4

Shameful Scientology “Religious Arbitration” Destroying Justice

Blog Post #5

A Scientology Committee of Evidence is NOT Arbitration

The Ethics Review PL
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Scientology List of Crimes
View/Download Document
List of High Crimes
View/Download Document
The Justice of Scientology PL
View/Download Document
A New Hope for Justice
View/Download Document
Justice Rosenbaum dissent
Committee of Evidence

Example of a Bill of Particulars for a Committee of Evicdence

View/Download Document
Headley Appellate decision excerpt
December 7 Episode 68: Chris Shelton on Cult Apologists

We talk to our old friend Chris Shelton about cult apologists who make a career (often lucrative) out of offering expert academic opinions in support of “New Religious Movements” — which is what they call cults. It’s a racket that scientology has used to gain credibility. We cover a lot of ground here. Chris has recently published a series of articles on this topic on Tony Ortega’s blog — they are well-worth reading.

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Sensibly Speaking Podcast

Chris’ excellent YouTube podcast channel

Confront and Shatter BVlog

Stefani Hutchinson’s excellent blog that regularly dismantles  the hypocrisy of the STAND League.

Chris Shelton's first article

Chris’s recent articles on Tony Ortega’s blog about cult apologist academics

Chris' second article
Chris' third article
Chris' fourth article
Chris' fifth article
Professor Bryan WIlson
Massimo Introviugne

See also the articles on Tony Ortega’s site

Remnant Fellowship website

featuring cult apologists Gordon Melton and Donald Westbrook responding to the HBO documentary about Remnant Fellowship The Way Down

November 23 Episode 67: Listener Questions #9

Another of our favorite Listener Questions episodes… We have a lot of great questions, including what the organization does with all the money it makes? Are the PI’s scientologists? What would happen if we tried to rejoin scientology? What is the most bizarre Hubbard policy? What’s the story with Mimi Rogers? Does David Miscavige tune in? And a lot more.

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A to E steps

The steps that a person declared Suppressive must do in order to get back into good standing with scientology?

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The Black Bag Department

My earlier blog post about scientology PI’s and which ones are scientologist

Who is Rick Moxon?

One of the unindicted co-conspirators from Guardian’s Office prosecution (along with L. Ron Hubbard), in house lawyer for scientology, OT VIII and father of Stacy Moxon who committed suicide at the Int Base (it was covered up as an accident).

Monique Yingling on 20/2

Unfortunately the only way I have found to see Monique with her impressive display of muffins is to watch Part 1 and allow this video to then go to Part 2. At 00:30 Monique shows up with the muffins baked with love by the slave sat Gold.

Yingling and Davis on AC 360

Monique Yingling and Tommy Davis on AC 360 lying about disconnection

Jokers and Degraders

One of two of the most bonkers Hubbard policies (in my view)

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Pain and Sex

The second choice of bonkers Hubbard writings

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Data on Fragrances

Hubbard on odors and perfume — another of his completely bonkers writings (Note, his ramblings seemed to become even more unhinged towards the end of his life — though it is hard to top History of Man) ….

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VF article about Nazanin Boniadi

Maureen Orth’s excellent VF article about Tom Cruise that details what happened to then-scientologist Nazanin Boniadi who had been selected and groomed as Cruise’s new mate.

Passionate kiss quote from Dianetics
Leah's list of recommended books
November 16 Episode 66: Dr. Willy Rice Pastor of Calvary Baptist Clearwater

Leah and Mike welcome Dr. Willy Rice, Senior Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater to the podcast. Willy has been one of the few community leaders who has taken a strong, public stance against the abuses of scientology. We talk about the influence of scientology in the community and the lie that you can a Christian and a scientologist.

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The infamous OT VIII document

[T]he historic Jesus was not nearly the sainted figure has been made out to be. In addition to being a lover of young boys and men, he was given to uncontrollable bursts of temper and hatred…

Can Scientologists be Christians or Jews Too?
L. Ron Hubbard on Christianity
"I'm a Christian and I'm also a Scientologist"
Scientology, Christianity and the IRS
Scientology Briefing

One of the briefings prepared by Willy for his congregation and other Christian Leaders

View/Download Document
A Christian Response to Scientology

Another briefing

View/Download Document
Going Clear

Lawrence Wright’s brilliant book

Stefani Hutchinson's on Ray Cassano

Scientology Ray Cassano speaking publicly as a member of the Clearwater Downtown Development Board

Hubbard's Public Image Policy Letter
View/Download Document
Price List for Flag
Hubbard on God
November 9 Episode 65: Filmmaker and former Jehovah’s Witness Aaron Kaufman

Leah and Mike talk to filmmaker Aaron Kaufman. Known for producing Robert Rodriguez films, more recently he directed Crusaders, a documentary on Jehovah’s Witnesses for Vice TV.  Aaron was raised a JW. His doc focuses on the data base of sex abusers amassed by the organization which they have refused to make public. Plenty of scientology parallels in this discussion.

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Aaron's IMDb link

Aaron is a producer in Hollywood who did the well-known Robert Rodriguez movies

Vice TV Crusaders

Vice Versa series on Vice TV

What is Disfellowshipping

JW’s practice similar to scientology disconnection

Characteristics of a cult

One of the best summaries from Dr. Janja Lalich

Australian Royal Commission Final Report

Official government inquiry in Australia into JW’s sex abuse of children

Ruben Ortiz podcast
Candace Conti case

One of the first people to sue and win a jury award against the JW’s for sex abuse as a child

Leah's list of books on trauma

These are books Leah recommends, you can find the full list on my blog

November 2 Episode 64 : Tory “Magoo” Christman

Leah and Mike talk to a long term scientology whistleblower, Tory “Magoo” Christman. Her story covers the gamut — OSA dirty tricks, disconnection, the Lisa McPherson Trust, being Fair Gamed and a whole lot more. It is an episode that seemed too short with such a bright, smart and kind person.

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View Documents (15)
Attestation from Tory christman
View/Download Document
Narconon's Success Rate

Narconon has falsely claimed an absurd success rate

The Aftermath

The episodes on Clearwater covering Gabe Cazares and Bob Minton

Operation Clambake

Andras Heldal-Lund’s website Operation Clambake

The 6 month check
Magoo Dancing in Boston

The video taken by Mark Bunker

Mary Tabayoyan Declaration
Penny Atwell Jones
Tory in WIS?

Tory featured in the scientology “encyclopedia” What Is Scientology?

Tory in another publication

Tory featured in another scientology publication

The Tory Christman Program

The Fair Game program put together by OSA pursuant to Hubbrd policy. Tory’s responses and notes are in red script

View/Download Document
Counter Attack Tactics

One of 2 key references used to compile the Tory Christman Program

View/Download Document
Intelligence Principles

The other key reference

View/Download Document
Tory's dad, Paul Christman

See my blog for more docs

October 26 Episode 63: Former SO Member Nora Ames

Leah and Mike welcome Nora Ames, former SO member and outspoken whistleblower concerning the hypocrisy of scientology’s rampant homophobia. She has one of the most incredible and harrowing escape from the Sea Org stories as well as what she did to get her mother out of scientology. Both her father and mother were scientology Guardian Office workers.

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View Documents (9)
Why you can't be gay in scientology

Nora’s powerful video from 2016

The Guardian's Office/Office of Special Affairs

When you Google Guardian’s Office this is what you get from Wikipedia

Fair Game
Sentencing Memorandum excerpts

Excerpts from the DOJ Sentencing Memorandum in the criminal case against Mary Sue Hubbard and other leaders of the Guardian’s Office

View/Download Document
What Judges say about scientology
Scientology and Law
Scientology's version of litigation
"Murder Routine"

The term as defined by L. Ron Hubbard in the official scientology dictionary

Scientology Homophobia

My earlier blog post on the subject

October 19 Episode 62: The Aftermath OG Amy Scobee

Leah and Mike welcome their dear friend Amy Scobee. Amy was in charge of scientology Celebrity Centres for many years and had a lot of personal experience with scientology’s biggest celebrities. She was also the catalyst for The Aftermath when she reached out with the story of her mother, Bonnie. They were featured in the first episode.

