Episode 26: Phil Jones — The Man Behind The Billboard

February 2 Episode 26: Phil Jones — The Man Behind The Billboard

Phil Jones (and his charming wife Willie) created the “Call Me” billboards after trying to reach their disconnected children, Mike and Emily. We cover a lot of ground — what happened that caused them to leave scientology, their efforts to reach their children, the LAPD, scientology’s Fair Game intimidation tactics, how scientology made them an offer that couldn’t refuse — but they did, and the realities of family life in scientology.

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Phil and Willie's billboard
A family destroyed

Son Mike, Willie, Phil and daughter Emily in happier times

Missing Person Poster
Media at the billboard unveiling


  • Reva says:

    When you have guests on it is hard to hear what they are saying. If I turn it up to hear them Leah and Mike are so loud. I really want to hear what is being said but can’t because of this.

  • Deborah says:

    I listen to this podcast every week, and have meant to write many many times. First — really appreciate all the information and the persistence Leah and Mike have to make people aware of the evils of Scientology. (Plus they play off each other SO well). Each week I am absolutely amazed to hear these awful stories but more amazed by the fact that the authorities continue to allow this abuse to go on. I understand it must be difficult to penetrate a cult, when the members themselves are mostly silent about what happens, but holy cow. There is outright abuse taking place and I can’t believe more action has not been taken. I hope that changes, I really do.

  • Deb Donner says:

    Phew, it’s always tough to listen to parents when they are speaking of their children, my heart aches with them. Also, who the F do scientologists think they are that we need them to save the planet! No thank you. Saving the planet…what a bunch of BS. Perhaps fostering family relationships, donating money to feed people, and kindness would be better than putting their energy into the clear destruction of people and lives. And Thetans,, seriously, are they off their meds!?

  • Morgan Everitt says:

    Hello Mike and Leah,

    I’m a really big fan and love not only the show but the podcast. I know Leah left as an OT 5. My question is Mike what level did you get to before you left?

  • Diane Dierks says:

    I have a question for when you do another listener question show. This occurred to me when listening to this episode when you discussed what “clearing the planet” means. If the lofty goal of all Scientologists is to make everyone a Scientologist, what will happen when they convert everyone and only the poor are left? Will they let them audit for free? Or will they be discarded and thrown away because there is no money in it? Obviously this is a rhetorical, smart ass comment. But I wonder if Mike can give insight about how they really believe they can save the planet with their current methods when 99% of the planet can’t afford to be saved!

  • jacquelin Davis says:

    I have a question. I just discovered your podcast and am glad to find ya’ll Leah mentioned that Mary R. is back in. We all know he’s been shilling for them since the Aftermath days.

    Has it been confirmed that he is back in? What about Monique and his little boy?

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