Episode 72: Stefani Hutchison Exposing the Lies

January 11 Episode 72: Stefani Hutchison Exposing the Lies

We bring back one of our favorites this week, the wonderful Stefani Hutchison. Stefani was never a scientologist, but has taken up the cudgel of exposing the lies of scientology on her excellent blog: Confront and Shatter. In this episode, we cover some of the sleuth work Stefani has done, investigating the claims made by scientology and their front groups. Links to her pieces are below.

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Confront and Shatter Blog
Scientology Cruise Ship Claim
The Freedom of Misdirection
Volunteer Ministers Just Passing Through for a Photo Op
Scientology Bestows Upon Itself Another Fake Award
Photo Op Flop
Another One Bites the Dust
he Volunteer Ministers... We Give Up
Two More Nopes for the Volunteer Ministers
Volunteer Ministers Fake Another Good Dee
Scientology Lie
Surprise! They Lied Again
Volunteer Ministers Busted Once Again
9/11: Scientology’s Biggest Lie to Date
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


  • Sue H says:

    Keep up the great work you two. Ms Leah – your concern for total strangers shows how much love you bring into the world and pay it forward. F #### Scientology – you’ve raised a kid who is going to make the world a better place. As some who has to live in the world in which she will interact , I appreciate you raising such a person. Thanks for making the world a better place.

  • Marybell says:

    I was so glad you talked about Venezuela! I’m Venezuelan but I live in the U.S. I’ve been a fan of the show since day 1 and recently started listening to the podcast. I vividly remember a scene for the A&E show when it showed different headlines about what scientology claims to be their accomplishments. One made refence to something like Scientology helped bring happiness to venezuela up by like 30% (paraphrasing). I laughed so hard! If anyone has ever heard of Venezuela in the past at least 10 years can now that’s a lie!! I did check at that point and saw it listed a Scientology center in just one city in Venezuela, but It is OF COURSE BS! Maybe is not even true they had a functioning center there! If anything they are just as oppressive as The Venezuelan Government. However, I do have a question. Listening to this episode and how they “helped refugees” doesn’t go against their own policy of not helping others because charity is bad?

  • Shannon from Colorado says:

    Listener Question (specifically re: episode 72):

    Like everything in Scientology, there is absolutely zero logic in their seeking out (faking) awards from first responders, fire and police departments and then hyping said awards. Isn’t this the same organization that actively trains its members to distrust, lie to, and mislead the police? My question is – does that indoctrination to hate the police happen only at the Sea Org level or is it also present at the parishioner level? It seems evident that Scientology has ZERO respect for law, order, and police departments. Wouldn’t these members/parishioners be suspect and at least have to acknowledge the blatant hypocrisy happening?

    I faithfully listen to every episode and love you both to bits!

  • Lindsey Leone says:

    Leah- this is unrelated to the episode but can you ask/interview Kevin James at some point? I’d be interested to hear if he thought you were trying to bring him into Scientology. Were you actively pursuing him to join the church?

  • Christina Lane says:

    Alanzosblog.com. Who is this guy? Says he’s a former Scientologist. He’s calling Tony Ortega an “anti-cultist” , demanding that you articulate your “crimes” , et., ad weirdness. Is this a scientology hate site? His point of view appears quite confused.

    Thank you! I LOVE you guys.

    • Mike Rinder says:

      He’s just an internet troll who tries to gain attention by claiming variously that Leah, Tony and I are liars, agents of the government, OSA agents, working for Big Pharma or whatever fantasy he comes up with in his fevered dreams.

  • Diane says:

    Do you think Tom Cruise believes all this false propaganda? or is he and Miscavage partnering in this scam that is scientology? He must be reaping the monetary rewards.
    What about the scientologists who are taking these photo ops? Are they not questioning why they are doing it when they know damn well they didn’t do any of these good things they are claiming? The mind reels with questions for the participants of all the nonsense and how they justify it to themselves. Are they paid to keep the truth secret?

    Thanks for all you do to expose this organization! xo

  • Katie says:

    Hi Leah and Mike,

    I was in Clearwater, FL, last week for the first time on vacation. Being a huge fan of the Aftermath and Fair Game, I had to check out the Bates-Motel-of-Churches and their gaudy American sweat shops. First of all- they’re even bigger and more wasteful than I had originally thought! Second of all- it’s so sad that a cult has taken up ownership of so much real estate in such a beautiful area. Any updates on what’s happening with the Clearwater + Scientology problem?

  • Tara Randolph says:

    Stephanie, you are legit! I am so impressed with what you are doing, I’d love to help. Reaching out to your website as I just listened to this episode tonight. Well done, mama!

  • Jess says:

    OMF GOD!! This is my new favorite type of episode. Can you please work some more Stefani fact checking episodes in the fold.

  • Monica Watson says:

    I have listened to all of the episodes this week. Whew… I am a retired teacher and would like to do something to get these kids into accredited schools. Any clues where I would begin this process?

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