Episode 60: Clearwater City Council Candidate Aaron Smith-Levin

October 5 Episode 60: Clearwater City Council Candidate Aaron Smith-Levin

Leah and Mike talk to their old friend Aaron Smith-Levin about a wide variety of topics, including the status of Goliath the SP dog, but focus on his announcement that he is running to be elected to the Clearwater City Council and the activities of the Aftermath Foundation.

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The Aftermath Season 1 Ep 6

Aaron’s story from The Aftermath

Aaron Smith-Levin for City Council

My recent blog post about Aaron running for Clearwater City Council

Aaron's Campaign webpage
The Aftermath Clearwater episodes

Buying a Town Part 1 & 2 aired in the 3rd season, episodes 8&9

Growing Up In Scientology

Aaron’s YouTube channel

The Aftermath Foundation

The foundation website

Scientology and Religion

My recent  blog post about scientology’s religious status


  • Milton Paca says:

    It was a great podcast episode Leah and Mike. I appreciate your efforts and I also appreciate what Aaron does. I hope he will get elected.

    • Jennifer Jarackas says:

      Hello Leah & Mike and all of you warriors!

      I have been following your series and podcast for quite a while now, and I have also been wanting to reach out, connect, and write to you for quite a while …..now is the time. I listen to all of your words, sometimes repeatedly (I cannot get enough!)..
      I am not a current or former scientologist, but I am FIRED UP!!!! I want to help, I want to do something. This abuse is deeply disturbing, and I am all about using my voice to help those who are not yet ready or “cannot”.

      (Long bit here…)
      While I have not personally experienced the ‘scientology experience’, I have my perspective based on —we’ll call them, “run-ins” throughout the years in NYC & L.A.

      Summary of my history:
      *Grew up in catholic church & school
      *Active alcohol and drug user for 15 years, in recovery for over 20 1/2 years
      *An advocate for TRUTH especially surrounding religion, children, child abuse, child sexual abuse, sex/human trafficking
      * I have been beyond knee deep in researching for various creative projects on all of these topics in the “worlds” of: scientology, catholic church/priest abusing their power (more bluntly, fucking children and manipulating adults for centuries), and the sex trafficking and power game(s) amongst Epstein, Maxwell, et al.

      I want to get involved — I am prepping for 2022 launch of my podcast — who knows what it will actually look like, but basically will be discussions, rants, and interviews on above mentioned topics and anything that moves me.

      I share all of this with you in hopes of it translating that I have reasons for being so disgusted and done with so-called religious organizations screwing people over and messing with their minds, lives, careers, families, and, most of all, their FREEDOM(S).

      I am not in Clearwater, but Central Florida — Orlando area, and want to help/get involved in bringing awareness to the atrocities. The “how” to safely…? As a “born SP 😉
      This tax exemption thing is ridiculous, as you all well know. I am going to reach out to Aaron as well through his website.

      Thank you for your time and for reading such a lengthy reply.

      And keep doing your thing!! It’s super fantastic! I am rooting for you and all involved, all the way 🙂


  • Kristin S. says:

    I live on the opposite side of the country from Florida but your conversation with Aaron and his passion to take down the heart of Scientology in Clearwater inspired me to donate to his campaign.

  • Stacie says:

    Aaron ~ I hope you are on that council in 2022! It’s baffling to think this (Clearwater being empty) could be possible today in this country.

    Which brings me to … Leah and Mike ~ it’s mind boggling to think this could be going on! Please keep going! Until the abuse stops, until David M is out or/and until the tax-exempt Status is revoked.

    Hopefully other networks will take notice and dig more too. (Maybe an expose on how Scientology intimidated it’s way to tax- exempt Status?) Continued exposure by everyone will eventually stop the abuse!!

    I’m also noticing more stories on YouTube. Which means former members are believing Scientology lies less, fearing Scientology less and understanding the rest of the world Can be compassionate and understanding.

    You may not be the first to expose the abuses of CoS but you ARE driving the exposure most consistently and with a heart. Keep being the voices for the silenced.

    Thank You!

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