Episode 9: Author of “Fair Game”, Australian Investigative Journalist Steve Cannane

September 22 Episode 9: Author of “Fair Game”, Australian Investigative Journalist Steve Cannane

Steve Cannane joins Leah and Mike to talk about his book, Fair Game and his experiences reporting on scientology and tracing the history of scientology’s most notorious policies.

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Fair Game
Lateline Scarlett Hanna

Steve Cannane on Australian national TV show Lateline reporting on the abuses of Scarlett Hanna, daughter of Australian scientology president Vicki Hanna

Lateline Carmen Rainer

Steve exposes child sexual abuse

Lateline Valeska Paris

Steve Cannane reports on Valeska Paris imprisonment on the Freewinds

4 Corners -- The Ex-files

The Quinten McDermott scientology expose

Commodore's Messenger part 1

The first book by Janis Gillham/Grady

Commodore's Messenger Part 2

The second book detailing the history of the Sea Org

HCO Manual of Justice

“People attack scientology: I never forget it, always even the score.” L. Ron Hubbard

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  • Karakorum says:

    34:10 – Leah again exaggerates by saying that “all scientologists believe that and all scientologists raise their children as old being in little bodies”.

    Its true that many, maybe even most, do that. But certainly not all, as a kid I experience both having a legal guardian that did this and another that did not do it. Both were scientologists.

    I kknow this might come off as nitpicking, but I believe that overblown overstatement like this are doing a disservice to an otherwise great podcast. Under the radar scientologists or people who are on the fence whow listen to this podcast, they might likely fall into a mindset of: “If she’s exaggerating about X, then she’s exaggerating about everything and thus the whole podcast is just false data”.

    Scientology instills paranoia into its members as part of a wider self-control mechanism. I think we should go the extra mile and avoid giving people the ammo that fuels their paranoia.

  • Kris says:

    ‪I’m listening to the podcast and Leah is talking about kids being Scientologist come back could someone come forward and just say they are Hubbard that has come back? Or say your child is? What would they do then?‬ I know that they keep his home believing he will come back to it but wouldn’t they also believe that he could come back as a child?

  • Brenda says:

    I’m enjoying your podcast and I admire your strength and determination to share information. I’m curious if both of you will dedicate a podcast to your personal story. I’m curious how you were able to break free and what your process was to see this group for what it is.

  • Peggy says:

    Marty Rathbun went back to Scientology???!!! OMG.

  • Dan Z. says:

    Please please PLEASE tell me you are planning an episode about South Park’s “Trapped in the Closet”!! You talk about how Going Clear changed the game, which it did, but South Park (and the Isaac Hayes story after) certainly made a tremendous impact as well!

    • Luminous says:

      Yeah, it would be great to hear more about the fair game tactics the cult launched on Parker and Stone. Mark Ebner was a consultant on that ep, and he could also tell many, many tales of being fair gamed over the years.

      Another interesting interview from a FG perspective would be Jamie DeWolf, Hubbard’s great grandson.

  • Tegan Bailey says:

    Steve Cannane’s book is excellent. As an Aussie, I didn’t really know the history of Scientology here.
    Do you guys know anything about the stabbing at the Sydney Org?

  • Jackie says:

    Each week I look forward to hearing a new podcast. This one was very interesting! I’m definitely going to read Steve’s book. I listen week after week and find myself gasping at the stories but really, what is the hardest thing, above all others, is the tax exempt status. I just can-not-get-past-it. Why are they allowing themselves to be bullied into submission? Anyway, keep it up Mike and Leah!!!

  • Eric says:

    Hilarious episode, Steve had some great stories. A few episodes here and there like this, where everyone just takes the piss out of the organization, would be glorious.

  • Stefan says:

    Again a very good episode, but please Leah, PLEASE, let you guests finish their stories and dont keep interrupting them, it gets a bit annoying!

    • C Baldwin says:

      Ok. First things first. I am riveted to these stories/ the Aftermath series and now the podcast. Amazing work and IMMENSE respect for Leah and Mike’s courageous efforts in exposing this shameful joke of a “ church”. But I have to agree. Mike asked the author to describe an escape from the first chapter of his book. The author never got a chance to answer. At least keep track of what has been presented so the guest can respond.
      Otherwise many kudos and deep bows of gratefulness to both of you.
      FYI – will purchase the book!

  • Kat says:

    I liked how the Aussie guest kept talking over Leah and interuping her! Leah interrupts and talks over people too much. The sweet woman in episode 8 could barely talk because of Leah’s constant interruptions. So good on this guy!

  • Megan Dunbar says:

    I have listened to this episode 4 times. Listening to you both giggle every time he says “Rex Beaver” seriously makes me day. Shit has gotten real weird in my house. I watched aftermath an inordinate amount of times. Ugly crying during so many episodes. I have been interested in true crime for a very long time. Many times it leads you to an interest in cults. Jim Jones. Manson family. Heaven’s Gate. I was that ignorant person that thought only of the bizarre aspects. Thought “who are these fucking nuts?” Then I watched Aftermath and I got incensed at the abuse, the PTSD, the crimes. From the first episode, I was yelling into the ether “how the fuck do they get away withe this?” It changed my perspective on cults. Then I watched “going clear” and it just solidified all the information for me. These are educated, successful, kind people. This is every survivor telling their story. I rewatched A LOT of documentaries with this new perspective. When Mike burst into tears in the Mary Kahn episode. That legit hit me hard.
    Your relationship is fantastic. The fact that you have a sense of humor is incredible. I’m a little upset and have hurt feelings about myself that I didn’t discover the podcast until episode 50 something. Thanks for more ugly crying. Thank you for advocating for mental health. Therapy saved my life. Thank you for helping people realize they were victims of actual abuse and crimes. OMG – Jackson! Such a loving person. The Headley’s are seriously the best. I just ordered his book. The end of the Sarah Edmuson, Leah made me absolutely lose it. So all this to say, I have enrolled in college at 41. Majoring in Forensic
    Psychology to study criminal behavior and profiling. moving to cult
    studies. You both inspired me to literally take a big, scary, complicated, new path. Thank you. A calm came over me because I knew I had found my thing.
    It would be so rewarding and lovely thing
    to get to help someone and continue to educate myself. Also hearing that Leah has enrolled in college was super fucking dope. Agreed that it is in conscionable that the government and law enforcement has not gotten involved. Like what the fuck man? You are making a difference. You made a difference for me.
    Sorry for the novella. I blame the nighttime sleepy time medication. I also don’t know where else to write my weird manifesto.

  • Megan Dunbar says:

    Side note: what happened to the producer of your first season?
    Mike must have the best memory in like the entire world. I knew you both were crazy smart, but listening to the podcast you guys get to do these deep dives and just get to speak. Impressive AF.
    If you’re also interested in true crime, there’s a wonderful podcast called My Favorite Murder. Hosted by 2 badass women that address real issues and also have a great sense of humor about real trauma.
    That’s really it.

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