Listen Now
View Documents (10)
The Aftermath Episode 1
Amy at CC Int

Amy was the Watchdog Committee member responsible for Celebrity Centres

Amy with Isaac Hayes and others

L to R; Isaac Hayes, Amy, Dave Pettit’s ex-wife, Dave Pettit CO CC Int, Billy Sheehan, Karen Hollander President CC Int

Project Celebrity

The early direction to “hunt” celebrities and get them into scientology

Celebrity PL

Hubbard defines celebrities in scientology

Training Drills

This is where Hubbard describes doing TR’s – note especially TR0 and TRo bullbait

View/Download Document
The Purification Rundown

Hubbard’s “solution” to drugs

My blog on Niacin

Niacin is prescribed in massive doses on the Purif

Amy's website
Amy's book: Abuse At The Top
October 12 Episode 61: Julian Wain and the Delphian School

Leah and Mike welcome back Julian Wain, who appeared with his wife Katherine in Episode 49. This time they discuss the Delphian schools — Julian both attended and taught there. These, like other “Applied Scholastics” schools use HUbbard “technology” to indoctrinate kids and act as recruitment pools for the Sea Org, despite the public claims they make.

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View Documents (11)
Episode 49: Katherine and Julian

Katherine and Julian discuss their personal journeys out of scientology and the horrors of disconnection

The official scientology website

Applied Scholastics, the mother organization over Delphi schools is on the front page of the scientology website

Applied Scholastics

How scientology describes Applied Scholastics: “fully independent nondenominational organization”

FAQ page on Delphian website

They describe L. Ron Hubbard as everything BUT the founder of scientology.

FAQ page on Delphian website

Scientology is listed LAST…

Jualian's Delphi School Yearbook

The yearbook is dedicated to L. Ron Hubbard

View/Download Document
IRS rules on religious purithy
The Delphi logo

One of the four points is “Ethics”

Dianetics "passionate kiss"

The reference mentioned from Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health concerning a 7 year old girl not reacting to a passionate kiss from a grown man

Scientology Lower Conditions

The lower ethics conditions that are integral to scientology “ethics tech”

View/Download Document
Viktor Frankl Man's Search for Meaning
October 5 Episode 60: Clearwater City Council Candidate Aaron Smith-Levin

Leah and Mike talk to their old friend Aaron Smith-Levin about a wide variety of topics, including the status of Goliath the SP dog, but focus on his announcement that he is running to be elected to the Clearwater City Council and the activities of the Aftermath Foundation.

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View Documents (7)
The Aftermath Season 1 Ep 6

Aaron’s story from The Aftermath

Aaron Smith-Levin for City Council

My recent blog post about Aaron running for Clearwater City Council

Aaron's Campaign webpage
The Aftermath Clearwater episodes

Buying a Town Part 1 & 2 aired in the 3rd season, episodes 8&9

Growing Up In Scientology

Aaron’s YouTube channel

The Aftermath Foundation

The foundation website

Scientology and Religion

My recent  blog post about scientology’s religious status

September 28 Episode 59: Listener Questions Part 8

A special edition of Listener Questions. Leah and Mike recorded this together in LA. As usual, they cover a lot of ground from why any OT would wear glasses and a question about Tom Cruise’s bravery to High Crimes and the traits of an SP. Mike even has an answer that shocked Leah about something Hubbard claimed about himself.

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View Documents (5)
Video Clips

Clips from this episode are at mikerindersblog.org

High Crimes

This is the list of scientology “High Crimes” (or Suppressive Acts) contained in the Introduction to Scientology Ethics book.

View/Download Document
The Anti-Social Personality (SP)

The Anti-Social Personality traits chapter from Introduction to Scientology Ethics:

View/Download Document
"I'm not from this planet"

Hubbard asserted he was not “from this planet”

Hubbard on Education

Hubbard’s view on how useless education outside scientology is.

September 21 Episode 58: Nicole Norton & Becky Lovell Inside RA MA and Guru Jagat

Nicole Norton and Becky Lovell are whistleblowers, exposing the abuses of the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology and its leader Guru Jagat (Katie Griggs). The stories of abuse, money motivation and a culture of worship of the guru are reminiscent of scientology and so many other high control organizations.

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View Documents (2)
Vice News article

A much more in-depth look at RA MA and Guru Jagat

RAMA Wrong Insta
September 14 Episode 57 – Ex Int Base Security Chief Gary (Jackson) Morehead

This week we have the great pleasure of speaking with Gary “Jackson” Morehead, the former head of security at the confidential scientology headquarters near Hemet in Riverside County California. We cover the efforts taken to prevent Sea Org members from leaving, both physical and mental, what the “Blow Drill” consists of, what a “Life History” is and plenty more.

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View Documents (13)
The Aftermath S2 Ep 5

One of the most gut-wrenching episodes of The Aftermath featured Gary.

Riverside County Sheriff's at Gold

Video of RCSO outside Golden Era

Louis Theroux at Golden Era

British filmmaker Louis Theroux met by Cathy Fraser outside Gold Base

"Nasty" Nathanial at Golden Era

A video featuring the Gold Security Guards and the charming Cathy Fraser.

What is Safepointing

This recent post from mikerindersblog.org breaks it down and explains how this is done.

"Eagle" lookout
Video footage of Gold Base and "Eagle"
One version of the Life History form
View/Download Document
Another version "Form 5"
View/Download Document
Application to join the Sea Org
The Blow Drill

While scientology claims there is no such thing as the “Blow Drill,” their expert on all things (at least for the past few years), Marty Rathbun, filed a declaration covering the blow drill in the Headley case in July 2010

Scientology files

Tony Ortega’s recent article giving details about the files scientology maintains

Danny "Done-it-again" Dunigan

The infamous Gold Security Guard

August 31 Episode 56: Mat Pesch Former Scientology Finance Guy
Listen Now
View Documents (9)
The AfterMath S 2 Ep 9

Mat appeared on the Aftermath

The "Dissemination Division"

Mat was the Dissemination Secretary, over the 2nd (of 7) divisions of a scientology organization responsible for marketing, booksales and fundraising.

The "Treasury Division"

Mat was also the Treasury Secretary — head of the 3rd Division of a scientology organization. This Division invoices all income, banks it, keeps track of the bank accounts, does the purchasing and pays the bills of the organization:

A Flag Price List
Flag Accommodations Price List
Big League Sales

Hubbard pushed Big League Sales as “standard tech” in scientology. Les Dane was even coopted to do personal training in scientology organizations.

Hubbard on Big League Sale
View/Download Document
Big Contributors

People hand over tens and even hundreds of millions…

More Fundraising

They’ve collected more for this building they don’t need than it could possibly cost.

August 24 Episode 55: Ian Rafalko and Dylan Follo

Leah and Mike talk with Ian Rafalko and Dylan Follo.  Ian became an internet sensation when he posted a TikTok video about his father, scientologist chiropractor Eric Berg. Both were recently staff in scientology “ideal” orgs — their experiences are pretty shocking. Ian’s family has been torn apart and his wife chose scientology over him.

Listen Now
View Documents (6)
Article about Ian's TikTok

A TikTok about his father and the destruction scientology brought to his life began the story

Ian's TikTik video

Millions have viewed Ian’s original video and others he has done since

Dr. Eric Berg

Ian’s father who has 5 million followers on YouTube and is a kool-aid drinking scientologist

The Atlanta "ideal" org

Ian worked at Atlanta “ideal” org. The place is empty.

Scientology Committee of Evidence

Dylan was called before a Committee of Evidence (Kangaroo Court) for being “unproductive” though there was nobody in the “Ideal Org” in NY for him to audit.

"Full Responsibility"

Hubbard’s crazy ideas about “responsibility”

August 17 Episode 54: The Sea Organization Deep Dive with Hana Whitfield

Leah and Mike do a deep dive into the Sea Organization with Hana Whitfield, one of the first Sea Org members. Hana joined L. Ron Hubbard in Las Palmas in 1967, and went on to Captain various Sea Org ships and bases. We cover the early years of the formation of the SO, her recollections of Hubbard, his “Mission Into Time” and much more.

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View Documents (12)
The Sea Org

The formation of the Sea Org

The Avon River

The first ship of the Sea Project, later renamed Athena.

Sea Org Ranks and Ratings
Captain David Miscavige
Do not call him Captain Miscavige
Mission Into Time

Hubbard’s failed effort to locate buried treasure he “recalled” from past lives…

Ron's Journal (RJ) 67

One of the crazier Hubbard lectures where he announces OT III and the formation of the Sea Org.

