Episode 14: Listener Questions Part 2

October 27 Episode 14: Listener Questions Part 2

The questions this week include: Why is scientology popular with dentists? What happened to Pat and Annie Broeker? And much more.

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The L. Ron Hubbard "Departure" Event

David Miscavige and Pat Broeker brief the scientology world on the shore story they concocted about the death of L. Ron Hubbard.

Leah's List of Books

The list of recommended reading from Leah to help heal yourself after being in a cult.

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  • Cally Place says:

    I do have one question, too late now.
    I’m in the UK and went on a roadtrip with my family around florida and went to Clearwater to look at the Scientology building.
    How do they feel about people taking photos outside?
    We parked up and got out and someone came out instantly and stood right next to our car and never said a word!

  • Elesa says:

    Hi! I have a follow-up question to the answer regarding moving on from this, or really any, cult. Can you stomach the idea of any (real) religion once you’ve moved on? Like, are you open to searching through other belief systems to see if there is truth there? Or is a wall of protection put up around you to basically protect yourself from any outside influences? I hope that made sense! I’ve always wondered if people who come out of a cult are left angry enough to not be open to other beliefs.

  • kim says:

    Leah good luck in your journey. We all have our issues and I’m happy to hear that you are working on yours. You and Mike are so cute together you’re like brother and sister. Best to you both.

  • Lee says:

    I just wanna thank you two for The Aftermath and this podcast. I was not in Scientology but grew up with a mental abusive parent. Mike and Leah have given me the language to understand what I went through so I can at least explain to myself what happened. That is probably the most gigantic leap forward in my recovery I have ever been helped with being able to take. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. You are my heroes. Especially you Leah!

  • Alicia Tryhubczak says:

    Thank you so much for everything you both do! Leah, I know it isn’t easy to talk about how the cult has affected your mental health, but your vulnerability is beautiful and very moving. The books you shared are awesome. I recommend A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle – it really opened up my eyes! Also I recommend anything DBT related. I have had a poor sense of self for so long from my own trauma, and DBT has been a life saver. (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). Both you and Mike are real life super heroes, keep in spreading the word!! ❤❤❤

  • CuriousK says:

    How are celebrity actors time managing working on set, having a family, and still dedicating hours and hours every day to their Scientology “homework”? Do they not have to do the same work that the rest of parishioners and sea org members do because of their status? Are these celebrities trying to recruit while on set?

  • Tracy Rodriguez says:

    I love your show and podcast. Thank you both for sharing your stories and the stories of others and for continuing to expose what’s going on. Thanks for the list of books also.

  • Margie M says:

    Does David Miscavige declare income for his position and if so does he pay taxes? He appears to be wealthy by spending lavishly on attire, housing, travel, personal chefs, etc while the sea org members live in rundown accommodations and receive $50 a week. If an org member gets hurt or sick do they have to go to the county hospital pleading poverty or does Scientology help pay for medical treatment?

  • Kimberly says:

    Love the podcast and TV shows. I’m super interested in learning more about the connection between scientology and trump. Based on what Leah and Mike have presented about the concept of Fair Play, I can’t help but compare the tactics to what trump does. In this episode, I learned about scientology’s connection to the inauguration. How close are those connections? Is it just that sociopaths attract each other like magnets, has there been a scientology end game running inside the current administration, or are there players in the administration who recognize the success of scientology’s brainwashing techniques and have used it to target psychologically vulnerable people?

  • Sherrie says:

    Maybe for the next QA episode- How does Scientology reconcile the contradictory stance on at once saying that they are here to save the world and convert everyone to Scientology but then also derogatorily calling those not in the organization Wogs? Why be condescending and rude to the very people you are trying to recruit?

  • J King says:

    How does one submit questions to the podcast?

  • Kathryn Cabrisas says:

    I truly love your and Leah’s work. I am very disturbed that Scientology has tax exempt status. My question is what type that 503C exemption do they have? Religious, Educational, Charitable or Scientific? I ask because you were speaking about them buying buildings to keep their exemption but how does that keep the exemption? I would appreciate your telling me how I can help in their loosing that status? Side bar here, I flew for National Airlines and we would lay over at the Travelator in San Diego until Scientology bought the hotel and wow it changed in a nano second. The people were very rude waiting for our contract to run out. Let the place run down.

