Episode 73 — Operation Clambake Founder Andreas Heldal-Lund

January 18 Episode 73 — Operation Clambake Founder Andreas Heldal-Lund

Leah and Mike talk with the creator of Operation Clambake, and one of the earliest non-scientologists to go head-to-head with scientology in the fledgling days of the internet. We cover how he got involved and why and some of the key things that have happened along the way.

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Operation Clambake
Scientology and the Internet
Who is Zenon Panoussis
Who is Karin Spaink?


  • Douglas Gladstone says:

    I have a question. What would happen if someone went to Scientology claiming that they are Ron Hubbard and he has come back into this life.?

  • Joan Hanson says:

    Hi I tried to send a comment before but I may have messed up but here are my questions: I don’t understand how David Miscavige can get mad because of two reasons. 1) Why can David Miscavige blame senior executives or others when things go wrong, According to Scientology hasn’t he brought that in himself? isn’t he responsible for it because of his past life And bad things he’s done? And 2) How can he get mad and Punish individuals especially the senior executives, Because it’s not them that’s doing it it’s their body Thetans and Clusters. I would assume Miscavige and senior Executives know about these higher levels Scientology And would know where the true fault Resides

  • Alysha Tryon says:

    I have had a man from scientology actively pursuing me for almost 6 months. SOMEHOW he magically got my number. I Google scientology and went to a random website and then boom, started getting calls SEVERAL times daily. Emails daily. Texts Daily. All asking me to purchase the first book Dianetics. I told him when we spoke that I was aware of it being a cult and im not interested. Exact words were “I have listened to every show and every podcast and looked at every website and tweet that Leah Remini has done” His exact response was that Leah Remini Is a vengeful jealous evil person. She is currupting people because she was asked to leave. I told him, no that’s not what she said. He said are you really going to believe someone who’s as evil as the devil? I am telling you, why would I join a “CHURCH” That talks about a human being that way? He hated my forward TRUE responses. He tried to change my mind for a while after that. I ended up changing my number however I have now started recieving mail.. thay are absolutely ruthless and relentless. Thank you both for making this to save me from ever going down that dark dark road.

  • Alysha Tryon says:

    Oh and by the way. My response when he said Leah was evil. My exact response was well I fucking love her so ya I’ll believe her. Lol I know he hated that.

  • Jo says:

    Listener Question: Wondering if you have ever done a deep dive on the historical and on-going effects that the teachings and procedures of Scientology have had, and continue to have, on children in the organization? Even if it is not legally binding, even the idea that a child is expected to sign a contract devoting their lives to a religious organization is alarming and I am sure must be a breach of child protection laws. I think many people would benefit in hearing a discussion with someone from child protection services and a psychiatrist/psychologist specializing in children’s development. If it is inscribed in the black and white teachings of Scientology that children must be exposed to/and death with as if they were adults, then I am sure they must be breaking a great number of laws!

  • Bill says:

    What does the succession of leadership look like in Scientology? With Miscavige getting up there in years, is there anyone he would trust to run things in his name when he’s too feeble to do it or will Scientology have a few leaderless years when he is senile? Who is in line to replace him and is there any chance at reform once he’s gone?

  • Christina says:

    Long time fan of the A&E series, just starting your podcast. I’m local to the St Pete/Clearwater, FL area and VERY passionate about this issue. How can I support people trying to leave Scientology? I’m already letting friends, acquaintances, coworkers etc. know the dangers of Scientology. I just want to help more….

  • Yamile says:

    I live in San Jacinto which is where gold base is and it’s how i found out about scientology. I play sports and we legit have our banquets there and they always have the tv playing their little scientology commercials and I think it’s crazy. I don’t know if you guys have done an episode on Gold Base but I would loveeeee for you guys to do it please please please:)

  • Juno says:

    I noticed that there’s an ad for the Salvation Army at the end of the episode, and they have a strong history of transphobia and homophobia. As a trans person it breaks my heart that you are associated with them. Would you reconsider partnering with this dangerous organization? No matter how much they say they’ve changed, much like Scientology, when it comes down to the “writings” they adhere to, we are still harmed. Thank you for listening!

  • Juli says:

    I’ve been listening to your fascinating podcasts. I’ve nothing but praise for you both, I hear your frustration, anger, and the fact you’re totally genuine. Leah, in one of your podcasts, you mentioned you get tweets saying you “curse” too much. Let me say, while maybe you do- I can see the reason- these Scientologists are fucking assholes!

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