The Sea Org Contract

All Sea Org members commit themselves to serving for a billion years


Sea Org members pride themselves on being “tough.”

Physical violence

There is no concern over physical violence among SO members in the course of doing their jobs:

SO expectation

You’re expected to do any job in the SO, trained or not:

More Hubbard

More on what is expected of a Sea Org member

August 10 Episode 53: Listener Questions 7

Leah and Mike take on more listener questions: Who does the Fair Gaming? What is CCHR? How scientology views the disabled? What PTSness is. Who was the Duke of Chug? Scientology’s sense of humor… and much more. Leah and Mike even act out what happens in an auditing session.

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View Documents (10)
Dealing with Critics of Scientology
Citizen's Commission on Human Rights
Chris Owen's on CCHR
Making the able more able

The scientology mantra on why they do not spend time on the disabled

The "Degraded Being"

The definition in  the official scientology  dictionary. These are Hubbard’s words they were willing to have published. In common usage in scientology, the term is far more derogatory.

What is a PTS?
The Duke of Chug
Keeping Scientology Working
Scientology's Sense of Humor
Joker's and Degraders

Hubbard’s thoughts on the subject of humor about scientology

August 3 Episode 52: The Bridge Deep Dive Part 3 with Vicki Marshall

This week we are joined by Leah’s mother, Vicki, to discuss the OT levels. Vicki achieved the very pinnacle of scientology auditing, doing OT VIII on the scientology cruise ship Freewinds. We talk about the earlier OT levels and our experiences on them and then Vicki’s recollections of OT VIII. Suffice to say, it was underwhelming.

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View Documents (13)
The Scientology OT Levels

The highest levels of scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom”

The Freewinds

Scientology’s “cruise ship” where OT VIII is delivered exclusively

Operating Thetan Level 1

Most of the early OT levels are in Hubbard’s distinctive handwriting. There can be no mistaking the authenticity of these materials when they are in his own hand…

View/Download Document
OT 2

There are literally hundreds of pages of “dichotomies” like the example pages here. You read through these and note the reactions of the E-Meter:

View/Download Document
Hubbard's "RJ 67"

Now we get to the great “breakthrough” Hubbard called the “Wall of Fire.”

He announced it to the world in “Ron’s Journal 67”

OT 3 "The Wall Of Fire"

If you have seen Going Clear or watched the South Park episode “Trapped in the Closet” you will recognize this material.

The first page gives the big picture of the story and identifies Xenu:

View/Download Document
"Incident 2"

Hubbard’s breakdown of “Incident II” in 10 steps — this is the incident that occurred 75 million years ago described above

View/Download Document
Incident 2 volcanoes

Hubbard’s list of volcanoes where the thetans were blown up with hydrogen bombs. Many of these did not exist 75 million years ago. Lots of spelling errors and inconsistencies — it’s like the list consists of ones he could remember (Mt. Ranier etc) and then huge generalities (Andes, Himalayas) and then “Tangier” and “Canada”…

Incident 1

Before Incident 2 (75 million years ago) there is Incident 1 — 4 quadrillion years ago.

View/Download Document

This is the first issue which describes what NOT’s does for you — makes you “CAUSE OVER LIFE.”

NOT's Procedure

The procedure for handling Body Thetans (BT’s) on NOTs is MUCH simpler than on OT III. Same BT’s, but now instead of Incident 2 you just ask them “What are you?” and then “Who are you?”

Even with this “new tech” they still get people to pay for the “old tech” and do OT III…

NOT's handles cancer etc

This is how NOTs supposedly solves the problem of cancer and other physical problems. It’s caused by BT’s…

Price List for OT Levels
July 27 Episode 51: The Bridge Deep Dive Part 2 with Bruce Hines

We continue breaking down the Bridge to total Freedom towards the level of Clear with Bruce Hines. It’s the stairway to heaven with turnstiles at every step.

Listen Now
View Documents (15)
The State of Clear

It’s half-way up the Bridge

What is an E-Meter

This is the latest model — a basic version costs $5,000

The E-Meter in Auditing

The auditor has the meter, the person paying holds the cans

Write up on the E-Meter

Leah’s therapist provided her with this write up

Bruce Ploetz on the E-Meter

The former scientologist who was the technical guru on the E-Meter design and production weighs in

Deep Dive on the E-Meter

Jeffrey Augustine’s 10 part series on the history of the E-Meter

Wikipedia on the E-Meter
Waking the Tiger; Healing Trauma
The Happiness Rundown

Based on Hubbard “non-religious” moral code

Scientology Price List
Scientology Price List (ASHO)
Scientology Price List (Flag)
The claimed results of auditing
The Scientology "Inch Wives"

The now infamous appearance of these 4 women on AC 360

Who is Bruce Hines today?

Part of the team of scientists researching dark matter….

July 20 Episode 50: The Bridge Deep Dive Part 1 with Bruce Hines

Leah and Mike’s old friend Bruce Hines joins them for Part 1 breaking down the scientology “Bridge to Total Freedom.” They delve into scientology testing, Introductory Services and how scientology hooks new customers (“raw meat”).

Listen Now
View Documents (9)
The Bridge to Total Freedom

L. Ron Hubbard’s pathway to “spiritual freedom” one must follow (and pay for)

The Introductory Services

These are the “routes” that lead you onto “the Bridge”

Oxford Capacity Analysis (OCA)

The non-scientific “personality test” used to hook people. It’s a means of getting someone sitting in front of them so they can be sold scientology as the solution to the supposed problems the “test” reveals

"Raw Meat"

The scientology term for new customers.

Control = income

The senior principle in scientology sales. You must be able to “control” people and that does not mean “pleasant control.”

View/Download Document
The Purification Rundown

A blog post about the danger of niacin

The Purification Rundown

Another blog post — Purification Rundown Debunked

Asch Conformity Experiments

The influence of peer pressure

Scientology Price List

A sample price list from Flag — the “international spiritual headquarters” of scientology in Clearwater FL

July 13 Episode 49: Katherine and Julian Wain

This week we talk to two members of Leah’s family who disconnected after she left scientology and have now reconnected. It’s an up close and personal look at scientology disconnection and “ethics.”

Listen Now
View Documents (4)
Why Do Scientologists Lie

A description of the “Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics” which defines what is good for scientology as being ethical.

Ethics and Justice Blurred

A blog post describing scientology ethics

L. Ron Hubbard Redefines Ethics

More on what “Ethics” is in scientology

Disconnection -- Scientology's Nasty Secret

The real facts and writings of Hubbard on the practice of disconnection that destroys families

July 6 Episode 48: Listener Questions Part 6

Leah and Mike answer more listener questions. In this episode they cover how many scientologists are left, why scientology is so “white,” should scientology celebrities be boycotted, the front groups of scientology, Applied Scholastics schools, Degraded Beings, Dilettantes and more.

Listen Now
View Documents (11)
The Size of Scientology

Graphic by Jeff Hawkins from 2018. Things have shrunk since then…

Dealing with Critics of Scientology

My blog post with the documents from Hubbard

The history of CCHR Part 1

Chris Owen’s brilliant history of CCHR

The history of CCHR Part 2
The history of CCHR Part 3
Scientology "Whiteness"

My earlier blog post on the subject

Hubbard's statements on race

A collection of Hubbard’s racist statements

What is a Degraded Being?

Definitions from the official scientology dictionaries.

These are what they were willing to have published. In common usage in scientology, the term is far more derogatory. A direct translation might be “bum” but even that is less derogatory than the significance attached to the term “DB” in scientology.

Sea Org ranks and insignia
Scientology schools
The front groups of scientology
June 29 Episode 47: The Life and Lies of L. Ron Hubbard Part 2

Leah and Mike continue the deep dive into the life and lies of Hubbard with Jon Atack, covering a whole new range of topics. Also a special tribute to Ron Miscavige.