  • GOBBLEGLOP says:

    Dentists too, on the subject of the vast infiltration of dentists by Scientology… just another thought I had-

    You have to figure most dentists likely start out young, they get saddled with what, a million dollars of debt to buy all the needed equipment, and likely student loans… but once that’s paid off, they’re really stacking paper.

    Might prime them for Scientology to move in and become the next thing that sucks up all their money… maybe just behaviorally, compared to other professionals… they’ve learned to live without so much of that profit for years. Going from paying off massive debt to just throwing it all at Miscavige to buy empty buildings, at least doesn’t feel so foreign.

    idk, just musing here

  • Marla says:

    I had a question: will the Aftermath 2 part special that was about Danny Masterson air? If it did how can people see now? Is it only through A&E? Thanks for all you all do to help inform everyone.

  • JoAnne Dougall says:

    Has anyone ever analyzed L. Ron Hubbard’s writings from a mental health point of view? As someone who has had close contact with a person that often experienced depression and manic episodes, the description of Hubbard’s writing thousands of pages of teachings, etc. , paired with mistrust of the medical field, over-inflated ego, unpredictable behaviour in disappearing for long periods of time (paranoia ?), etc. seems consistent with mental health issues.
    Love the podcast!

  • lisa says:

    If sciencentologists believe you can heal your own illnesses (such as cancer etc) how do you think people like John Travolta who have loved ones die reconcile that with their belief system? Do they blame the deceased person for not believing enough, trying hard enough, concealing some crime?

  • Scott H Nabors says:

    No comment (unnecessary, all been said, love what you’re doing), but I do have request… get Jason Beghe on your show!!! Just listened to his 2008 2-hour interview with Mark Bunker and was blown away. I would love to be a fly-on-the-wall if/when Leah & Jason commiserate about all things Scientology. What a powerful pairing they would make.

  • Linda says:

    Love you guys! Love both your accents! And I have some questions in case you do another podcast answering listener questions….
    1. is ‘Battleship Earth’ required viewing for Scientology members?
    2. I always hear from ex members that kids are working 10 hour days, 6-7 days per week. What are they making kids do all this time? Building walls and taking them down? They must run out of jobs for them to do at some point?
    3..Ex members allude to the fact that law enforcement have an ‘understanding’ with members. I think this was mentioned in the Claire Headley episode. What does this mean? The cops will leave members alone because they just don’t want to deal with it?
    4. Do you think an intrepid investigative reporter will ever join Scientology, play the long game, stay for a few years., leave and then write a tell all book? Maybe be able to record conversations, taking pictures of documents etc?
    5. Do you think Scientology pays off law enforcement? I just think its crazy that during all these years, no one in the government. law enforcement or position of power has had the balls to stand up to this cult. No one has stormed the compound where Shelly is being held prisoner. Or do you think the FBI is just trying to build up a case and this is just taking a few years? Or maybe its the same issue…no one wants to be a victim of Fair Game so its easier to bury your head in the sand.

    Thank you!

  • Kristine says:

    I listened today and something you said made me stop and go What? You talked about the business model of paying up-front for dental and chiropractics work. A few years ago I started going to a chiropractor and he has a whole sales pitch. Part of it was paying for so many sessions up-front. Another part was a whole detox cleanse and supplements. I said no to the cleanse, but paid ahead. I got everything I paid for. Makes me wonder now if he is involved in Scientology or at least participated in that business program. Thanks for sharing. Your work is priceless and your contribution to help save the world.

  • Christine says:

    I have a question for Leah how involved was your daughter in Scientology? And how has it effected her now?

  • Blaire says:

    I have a question for the next Q & A….I read somewhere that women who give birth while in Scientology stay completely silent during the birth. Is this true and can you explain the reasoning and beliefs behind it?

  • Melissa says:

    You might never read this, but Aftermath helped me process so much of my own journey out of the Mormon church, where I was a devout member for 37 years. So many things resonated with me and gave me strength and peace.

    When you were all around the table discussing the more outlandish beliefs of Scientology, and Mike said something about who in their right mind would believe anything like that (and everyone laughed), and then Leah said “But we all did”, I cried. It was a profound moment for me. I had just been answering questions about Mormons from friends and realizing how bizarre my life had been, and was feeling pretty stupid. So thank you both for the work you have done, are doing, and will do.

    I am slowly healing and learning new ways of thinking and starting to trust my instincts more. My extreme, heartfelt thanks to you again for helping me process my trauma and reshape my life. You are my heroes!

