Episode 49: Katherine and Julian Wain

July 13 Episode 49: Katherine and Julian Wain

This week we talk to two members of Leah’s family who disconnected after she left scientology and have now reconnected. It’s an up close and personal look at scientology disconnection and “ethics.”

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Why Do Scientologists Lie

A description of the “Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics” which defines what is good for scientology as being ethical.

Ethics and Justice Blurred

A blog post describing scientology ethics

L. Ron Hubbard Redefines Ethics

More on what “Ethics” is in scientology

Disconnection -- Scientology's Nasty Secret

The real facts and writings of Hubbard on the practice of disconnection that destroys families


  • Teri Smith says:

    Good episode, as usual.
    Here’s a tangential question, triggered by scientology abbreviations:
    As I get older, I find it harder and harder to remember or memorize things. I do, however, remember info from my past reasonably well. Do you guys resent/get annoyed that your brain is taken up by all those dumb scientology terms and abbrevations and it’s harder now to learn “real” information?!

    • Steve says:

      YES, that’s a huge issue with kids raised in Scientology. Many of us have easily done a Masters Degree worth of training. Actually, imagine like Navy SEAL training and a medical degree. Like over a decade of intense training and physical labor, and then you leave and spend the rest of your life trying to forget it. I wish it had been the military, it would have been easier and there’d be some remaining benefits.

  • Martha says:

    This episode reminds me of the time I applied for a clerical position (I was broke and desperate) and the very , very pregnant interviewer explained the salary using paper clips….the sales were paper clips and she divided the clips between the staff… and some times there would be no clips to go around…. I guess I wasn’t that hungry to accept such a gamble.

  • Lee says:

    Love you, Leah, but you need to let your guests speak! Also, it would be really helpful if you started out the podcasts by asking them how they got into Scientology and getting a bit of background. This story could’ve been much better but it was very disjointed and hard to follow.

  • PS says:

    This episode was so good. Katherine and Julian were so open and honest. As an outsider, it’s the first time I could understand what it’s like to be a scientologist day-to-day and how members implement disconnection in their lives. I hope Julian gets to see his brother again some day.

  • Alana says:

    Hi, another great episode!
    I have a question, do you think David M listens to your podcast or watched your show? I understand you aren’t allowed as a Scientologist but as he is head he would have to know wouldn’t he?

    • Steve says:

      There is definitely someone at OSA (the legal/spy department of Scientology) listening to and reporting to Miscavige on every episode. And, they are definitely reviewing these comments and trying their best to identify anybody here by name. The extensively search the internet for people being critical and try to identify and attack them. Although I hope the volume of people speaking out is making it more difficult for them.

  • Lisa Dayton says:

    Listening to you and your family after reconnection just made me want to cry and I felt it in my gut so deeply. I was raised in a fundamental independent Baptist church and the atmosphere in those churches is extremely cult-like and cruel and similar to that of Scientology. Since I left those types of churches (but not Christianity altogether), many people have disconnected from me and treat me like a pariah and my heart breaks for them since they still seem so blind as I was. Thank you for giving me a small shred of hope that it’s possible for healing even after many years.

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