Listen Now
View Documents (13)
Sonya Bianca incident
View/Download Document
Possible Origins of Dianetics and Scientology

Jon Atacks article

A Doctor's Report on Dianetics
The 270 Clears in Dianetics

Hubbard claims to have tested Dianetics on 270 clears

Alexis Hubbard

The daughter Hubbard disowned

Hubbard letter to Helen O'Brien

Let’s check the religion angle as it couldn’t bring us worse PR or less customers

View/Download Document
Wilhelm Reich legal problems
Cognitive Dissonance
When Prophecy Fails

Leon Festiger’s celebrated study of Cognitive Dissonance

Scientology States Attained

From `1968 edition of Scientology 0-8 book

Scientology States Attained
Ron Miscavige's I'm Happy
Ruthless by Ron Miscavige
June 22 Episode 46: The Life and Lies of L. Ron Hubbard Part 1

We begin a new series of episodes taking a detailed look at specific areas of scientology. We begin with L. Ron Hubbard. This first parts focuses on his life and claims up to Dianetics. We are very fortunate to welcome Jon Atack back to help us navigate the maze of lies, half-truths and exaggerations that characterize the man’s life.

Listen Now
View Documents (15)
A Piece of Blue Sky by Jon Atack
Bare-Faced Messiah by Russell Miller
The Mind Benders by Cyril Vosper
Hubbard's Letter to the VA

After he claimed to have cured himself he wrote to the VA about his physical and mental problems

Dianetics excerpt

Hubbard’s claims of cures in Dianetics

Hubbard Grades at GWU
Dianetics "Passionate kiss"
Sonya Bianca

Hubbard’s infamous presentation of a Clear in front of an audience at the Shrine Auditorium

View/Download Document
Hubbard's Racist Statements
Without Conscience by Robert Hare
Hubbard's letter to Forrie Ackerman
Hubbard's 1938 letter to his wife
Jon Atack - Never Believe a Hypnotist
Opening Our Minds by Jon Atack
My Philosophy

Hubbard falsely claiming he was crippled and blinded in WW II

View/Download Document
June 15 Episode 45: Activist and Author Dr. Brian Sheen

Brian is an old time scientologist who ended his involvement and went on earn a PhD. He never spoke about the abuses he witnessed because his former wife and daughter were still involved. The story of how he came to be declared SP and his daughter’s disconnection is typically tragic but especially insane. His heroic fight to get her back continues to this day.

Listen Now
View Documents (6)
Brian's website: scientologyhostage.com

A wealth of information about his story and efforts to recover his daughter are on this website

Relentless: Rescuing My Daughter From Scientology

Brian’s book about scientology

Science of Survival

Hubbard’s “solution” for the “low toned” in society “…dispose of them quietly and without sorrow…”

Dr. Candace Pert
Florida Commission on Human Rights

Brian’s complaint to the FCHR was rejected as being “outside the scope” of their mandate

Brian's YouTube channel

Brian has done a number of innovative “White Board” descriptions of scientology

June 8 Episode 44: Sheriff of Tom Green County, Nick Hanna

What an enormous pleasure to speak to Sheriff Nick Hanna. His incredible story of discovering, investigating and prosecuting the abuses in a Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints compound on a ranch near the small town of Eldorado Texas makes for compelling listening.

Listen Now
View Documents (5)
The YFZ Ranch, Eldorado TX

The site of the FLDS compound

Cult Leader Warren Jeffs

Some background on the leader of the cult

How Scientology Views Law Enforcement

Scientology and the FLDS teach that law enforcement are the forces of evil

Who Do Scientologists Lie?

Cults teach their followers that lying for the good of the cult is the right thing to do

The Story of Michael Meisner

Scientology’s infamous spy who went to the FBI and the resulting raid and prosecution have many parallels to the FLDS raid and prosecution

June 1 Episode 43: Investigator and Whistleblower Jeffrey Augustine

We speak with our old friend, brilliant investigator and chronicler of scientology, especially focused on financial wrongdoing. He has an excellent blog and podcast on the subject. We take a tour of the people who are being prosecuted for their activities, despite the fact that scientology claims they are the most ethical group on earth.

Listen Now
View Documents (15)
The Scientology Money Project blog

Jeffrey’s excellent blog — a repository of hug amounts of invaluable information about scientology

Surviving Scientology Radio podcast

Jeffrey’s podcast

David Gentile and GBP Capital
Reed Slatkin

The granddaddy of scientologist Ponzi-schemers

Colombian Police General

The guy who presented David Miscavige with a medal is being prosecuted for crimes

Capt. Cory Palka

Capt Palka of the Hollywood PD and his close relationship with scientology

Hollywood PD with scientology kiosk

The improper scientology kiosk that somehow showed up in the hallway of the LAPD Hollywood Division

Scientologist Chiropractor Dennis Nobbe

Prosecuted for fraud

Scientologist chiropractors SPina Bros.

These two chiropractors also prosecuted for Medicare fraud

Scientology IRS submission

Part of the lies scientology told the IRS in order to gain tax exempt status.

Scientologist Brent Jones

Another scammer caught

Rizza Islam

More insurance scams

Scientologist Matt Feshbach

The poster child for Super Power, forced to pay the IRS millions in back taxes

Scientology organizations taking PPP money

They claim they have NO employees, only volunteers to avoid paying tax, but then take money to pay “staff”

Sciento9logy Doug Dohring and ABC Mouse

Massive scientology contributors fined $10 million by FTC…

May 25 Episode 42: Listener Questions Part 5

We take more questions from listeners, covering a wide variety of topics from silent birth and what happens when a scientologist dies, to the decision of the US Supreme Court concerning scientology donations and Hubbard’s succession plan.

Listen Now
View Documents (10)
Going Clear Excerpt

The end of Hubbard’s life described by Steve Pfauth

View/Download Document
The issue appointing the Broekers

The only written document concerning Hubbard’s succession. It was recalled and destroyed by David Miscavige

Silent Birth in scientology
Hernandez v. Commissioner of the IRS

The US Supreme Court ruling that says payments to scientology for services are not deductible as they are quid pro quo payments

Sklar v. Commissioner of the IRS

Others attempted to claim deductions for Jewish school, they were denied on the basis of the Hernandez decision while scientology no longer follows this.

The L. Ron Hubbard "Death Announcement"

Where the lie was told to scientologists that Hubbard had “causatively departed his body” because it was a hindrance to “further OT research.”

Mansions built for Hubbard post death

This is the one at Gold. To see the others, visit mikerindersblog.org

The documents scientologists must sign

These documents relinquish virtually all rights

Scientology Funeral Service
The Oxford Capacity Analysis

A man in tool used to suck in new people

May 18 Episode 41: Law Review Author Taylor Holley

Leah and I had the great pleasure of speaking to Taylor Holley, a law student at Texas Tech University who published a legal analysis of scientology’s tax exempt status in the Law Review. Her paper is a wonderful summation and careful analysis of the law and makes a compelling argument that the IRS should revisit the exempt status of scientology.

Listen Now
View Documents (2)
The Law Review Article

The full text of Taylor’s analysis

View/Download Document
Letters to Congress

A blog entry to assist anyone who wants to write to Congress

May 11 Episode 40: Cult Expert Dr. Steve Hassan

Leah and Mike welcome Dr. Hassan this week for a wide-ranging discussion about scientology and other cults, undue influence, hypnotism and methods of control. Steve is a former Moonie, who is now internationally recognized expert in the field of cults.

Listen Now
View Documents (8)
Combating Cult Mind Control

Steve’s seminal book

Realeasing the Bonds
Freedom of Mind
The Cult of Trump

Steve’s most recent book

The Influence Continuum
Jon Atack video on hypnotism
Steve's Dissertation
Steve's interview video

Steve interviews Larry Brennan and Nancy Many

May 4 Episode 39: Former A&E Executive Devon Graham Hammonds

Mike and Leah talk to the network guardian angel who oversaw The Aftermath show, Devon Graham Hammonds. They cover how the show came to be, a lot of behind-the-scenes glimpses into production, the Fair Gaming of those who worked on the show and why it ended — not because scientology “got it canceled.”

Listen Now
View Documents (5)
Devon Graham Hammonds
Scientology's Cancel Culture

Scientology falsely takes credit for me “being fired” and the Aftermath “being cancelled” – neither of which happened

The Aftermath on Netflix

All episodes of The Aftermath are now available on Netflix

Scientology Price List

Some have never seen an actual price list from scientology, the business masquerading as a religion.

