Episode 62: The Aftermath OG Amy Scobee

October 19 Episode 62: The Aftermath OG Amy Scobee

Leah and Mike welcome their dear friend Amy Scobee. Amy was in charge of scientology Celebrity Centres for many years and had a lot of personal experience with scientology’s biggest celebrities. She was also the catalyst for The Aftermath when she reached out with the story of her mother, Bonnie. They were featured in the first episode.

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The Aftermath Episode 1
Amy at CC Int

Amy was the Watchdog Committee member responsible for Celebrity Centres

Amy with Isaac Hayes and others

L to R; Isaac Hayes, Amy, Dave Pettit’s ex-wife, Dave Pettit CO CC Int, Billy Sheehan, Karen Hollander President CC Int

Project Celebrity

The early direction to “hunt” celebrities and get them into scientology

Celebrity PL

Hubbard defines celebrities in scientology

Training Drills

This is where Hubbard describes doing TR’s – note especially TR0 and TRo bullbait

View/Download Document
The Purification Rundown

Hubbard’s “solution” to drugs

My blog on Niacin

Niacin is prescribed in massive doses on the Purif

Amy's website
Amy's book: Abuse At The Top


  • Milton Paca says:

    The relationship between Yvonne gillham and L Ron Hubbard for the listeners please.

  • WILLIAM Charles MARINO says:


  • Mandy says:

    Have you ever covered how and when Tom Cruise got into Scientology? And what measures were taken to recruit him?
    Love the show and podcast!!

  • Brant says:

    What does OG stand for? I don’t think you mention it in the podcast.

    • Mike Rinder says:

      Original Gangster. I defined it at my blog: OG is a slang term for someone who’s incredibly exceptional, authentic, or “old-school,” someone or something that is an original or originator and especially one that is highly respected or regarded.

  • Kari B says:

    Hi M and L!!!! After listening to Amy’s experiences with celebrities, the thought of big celebrities always makes me wonder, why on earth have Cruise and Travolta stayed??? Is it a fear of blackmail with the secret info. In their files that could be used against them? Or is it that they just have it so good in the church because they are treated like royalty, so that perk alone is enough of a reason to stay? They have the internet, they could put it together if they wanted too. So what is the logic for these two to continue being die hards even though I think it’s probably had a negative impact on their image and careers more lately anyway. Cruise especially just continues to look nuts…from the couch jumping to now the yelling tirade at staff about following Covid protocol (even though I must add, if he is high on the Bridge with his OT levels, he should be able to cure himself of illness anyway, so why does it matter to him?) 😂 He’s off the deep end!!!!

  • Jan says:

    Hey there Mike and Leah,
    Catching up on my episodes – Amy is amazing and I love that she the concept of her new business – just brilliant. I love listening to you all chat as I work.
    Interestingly today I listened all the way to the very end and found it ironic that the last podcast being advertised promoted an interview with Rebecca Minkoff – especially after all the things Amy talked about.

  • Mindee says:

    I’ve been listening to y’all since the Aftermath. I get way behind on the pods tho. I’ve been binging on recent long trips. I just wanted to exclaim somewhere because i was talking out loud in my car while listening. Leah has not been too hard on Laura Prepon! Youtube has been promoting her lifestyle vids to me and I really believe she’s only vaguely removed herself from it because Danny and Scientology were going to hurt her brand. She’s trying to have it both ways and I don’t respect that at all. This may change in the future. You guys truly inspire me to be less meek and call out BS and injustice and fight for people who need help, thank you!

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