Episode 38: Listener Question #4

April 27 Episode 38: Listener Question #4

Leah and Mike take questions from listeners covering scientology tax exemption, the Sea Org and staff contracts, who is guarding Shelly Miscavige, what listeners can do and a whole lot more insight into the world of scientology.

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Scientology paid the IRS $12.5 million
Scientology owed the IRS $1 billion
Summary of Scientology v IRS
How to find your US Representative
How to find your US Senator
Some helpful contacts
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Talon Security guarding Shelly Miscavige

See Season 3 Episode 5 of The Aftermath

The Winning Attitude

Hubbard’s Flag Order “The Winning Attitude” describing how Sea Org members are expected to perform any duty whether trained for it or not.

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Another Hubbard Flag Order on the same subject

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Scientology Freeloader

What is a Freeloader — the definition from the official scientology dictionary

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Scientology Security Force

These are Sea Org members who patrol all Sea Org bases

The Sea Org Contract

Sea Org members commite themselves to a BILLION years in service of scientology

Scientology Staff Contract

Sciento9logy staff members sign contracts to “volunteer” that waive all rights to recourse

Scientology Deaths & Suicides

The article we talk about


  • Steve-O Kahler says:

    Love the podcast! Question that came up while listening to this episode. Scientologists are required to read so much, but when they mess up their reading, they must go back and look up words, etc. If the sea org members are never given a formal education, how do they learn how to read? I would think an uneducated sea org member would have a very hard time reading without messing up words!

  • Kim Herring says:

    If Mike is 15 yrs older than you, Leah, I’ll have what he’s having. Im not fooled by silver hair because my family goes silver early- if Mikes over 55 I’ll be shocked, seriously.

  • Noelle D West says:

    I can’t seem to locate the book list and would also love to know what book Leah referenced towards the end and that wonderful parenting advice she gave.

  • Shay says:

    I love these listener questions episodes! Mike finally speaks! LOL

    Keep up the good fight guys <3

  • Kendy maher says:

    I would like to hear more about Leah and her mother’s relationship. I was born into a religious cult that I was able to escape when I was 19. My mother has since left but not until after my sister, her daughter, took her own life. Does Leah hold any resentment towards her mother? If no, did she ever blame her mother for anything? If yes, how was she able to let that go? I’m still mad, 25 years later. My mother is of course getting older and older and I want this resentment to go away.

  • Violet H. says:

    I love what you are both doing here. Thanks for making a difference!
    My question is: How do Scientologist view people with disabilities? Do they only accept able-bodied people? What if someone has a child with special needs, or a member has a major injury but remains faithful? I’ve never seen a wheelchair or cane in any Scientology footage. Thanks.

  • Laura Corkell says:

    Hi Leah,

    I’m listening to episode 38 of the podcast – it’s been one of my go to lockdown podcasts.

    You mentioned a book your therapist recommended to you which helps you not be permanently angry with your mum. It was about 50/55 minutes into the show but I can’t find a link to it. Could you let us know which book it is.

    Many thanks.

    Laura Corkell.

  • Susan Marcon says:

    I have been listening since the beginning and I just cannot wrap my head around the things being disclosed. Can you guys please take a minute in your podcast to explain the mentality of this cult. I mean having to escape and being followed and forced to return. How is this still going on? How is it legal? It’s kidnapping and why is no one being charged? I just cannot fathom that people put up with the things that are allegedly going on in this cult. I don’t understand how members allow themselves to be abused. I’m sorry if my comments are callous but I just really want to understand.

    Sorry for anyone that has dealt with it and may still be living with it, but it’s just really difficult as an outsider looking in to believe the things ‘the church’ has done.

    Thank you.

  • Allen Wade says:

    Please provide an email address so I may submit a lengthy email. I had initial experience with both kids and Scientology, and for a long time was seventh day Adventist. O would like to share me experiences with each of those, and the telling would take more than this space. Some of this I know you’ve heard, some Mau be new.

  • Richard Prose "Dick" Tate says:

    Hi Leah and Mike,
    I was riveted and appalled by Aftermath. Just finished binging it. Only problem which was BIG for me, was, the lack of a narrator. I have 20/1000 visual acuity. I cannot physically place my TV close enough. Like 2 – 4 inches. So it got extremely exhausting hopping up and down to read all that shit. If there is a next time. PLEASE get a narrator. Thank you.

    I just googled “how many scientologists worldwide?”
    the answer from lamag.com was: According to Ortega, Scientology’s numbers peaked in the early ’90s with roughly 100,000 members worldwide, but membership has recently dipped to about 20,000.May 10, 2019

    below that it says “People also ask”
    How many Scientologists are in the US?
    To which villagevoice.com answers> “25,000”

    I understand it’s 2 different sources answering… Do you guys have any ideas of the total US and worldwide #’s.