More Scientology Price Lists
April 27 Episode 38: Listener Question #4

Leah and Mike take questions from listeners covering scientology tax exemption, the Sea Org and staff contracts, who is guarding Shelly Miscavige, what listeners can do and a whole lot more insight into the world of scientology.

Listen Now
View Documents (14)
Scientology paid the IRS $12.5 million
Scientology owed the IRS $1 billion
Summary of Scientology v IRS
How to find your US Representative
How to find your US Senator
Some helpful contacts
View/Download Document
Talon Security guarding Shelly Miscavige

See Season 3 Episode 5 of The Aftermath

The Winning Attitude

Hubbard’s Flag Order “The Winning Attitude” describing how Sea Org members are expected to perform any duty whether trained for it or not.

View/Download Document

Another Hubbard Flag Order on the same subject

View/Download Document
Scientology Freeloader

What is a Freeloader — the definition from the official scientology dictionary

View/Download Document
Scientology Security Force

These are Sea Org members who patrol all Sea Org bases

The Sea Org Contract

Sea Org members commite themselves to a BILLION years in service of scientology

Scientology Staff Contract

Sciento9logy staff members sign contracts to “volunteer” that waive all rights to recourse

Scientology Deaths & Suicides

The article we talk about

April 20 Episode 37: Mormon Stories Host Dr. John Dehlin

Leah and Mike venture into the world of Mormonism with Dr. John Dehlin to learn about problems in the Mormon world, the many similarities with scientology, and some important differences which have tended to make the Mormons more successful, and certainly a lot more powerful and wealthy, than scientology.

Listen Now
View Documents (9)
Joseph Smith Founder of Mormonism

The abbreviated story of Joseph Smith’s creation of the Latter Day Saints

Ensign Peak Advisors

The Mormon investment arm that manages in excess of $100 billion

Kirton McConkie lawfirm

The leading lawfirm in the Mormon world

Former Bishop Sam Young

Excommunicated for his efforts to end inappropriate sexual interaction within the church

John's counseling practice
Margi Dehlin's website

John’s wife also provides counseling

Mormon Faith Crisis

A podcast of free coaching for Mormons in faith crisis

Mormon Mental Health Association
Symmetry Solutions
April 13 Episode 36: Critical Thinker Chris Shelton Part 2

Leah and Mike dive deep into some of the most abusive practices of scientology: the so-called Rehabilitation Project Force, the Thought Reform Program for Sea Org members, and the Truth Rundown “security checking” designed to convince a person that anything bad they observed about scientology is untrue, ending with a written apology for ever having such a thought.

Listen Now
View Documents (5)
The Sensibly Speaking Podcast
The Truth Rundown

Marty Rathbun describes the Truth Rundown procedure

The Rehabilitation Project Force

This is the “Flag Order” establishing the RPF

View/Download Document
Knowledge Reports

The Hubbard policy creating the “snitch culture” in scientology requiring all scientologists to write reports on others

View/Download Document
Children's Sec Check

The interrogation designed to be used on children as young as 6

April 6 Episode 35: Former Scientology Executive and Critical Thinker Chris Shelton Part 1

This week, Leah and Mike are joined by their old friend Chris Shelton — a well-informed former scientology executive who has provided some of the most cogent analyses of scientology in his podcasts, appearances and writings. A lot of what is covered in this week’s episode concerns the fake “religious” aspects of scientology.

Listen Now
View Documents (10)
Critical Thinker At Large

Chris Shelton’s YouTube channel

Scientology: A to Xenu

Chris’ excellent book

The Scientology Background and Ceremonies book

The book describing scientology “Sunday Services” and the “sermons”

Scientology "Sunday Service"

This is the PR description of the “Sunday Service” taken from the scientology website

The Prayer for Total Freedom

The only “prayer” in scientology — carefully worded so as not to offend scientologists

Can Scientologists Be Christians or Jews Too

A blog posting about the lies scientology tells in an effort to appear “normal”

Braving the Wilderness
The Demon Haunted World
Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
March 30 Episode 34: Journalist and Author John Sweeney

Our friend — and scientology nemesis — journalist, author and podcaster John Sweeney talks about making his BBC programs on scientology and compares his experiences to his reporting in N. Korea, Russia, Serbia and other places. He is an entertaining and well-informed observer of scientology.

Listen Now
View Documents (12)
BBC Panorama: Scientology and Me

John Sweeney’s 2007 Panorama expose on scientology

BBC Panorama: Secrets of Scientology

John’s follow up 2010 Panorama program that told the behind the scenes story of the 2007 episode

The Church of Fear

John’s excellent book on scientology

Hunting Ghislaine

John’s podcast on Ghislaine Maxwell

Audio of the Parking Lot Incident
The Sheriff Report from the Parking Lot

The Sheriff report concluding “incidental contact” as Mike was trying to leave their assault

View/Download Document
Blog Post about the Incident
Scientology Money Project blog

The Endless Lies of Scientology Operatives Taryn Teutsch & Cathy Bernardini

Letter from Cathy "Fuck Off"

Mike’s ex-=wife responds to his attempt to reach out to her after he escaped

"Damaged for life"

One of numerous videos with the shifting stories of damage — this one a message of love for Valentine’s Day…

Judges on Scientology

Look for the statements from 1984 by Judge Latey in the UK and Judge Breckenridge in Los Angeles

"Justice4Mom" website

The smear website created and run by OSA

March 23 Episode 33: Social Activist and Journalist Yashar Ali

Leah and Mike are joined by media and political reporter Yashar Ali. Yashar has covered scientology for years. He was recently named one of Time’s 25 most influential people on the internet. The topics range from celebrities in scientology, to media and elected officials responsibility dealing with cults to the Fair Game campaign against him.

Listen Now
View Documents (12)
Time 25 Most Influential People on the Internet
Operation Clambake
Dealing With Critics of Scientology: The L. Ron Hubbard Playbook

A compendium of the writings of Hubbard about destroying anyone who dares criticize scientology

Hubbard on abusing young girls

Hubbard’s infamous passage from Dianetics that a 7 year old girl should not react to a passionate kiss from a man

Scientology High Crimes

Reporting a scientologist to the authorities is considered a “High Crime” in scientology

View/Download Document
Child Sexual Abuse in Scientology

A blog post about not reporting sexual assaults on children

"A New Hope for Justice"

Hubbard’s views on the judicial system, law enforcement summarized in the final chapter of his book “Introduction to Scientology Ethics.” The full text of the chapter is at my blog

Hubbard's Science of Survival

Hubbard proposes deleting certain people from society — including homosexuals and “other sexual perverts” — see the full quote at my blog

Scientology Homophobia

This blog post details Hubbard’s views, and thus the policy of scientology

The Scientology Grade Chart

See description at my blog and links to scientology price lists

A Scientology Smear

Just one of many smear sites scientology pays for with tax exempt funds

March 16 Episode 32: Aftermath Executive Producer Aaron Saidman

We talk to Aaron Saidman, co-founder of production company (IPC) that was brave enough to bring The Aftermath to air. Tune in for some behind-the-scenes insight into the making of the program, how it came about, the impact it had and how the people involved dealt with scientology and their Fair Game tactics.



Listen Now
View Documents (2)
With Aaron and Eli

Aaron Saidma (far right) and his producing partner and co-founder of IPC, Eli Holzman (far left).  The tall man in the middle is Matthew Belloni, then Editor of the Hollywood Reporter

March 9 Episode 31: Nxivm Whistleblower Sarah Edmondson

Leah and Mike talk with Sarah Edmondson, featured in The Vow, author of Scarred and host (with her husband Anthony “Nippy” Ames) of a new podcast, A Little Bit Culty. We cover the similarities between Nxivm and scientology — the systems of control and even the language are remarkably similar — so much so that there is little doubt in my mind that Keith Raniere studied Hubbard. We talk about The Vow and what recovering from a cult experience is like and the impact of Scientology and The Aftermath had on her.

Listen Now
View Documents (2)
Scarred - The True Story of How I Escaped Nxivm

A wonderful read containing details and insights not found in TV docs on the subject

A Little Bit Culty podcast

Listen to their new podcast. Leah and Mike will be in upcoming episodes…


March 2 Episode 30: Marc Headley “The BFG”

Marc is the author of a wonderful book, Blown For Good, a whistleblower and an activist. He has a phenomenal memory and a great sense of humor. We cover a lot of ground with him from the Int Base and David Miscavige to the Aftermath Foundation and the Rinder bobblehead.