    • Mike Rinder says:

      I am very happy to hear this Melissa. I recently did an episode of Mormon Stories podcast you might find interesting. ANd that is a podcast which is probably tailor made for you…

  • Deigh says:

    Listening from Australia… catching up as I only learnt of the podcast series a few days ago.

    My question: Do you think Tom Cruise knows what’s going on, or is he the most oblivious person on the planet?

  • Victoria says:

    First my heart goes out to you all. How can someone like me who has never been in Scientology how do we help stop them?

  • Victoria says:

    Love you both!!!!! How can someone like me
    Who have not been in Scientology help fight?

  • Antjony says:

    Hi Leah & Mike ☮️

    Thanks to Scientology & The Aftermath, I did not send my medical records to CCHR, as I was unaware they were affiliated with Scientology until seeing the episode you did. I live in Florida and have some concerns about the Scientology I have been noticing.

    There is some evidence to suggest the possibility that the Ocala Police and Fire departments have ties to Scientology, which has a Mission Center in the downtown historical district. Many stores and small businesses near the Mission Center have closed, and major construction is underway in that area. I see many signs for LLC’s and know that Scientology has many offshoot front groups, perhaps even some people are not yet aware of.

    Additionally, it appears they are expanding their footprint in this area. Putnam county, on the St, John’s river is where I have been noticing more of their presence.

    I have had disturbing encounters with Scientology since the age of 16, when they licked me in a tiny windowless room and attempted to brainwash me. I was told I was taking a voluntary personality rest for A Boston University grad student’s thesis.

    I spent 3 to -4 hours being held against my will in the large Scientology Center in Boston, MA in May of 1991. When they finally let me out of the room, they took me into the bookstore, where I was surrounded by 4 or 5 adults, trying to get me to sign things, take courses that cost a fortune, and really scaring me. They didn’t even care that I was a minor, and had separated me from the friend I was with.

    Thankfully, my mother had warned me about Scientology and cults in general, so I dumped out the contents of my wallet, which consisted of 6 one dollar bills, and emptied my pockets, which had a little over one dollar in coins.

    I said, “Give me a paperback copy of Dianetics, and bring my friend out here NOW, or I swear I will break those glass windows with my voice,” as I raised my voice and began to use to operatic projection technique my mom taught me. I added, “Next, I start kicking crotches!”

    I started waving ly arms and increasing the volume of mu voice as people were walking by the front windows. Thankfully, it worked, and my friend and I got out of there. but not before I was pressured into giving out my personal information such as my name, address, phone number, etc. For years I got literature from Scientology until eventually I moved and things did not get forwarded.

    When I lived in San Francisco in 2010, they was a business across the street that was pwned by Scientoligy. They had art gallery showings and things like that, and would hand out flyers. Unless you read the very tiny print at the bottom, a person would not know it was Scientology. They nearly got me again. I find it very strange that three times in my life I almost fell into the trap, and now I’m seeing activity all around in the city and counties around me. I’m also very concerned about Clearwater, as well as if they are involved in the expensive project with the Marion County airport.

    I would also like to ask if there’s anything I can do to help, given that I live in the area where they seem to want to increase their footprint and presents. I live only about an hour and 20 minutes from Clearwater, five minutes from downtown Ocala, very close to Anthony, and about 40 minutes from Putnam County.

    I apologize that this is lengthy, but I wanted to share my experiences with you and thank you for doing what you’re doing. You literally save me from giving them access to my private medical records. But it does concern me that I did speak with him on the phone, give them my name and my birthdate and everything and they know the details of what happened to me when I was abused in a hospital. I don’t know if I’m back on the radar or not, but they’ve made a few attempts in my life to try to recruit me.

    I am offering to volunteer or do anything I can to help with what you’re doing so please let me know.

    Thank you,

  • Emily Dubinsky says:

    I have just found your podcast… I am not a big podcast person but I am becoming one. I just love love love how you both are just putting all of this out there! I wish more people that have left cults would do this. I was raised a Christian not Catholic… and there is so much wrong within this religion…. You are to do day and be what they want you to be. We have to learn to be ourselves, be good to others no matter their belief or not beliefs they have. I am just in awe of both of you again. Stay strong sty loving and beautiful! AND DONT EVER QUIT SWEARING <3 <3

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