    Thank you,
    Blind Dick Tate

  • Nicole Taylor says:

    All the shows are great. I’ve been following since I read Leah’s book. I’ve also read 3 other books and counting. I have to take a break from reading the books for a bit because all of it just makes me fucking mad and sad all at the same time. WHO IN THE FUCK IS DAVID MISCAVAGE? THE BIGGEST ASSHOLE/BULLY IN THE WORLD. WTF??!!!! Everyone is mentally captive and in prison. Are the Sea Org members considered employees? Must not be because OSHA would be involved I would think. Employees should get minimum wage. The crew must be considered volunteers that get paid? Well, get an an allowance? Well, whatever pennies they receive is shit!! I pray all this truthful publicity about this Cult causes people to not ever join. Oh damn, and the kids, WTF!! They have no damn choices. I’m gonna lose my shit right now. I love you guys! Keep up the great work Mikey and Lele

  • Ashley Sanderlin says:

    Hi guys!

    My name is Ashley & I live in Arlington, TX. I just came across an ad on Facebook for The Wave International in Clearwater. They claim to be a Women only treatment facility for mental health issues such as depression, PTSD, anxiety & so forth. I read some of the comments on the post & most of them say how they can’t afford it but that it would be nice to go if they could. Only one commenter asked if this was a Scientology Org & no one has answered that yet. One person did comment that “Not everything in Clearwater is Scientology related” which of course is bullshit as we know. My question is regarding the naming of Scientology orgs/businesses. Are ex-Scientologists able to decipher the bullshit out of how the orgs/businesses are named? How can regular lay-people know how to decipher whether this is the real deal or if it’s more like a Scientology “recruitment “ tool!! Hope to get a response.

    I have watched Leah on tv since I was a teenager & fell in love with her on Saved By The Bell!! Bought & read her book. I’ve seen every episode & special of The Aftermath. My hope is to one day have a home big enough so I can become part of the Underground Railroad if you will for people who want to escape Scientology or other cults. Thanks!!

  • Ashley Sanderlin says:

    I love you too Mike Rinder!!

  • lysa oldhams says:

    RE: Shelly Miscavige… have police reports been filed in the town of Lake Arrowhead where she’s last been seen? Has a file been issued to the FBI regarding her disappearance esp if she might be out on that ship? (international waters and all!) Couldn’t someone hire a PI like they do to get some info? Maybe DATELINE/48 HOURS should be called for a story idea? 🙂
    You guys have inspired me to email my Rep. and 2 Senators just now. I challenge anyone reading this to do so as well. They make it very easy to contact in their email link on their sites.

  • Valerie Hunt says:

    So first off I absolutely love Leah and Mike. You both are doing amazing work. So in finding out about scientology from the tv show and now the podcast, I have become fascinated with cults and the whole aspect of how people come involved. I have stumbled on another podcast called Cults: Manipulation, Mystery and Murder. It’s is very interesting. Did you know about Charles Manson studying scientology. I found that very interesting. Again love you both and think your fantastic

  • STEVE L WOOD says:

    Can you please let me know the address to use in future to send my questions or is this it ?? Do you also know when listener questions #5 will be available and do I just leave the questions at this site or somewhere else and if so please give me details. Thank you

  • Megan Symonds says:

    I have a hypothetical question. What do you think would have happened to Scientology if Pat Broker had followed LRH instead of David Miscavige? So you think it would still be around and if so how do you think it would look?

  • Trish Clark says:

    Multiple questions:
    1)Leah -if Shelley had attended the Cruise/Holmes wedding, do you think you would have left Scientology? Wasn’t your inquiry about her whereabouts the beginning of the end?
    2) If Tom Cruise were interviewed and the interviewer asked about his relationship with Suri, what do you think he would say? Would he say, “great!” or would he say, “she and her mother are SPs and I had to disconnect”. Scientology always refutes your claims but has anyone in the celebrity world asked the hard questions to the celebs? What about Nicole Kidman? If one were to ask her about her relationship with her kids with Cruise, would she say, “they disconnected from me because I am an SP”
    3) Before you both left, were you aware of the disconnection policies? Were you horrified by these policies? If so, why did you stay? Is it because you were brainwashed and knew no other life?

    You guys rock! I’m obsessed with your podcast!!!

  • Katie Sirignano says:

    BIG FAN!!!! Love you both!! I have a question about children in the Sea Org. If they don’t go to school or receive an education, how do they learn to read the nonsense Scientology makes you read?

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