Listen Now
View Documents (7)
Blown For Good

Marc Headley’s brilliant book about his life and escape from the international headquarters of scientology.

The Aftermath S1 Ep5: Golden Era

We traveled to Denver to talk to the Headleys and had a run in with some PI’s

The Aftermath S3 Ep8: Gilman Springs Road

The Headleys helped us understand the international base of scientology

The Aftermath Foundation

Home page of the Aftermath Foundation which helps people who want to or have left scientology

The Rinder bobblehead

The Rinder bobblehead raises funds for the Aftermath Foundation

The SP bracelet

The SP bracelet — available for Special People — also raises money for the Aftermath Foundation

HBO's Going Clear

Alex Gibney’s Emmy-winning HBO documentary

February 23 Episode 29: Journalist Tony Ortega

Leah and Mike talk with Tony, who over his decades of reporting on scientology has become the most expert reporter in the world on the subject. He has a daily blog about scientology, wrote an excellent book about Paulette Cooper, the poster child for scientology Fair Game. Tony and his family have been subjected to Fair Game campaigns by scientology since the 90’s.

Listen Now
View Documents (5)
The Unbreakable Miss Lovely

If you have not yet read this book, do so. It is the remarkable account of the most outrageous Fair Game campaign against a Holocaust survivor and journalist.

Leah Remini Leaving Scientology 2013

Tony’s story breaking the news of Leah leaving scientology

The chapter from Troublemaker not in the book

Tony published a chapter that did not appear in Leah’s book about Tom Cruise

More on scientology "Religious Arbitration"

The latest in a series of articles about scientology “religious arbitration” — it contains links to the earlier articles.

Intelligence Principle

The writing by Hubbard that describes framing enemies to cost them their jobs…

View/Download Document
February 16 Episode 28: Cultbusting Attorney Ford Greene

Leah and Mike talk to Ford, the former Moonie who became a lawyer to fight cults. He has participated in some of the most important anti-cult litigation. The discussion covers the Fair Game assaults he has endured, the army of high-priced lawyers he fought and how best to deal with scientology in the legal arena.

Listen Now
View Documents (5)
Moonwebs: Journey into the Mind of a Cult
Molko v. Holy Spirit Association

“The state clearly has a compelling interest in preventing its citizens from being deceived into submitting unknowingly to such a potentially dangerous process.”

Wollersheim Court of Appeal opinion

“…should any church seek to resurrect the inquisition in this country under a claim of free religious expression, can anyone doubt the constitutional authority of an American government to halt the torture and executions? And can anyone seriously question the right of the victims of our hypothetical modern day inquisition to sue their tormentors for any injuries—physical or psychological—they sustained?”  

Wollersheim Anti-SLAPP decision

“When one party to a lawsuit continuously and unsuccessfully uses the litigation process to bludgeon the opponent into submission, those actions must be closely scrutinized for constitutional implications.”

Church of Spiritual Technology v. United States

“Real control is exercised less formally, but more tangibly, through an unincorporated association, the Sea Organization, more commonly referred to as the Sea Org.”

February 9 Episode 27: Jon Atack — OG Scientology Whistleblower

Leah and Mike talk all things scientology and Fair Game with one of the most well-informed former scientologist whistleblowers. Jon has spent decades studying and exposing scientology brainwashing and abuse and has fascinating insights on so much.

Listen Now
View Documents (8)
Jon's YouTube channel

Contains many interviews Jon has done, including 3 fairly recent ones with Mike

A Piece of Blue Sky

Joon’s seminal work on scientology.

Scientology: the Cult of Greed

Jon’s introductory book for those unfamiliar with scientology

Opening Minds

Jon’s newest book, available later this month

Barefaced Messiah

Russell Miller’s superb unauthorized biography of L. Ron Hubbard

Intelligent Disobedience

Jon recommends this book by Ira Chaleff

Shattered Assumptions

Recommended by Jon

Take Back Your Life

Further recommended reading

February 2 Episode 26: Phil Jones — The Man Behind The Billboard

Phil Jones (and his charming wife Willie) created the “Call Me” billboards after trying to reach their disconnected children, Mike and Emily. We cover a lot of ground — what happened that caused them to leave scientology, their efforts to reach their children, the LAPD, scientology’s Fair Game intimidation tactics, how scientology made them an offer that couldn’t refuse — but they did, and the realities of family life in scientology.

Listen Now
View Documents (4)
Phil and Willie's billboard
A family destroyed

Son Mike, Willie, Phil and daughter Emily in happier times

Missing Person Poster
Media at the billboard unveiling
January 26 Episode 25: Whistleblower Valeska Guider Paris

We talk to long term whistleblower Valeska Guider Paris about being raised in scientology, the abuses she suffered as a child in the Sea Org, being held prisoner on the scientology ship Freewinds, the RPF and much more

Listen Now
View Documents (5)
Stonelands in England

The Sea Org property where Valeska lived as a child

Scientology High Crimes

Some of the “High Crimes” of scientology covering reporting to the police

View/Download Document
New Hope for Justice

The final chapter of Hubbard’s “Intro to Scientology Ethics” book laying out his views of police, FBI, Courts and justice in society

View/Download Document
The Betrayal Bond

A book recommended by Leah

Marion Pouw

One of Miscavige’s henchwomen sent after ex-Sea Org members, seen here in a smear video targeting Ron Miscavige

January 19 Episode 24: Author, Activist and Icon Kate Bornstein

Leah and Mike talk with author, actor, activist and icon Kate Bornstein about homophobia and transphobia in scientology, how she lost her family to disconnection, Fair Game and how scientology seeks to “pray the gay away.”

Listen Now
View Documents (10)
Kate's website
Kate's books

They are all available at her website

Lt. Al Bornstein

In the 1970’s in the Sea Organization of scientology

Scientology Homophobia

An earlier article on Mike Rinder’s blog with all the details on Hubbard and scientology beliefs and practices

Quote from DMSMH

Hubbard’s statement in Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health

Quote from Science of Survival

Hubbard about disposing of people quietly and without sorrow

Quote from Science of Survival

Hubbard lauding a Venezuelan dictator for “collecting and destroying all the beggars…”

The Tone Scale

Hubbard’s Tone Scale — 1.1 is the smiling man with the knife behind his back

South Park Trapped in the Closet

The famous episode revealing scientology’s true beliefs

Kate on Twitter (@KateBornstein)
January 12 Episode 23: Blogger and Activist Stefani Hutchison

Leah and Mike talk to Stefani — never a scientologist — about her effective advocacy against scientology abuses and her example of what anyone can do to take an active role in ending the pain and suffering that scientology causes so many.

Listen Now
View Documents (1)
Confront and Shatter

Stefani’s website exposing the lies of scientology.

January 5 Episode 22: Geoff Levin, Musician
Leah and Mike talk to musician Geoff Levin about his decades in scientology, his role in the formation of Celebrity Centre, and how scientology tore apart his successful band, damaged his mental health and wrecked his family.
Listen Now
View Documents (6)
Geoff's Band People! on American Bandstand

Geoff’s band had a hit record before scientology disconnection policy destroyed it

The early years of Celebrity Centre

Geoff was an integral part of the formation of Celebrity Centre

The Auditor magazine

People! were a big “get” for scientology

Tony Ortega on Geoff's story

This includes a link to an interview with Chris Shelton

Brothers Broken Film

Geoff is making a movie about his life

YouTube Channel

Geoff’s music on YouTube

December 22 Episode 21: Listener Questions Part 3

Leah and Mike answer a wide variety of questions from listeners.

Listen Now
View Documents (10)
Miscavige "Planetary Bullbait" briefing

Scientology leader offers his views on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic

Scientology Deaths and Suicides

An earlier blog post concerning scientology beliefs about illness and disease

Scientology Healing

Another blog post about scientology beliefs on healing

Sea Org members breaking COVID protocols
Scientology PR efforts on pandemic
Scientology Covid bailout money
Dianetics cures illnesses
The 7 year old girl
The Lynne Patton story

Lynne Patton, who worked in the White House, claimed Donald Trump was going to rescind scientology’s tax exempt status

Former Florida AG Pam Bondi - scientology shill
December 15 Episode 20: Jonestown Survivor Capt. Yulanda Williams
Leah and Mike talk with Jonestown survivor and SFO PD Captain Yulanda Williams about her story, the parallels to scientology and how to better equip law enforcement to deal with cults.
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Capt. Yulanda Williams SFO PD
Jim Jones

Leader of the People’s Temple

Congressman Leo Ryan

Congressman Ryan traveled to Guyana to investigate Jonestown and was murdered by members of the People’s Temple

December 8 Episode 19: Christie Collbran Rinder

Leah and Mike talk to Mike’s wife, Christie, about being raised in scientology, disconnection, Fair Game and what life is like today.

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NY Times Article

Christie was featured on the front page of the Sunday New York Times in a story about her disconnection.

Christie on the Today Show
Christie on AC 360

AC 360 Part 4 of his History of Violence series. Christie’s segment begins at about 6:35

"Freedom" Mag's Jim Lynch

Lynch in action at LAX — go to my blog mikerindersblog.org for an understanding of the 3 videos about Lynch

Jim Lynch in Tarpon Springs

Lynch ambush outside restaurant in Tarpon Springs — go to my blog mikerindersblog.org for an understanding of the 3 videos about Lynch

Jim Lynch again following in LA

Lynch following us in Los Angeles — go to my blog mikerindersblog.org for an understanding of the 3 videos about Lynch

The Story of a Scientology Spy

Christie’s account of the PI sent to infiltrate our lives

Bert Leahy comes forward

Hire videographer Bert Leahy comes clean about scientology’s Fair Game practices

An Open Letter to My Family

This on the homepage at mikerindersblog.org


The scientology smear website

Azhlynne's Blog

Countering Justice4Mom with facts and the truth

Buddha Belly Birth

Christie’s Doula business she built from nothing

A Family Portrait

We talk about Shane and Jack quite a bit. This shot is a few years old, but it captures their personalities well. They’re a lot bigger now.

November 24 Episode 18: Mary Kahn from The Aftermath

Leah and Mike welcome Mary Kahn to talk about her experience reaching the top of the scientology “Bridge to Total Freedom,” disconnection, scientology’s view of psychiatry and much more.

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Hy Levy in Tampa Bay Times

Former fundraiser Hy Levy spills the beans on what life as a full time SO “registrar” is like

7 year old girl passionate kiss

Hubbard’s bizarre statement in Dianetics that a 7 year old should not find anything wrong with a passionate kiss from a man

What is Solo NOTs (OT 7)

Former senior scientology executive describes the penultimate level on the scientology Bridge

Between Lives Implants

The Hubbard “technology” of how your memories of previous lifetimes are erased

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Scientology on psychiatry

A blog post quoting from some of Hubbard’s most outrageous statements claiming psychiatry is the root of all evil on earth.

November 17 Episode 17: Former Sea Org Executive Claire Headley

The Ex-RTC executive talks about life at scientology’s international headquarters and working with David Miscavige, why scientologists lie, Fair Game and much, much more.

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Blown For Good
The White Female RTC Reps

The almost all female, all white, hand-selected representatives of David Miscavige

SP Declare Claire Headley

Scientology no longer publishes these SP declare orders, they are now kept hidden from view.

Claire Headley's Freeloader Bill
McShane's Report to RCSO

President RTC, Warren McShane, makes damaging admissions to RCSO while trying to get them to pursue a blown SO member

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Lying in Miscavige's Bunker

Marty Rathbun’s post about Warren McShane the professional liar

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RCSO Report on Marc Headley Escape

The report following the attempt to hunt down Marc Headley after his escape from Gold.

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Why Do Scientologists Lie?

Posting from mikerindersblog.org

Scientology's Lying Denials

Posting from mikerindersblog.org

2009 FBI Investigation Summary

Excerpts from the 2009 FBI Investigation summary

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Excerpt Sentencing Memorandum

Excerpt from the DOJ Sentencing Memorandum in US v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al

South Park Trapped in the Closet
AC 360 History of Violence

Anderson Cooper’s series of shows about violence in scientology

November 10 Episode 16: Jehovah’s Witness Whistleblower Lloyd Evans

Leah and Mike talk to Lloyd about the similarities between scientology and the JW’s and how the JW’s have grown more scientology-like in their Fair Game-style attacks on those who expose their abuses.

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The Martyrdom of Jerod Septer

The video Lloyd refers to of the child who died due to his parents refusal to allow a blood transfusion

The Reluctant Apostate

Lloyd’s first book

Escape from Jehovah's Witnesses

Lloyd’s second book

JW Survey.org
The Reluctant Apostate website
November 3 Episode 15: Former President Narconon, Luke Catton

Leah and Mike cover a wide range of topics related to Narconon: including scientology’s involvement, the effectiveness of the program and the Fair Gaming Luke has been subjected to.

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Public Image Policy Letter

Hubbard telling scientology to infiltrate groups in society to create “goodwill”

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Have You Told All?

Luke’s first book


Luke’s second book

Scientology Front Groups

Wikipedia entry, though it omits Freedom Ethics Watch, STAND, Freedom Magazine, Youth for Human Rights and Drug Free Marshalls.


The Danger of Niacin

Article from Mikerindersblog.org concerning the Purification program and use of large doses of niacin

Narconons are Scientology

David Miscavige’s diagram showing the relationship between a local scientology org and Narconon

Luke with David Miscavige

Luke with David Miscavige at Narconon Arrowhead. Also in the picture between him and Miscavige are Rena Weinberg (former President of ABLE Int), Laurie Zurn (former head of ABLE Int) as well as Gary Smith, head of Narconon Arrowhead.

Freedom mag Posse of Lunatics

The publication that caused so many to begin questioning scientology and its Fair Game — still available on their website.

October 27 Episode 14: Listener Questions Part 2

The questions this week include: Why is scientology popular with dentists? What happened to Pat and Annie Broeker? And much more.

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The L. Ron Hubbard "Departure" Event

David Miscavige and Pat Broeker brief the scientology world on the shore story they concocted about the death of L. Ron Hubbard.

Leah's List of Books

The list of recommended reading from Leah to help heal yourself after being in a cult.

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October 20 Episode 13: Listener Questions Part 1

Leah and Mike answer questions from listeners: from scientology beliefs to the 411 on Leah’s nails, we cover a lot of ground.

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Handling Past-Life Auditing

How scientology handles those who claim they had scientology auditing in past lives.

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Steps A - E

The steps dictated by Hubbard to return to “good standing” after you have been declared a Suppressive Person

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October 13 Episode 12: Clearwater City Councilman Mark Bunker

Mark Bunker has been a lightning rod for scientology Fair Game for more than 20 years. Now he is elected to the City Council of scientology’s spiritual headquarters.

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Clearwater property grab

Tampa Bay Times reporting on scientology buying up property in Clearwater

Clearwater property update

Tracey McManus updates her earlier story about the scientology properties remaining empty

Scientology fake "Economic Impact"

I analyze the propaganda put out by scientology about their economic and political clout in Clearwater

Mark Bunker elected

Mark Bunker beats scientology stalking horse in the City Council election

Continued Fair Gaming of Bunker

Scientology continues to harass Bunker with relentless and ridiculous demands

October 6 Episode 11: “The Vow’s” Mark Vicente

Leah and Mike talk to Mark Vicente about the HBO documentary series, The Vow, the similarities with Scientology and common themes of high control groups.

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The Vow on HBO
September 29 Episode 10: Attorney Ray Jeffrey Taking on Scientology in the Courtroom
Attorney Ray Jeffrey talks about scientology Fair Game campaigns and legal tactics and what happened with the Rathbun case.
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Janet Reitman's Inside Scientology
Debbie Cook's lawsuit
Settlement of Debbie Cook lawsuit
My blog post about the case
Ray's Clients Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold
Marty Rathbun meets PI's
PI Lawsuit settled
Rathbun Lawsuit
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Anti-SLAPP decision
View/Download Document
Texas Appellate Court decision
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Rathbun house deed
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Marty Rathbun Scientology Spokesman
September 22 Episode 9: Author of “Fair Game”, Australian Investigative Journalist Steve Cannane

Steve Cannane joins Leah and Mike to talk about his book, Fair Game and his experiences reporting on scientology and tracing the history of scientology’s most notorious policies.

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Fair Game
Lateline Scarlett Hanna

Steve Cannane on Australian national TV show Lateline reporting on the abuses of Scarlett Hanna, daughter of Australian scientology president Vicki Hanna

Lateline Carmen Rainer

Steve exposes child sexual abuse

Lateline Valeska Paris

Steve Cannane reports on Valeska Paris imprisonment on the Freewinds

4 Corners -- The Ex-files

The Quinten McDermott scientology expose

Commodore's Messenger part 1

The first book by Janis Gillham/Grady

Commodore's Messenger Part 2

The second book detailing the history of the Sea Org

HCO Manual of Justice

“People attack scientology: I never forget it, always even the score.” L. Ron Hubbard

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September 15 Episode 8: Fair Gaming the Scientology President’s Ex-wife
Karen de LaCarriere, ex-wife of Scientology President Heber Jentzsch, discusses the tragic death of their only child, Alexander, and the Fair Game she has had to endure.
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Karen's Surviving Scientology YouTube channel
Jeffrey's Scientology Money Project blog
Hubbard Policy "Intelligence Principles"

Hubbard describes finding “buttons” and what people are seeking to protect and using that for restraint.

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Hubbard policy "Counter Attack Tactics"

Hubbard describes costing “enemies” their jobs.

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Some of the grotesque smear sites

Scientology smear sites on Karen de la Carriere — financed by tax exempt money

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September 8 Episode 7: Emmy and Oscar Winner Alex Gibney
The legendary documentary filmmaker talks to Leah and Mike about making Going Clear and the Fair Game he has been subjected to. He provides insight into how scientology is different from other organizations he has tackled and what the government should be doing about it.
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Lawrence Wright's Going Clear

The book Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary was based on.

Going Clear: The HBO Documentary
Scientology's ad in NYT & LAT

Scientology placed an ad decrying the documentary before they had even seen it.

Scientology smears

This is a small selection of the smears on Alex Gibney by scientology

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Alex Gibney's LA Times Editorial
September 1 Episode 6: The Leader’s Father is Fair Gamed

Leader of Scientology’s father, Ron Miscavige, talks to Leah and Mike about how he has been Fair Gamed. Nobody is immune from Hubbard’s tactics and policies.

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Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me
Ron Miscavige's podcast website
LA Times story
Where did the documents go?

A detailed explanation of the PI evidence that was “vanished”

August 25 Episode 5: The History of Fair Game

Leah and Mike discuss the origins of Fair Game and what prompted L. Ron Hubbard to seek to “utterly destroy” those he named as enemies. They cover what they have experienced and continue to experience, despite Scientology claiming Fair Game has been canceled.

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Dealing with Critics of Scientology - The L. Ron Hubbard Playbook

The L. Ron Hubbard documents that detail Fair Game

L. Ron Hubbard and Psychiatry

Hubbard’s views on psychiatry and why they became his “enemy”

Operation Snow White

Hubbard’s plan which ultimately resulted in the conviction of 11 senior scientologists for espionage against the US Govt

US v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al Stipulation of Evidence

Excerpts from the legal filing in the criminal prosecution case

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US v Mary Sue Hubbard et al Sentencing Memorandum

Excerpts from the legal filing in the criminal prosecution case

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Mike Rinder: Lady Killer

My blog posting concerning the “Doctor Parking Lot Incident”

Scientology's Latest Lie About Me

A second posting concerning the “Doctor Parking Lot Incident” and subsequent lies about the “assault”

The Paremedics Report on Cathy Bernardini

Jeffrey Augustine’s blog post dissecting the lies in scientology’s claims about the “assault” on Mike Rinder’s ex-wife

A List of Fair Game Operations
View/Download Document
The PI's Who Surveiled Mike Rinder in Denver

THese PI’s were paid in excess of $10 million over a decade to conduct covert surveilance

The Truth Rundown

The groundbreaking series by St Pete Times reporters Joe Childs and Tom Tobin

John Sweeney's BBC Panorama Program

Mike Rinder tries to see his son at the Ft Harrison

Jenny Linson and Co at LAX

Transcript of the "Parking Lot Incident"
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August 18 Episode 4: Scientology’s War on a Holocaust Survivor (Paulette Cooper)

Leah and Mike talk with Paulette Cooper, a journalist who became the object of the single largest Fair Game campaign in history. She was framed, sued, smeared, spied on and harassed. And ultimately vindicated when the FBI raided scientology and uncovered their secret operations.

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Mike Rinder's blog

The blog post that goes with this podcast contains numerous links to articles that expand upon the discussion with Paulette

"Racket Exposed" -- R2-45

Hubbard’s directive to use R2-45 (shooting someone in the head with a .45 pistol)

R2-45 Wikipedia entry

A full description of R2-45

Jokers and Degraders

The Hubbard bulletin concerning joking in scientology

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Operation Freakout

One of the scientology “operations” that was carried out against Paulette Cooper with the objective of getting her incarcerated in a mental institution.

Forged Bomb Threat

One of the forged bomb threats scientology created to get Paulette indicted.

Why Do Scientologists Lie?

The writings of Hubbard that explain why scientologists lie

Operation Snow White

The Wikipedia entry on Snow White — the plan to infiltrate enemies of scientology

August 11 Episode 3: Scientology’s War on The Media (with Richard Behar)

Award-winning investigative journalist Richard Behar — author of Time magazine’s shocking cover story, “The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power,” which ignited scientology’s 10 year Fair Game assault on him — talks about Fair Game and the recent controversy over VP hopeful Karen Bass’ statements about scientology.

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The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power

The May 6, 1991 Time cover story by Rich Behar

The prophet and profits of Scientology

Behar’s 1986 Forbes article

Scientology Ruthlessly Hararassed Reporters (including Me)

Behar’s 2020 Forbes article

CNN: Targeted by Scientology

Rich Behar interviewed on CNN when Going Clear premiered on HBO

The Story Time Couldn't Tell

The first article from the scientology conspiracy theory booklet

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August 4 Episode 2: The Welfare Check

When a family member who was never a scientologist attempted to conduct a welfare check on her uncle, the former scientology President, Heber Jentzsch —
who reports say is sick, being tortured and has not been seen in public for over 10 years — she immediately became the target of Fair Game. She tells the story to Leah and Mike.

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View Documents (11)
Heber Jentsch's Niece Welfare Check on Her Uncle
Letter from Heber to Tammy Clark
Riverside County Sheriff Report
Report cont'd
Report cont'd
Report cont'd
Report cont'd
Lawyer Azrael Letter
RCSO Response
Hubbard Policy on Private Investigators
PI Rebecca Dobkin
July 28 Episode 1: Scientology Deaths and Suicides

What does scientology teach about illness, disease, depression and death. No surprise, it’s unconventional.

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Scientology Deaths and Suicidestology

See this blog post for an analysis and more detail about scientology beliefs and practices

L. Ron Hubbard on Cancer

See this blog post for more detail.

Dianetics cures

Hubbard’s claims for curing disease and preventing colds in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

Auditing eradicates cancer

L. Ron Hubbard claim in his book A History of Man.

Leukemia treated by Dianetics

Hubbard claims “at least 8 cases” had been treated with Dianetics after medicine “gave up.”

Hubbard on Doctors

Hubbard equates “medicos” with monkeys who “monkey around” and make things worse.

July 21 Podcast #0 When Scientology Declares You Fair Game

Leah and Mike describe Fair Game, update on things that have happened since the end of the Aftermath Series and what will be covered in future episodes.

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Fair Game Policy Letter

Hubbard’s policy dictating how scientologists are to treat those declared “SP”.

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Fair Game Cancellation

The “cancellation” is the use of the term because it causes “bad public relations” but NO CHANGE in how enemies are to be treated.

HCO Ethics Order Racket Exposed

Hubbard directing the use of process R2-45 (shooting in the head with a .45 caliber revolver) on Suppressive Persons (SP’s). These people are “enemies of mankind, the planet and all life.”

Critics of Scientology

Hubbard decrees anyone who criticizes scientology has crimes — “Embezzled funds, moral lapses, a thirst for young boys — sordid stuff.”

Critics of Scientology p.2

Hubbard says: “Act completely confident that those crimes exist. Because they do.”