Episode 3: Scientology’s War on The Media (with Richard Behar)

August 11 Episode 3: Scientology’s War on The Media (with Richard Behar)

Award-winning investigative journalist Richard Behar — author of Time magazine’s shocking cover story, “The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power,” which ignited scientology’s 10 year Fair Game assault on him — talks about Fair Game and the recent controversy over VP hopeful Karen Bass’ statements about scientology.

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The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power

The May 6, 1991 Time cover story by Rich Behar

The prophet and profits of Scientology

Behar’s 1986 Forbes article

Scientology Ruthlessly Hararassed Reporters (including Me)

Behar’s 2020 Forbes article

CNN: Targeted by Scientology

Rich Behar interviewed on CNN when Going Clear premiered on HBO

The Story Time Couldn't Tell

The first article from the scientology conspiracy theory booklet

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  • Lisa says:

    I can’t get over Leah calling Mike “Mikey”. It’s the cutest thing ever. I can’t decide if I have a bigger crush on Leah or Mike.

  • Lisa says:

    Guys, I love you so much. But you’ve got to introduce your guests. I would love some context on this week’s guest as the pod starts.

    No shade. Love you both ♥️

  • Diego R says:

    Hey guys. Love the podcast. I’ve been interested in the topic for years now and I can’t seem to get enough of it. One question though, I thought Marty was out of Scientology. But I have seen stuff from STAND where they have “interviews” with him talking about you and mike. Can you go back to being a Scientologist even after being declared SP?

  • Shaker says:

    Hello Guys,
    Mike, I watched the Koncrete Podcast episode and the two hours flew by, bunny trails and all ! I really want to suggest to you and Leah , possibly extending your podcast another hour? Especially for the guest episodes.

    I’m a fan and supporter of everything you guys do !

  • Starr says:

    I love you guys but ya gotta let your guests talk more. Rich was a real premium guest and I wanted more from him. I’ll be listening every week you guys are doing good work. Keep it up!

  • Stas says:

    Leah & Mike,
    May God bless and protect you and your families as you continue down this road. You have been persecuted and abused and mistreated, but you are both doing SUCH a good work! I support everything you do and say, and am praying for you both! Leah, I love your sense of humor!! You crack me up! ☺️

  • Holger Bergner says:

    Great podcast love you both, hello from Germany 🇩🇪

  • Annette Solla says:

    OMG I am @ this moment watching your documentary. I am sadden and outraged with this evil cult. So much hurt, so much damage done. I feel the pain with each episode. I feel compelled to help, but don’t know how. That is why I wrote. I figure I can support you and all other victims that have had the courage to get out, speak out and fight to get rid of this evil cult. God bless you and all others. I will pray for you all. Make it a great day!!! Your Victory is near.

  • Izzy says:

    I had a professor during my undergraduate degree at the University of Ottawa (Canada) who claimed she had knowledge of a bet between LR Hubbard and Arthur C Clark that prompted both men to create a religion that people would adhere to. LRH won the bet. Don’t know if it’s true but you can probably track her down and get a definitive version of her story. It always stayed with me and made me very wary of any religious organization.

  • Nikki Graybeal says:

    So this is a question I’ve had multiple times since starting the documentary, reading articles, now listening to the podcast… I’ve had it often but for whatever reason, this particular podcast brought it to the forefront.

    I am continually amazed at how Mike, who had been in the upper echelon of the organization and instrumental in some of their more despicable practices, is so upfront and honest about his history with Scientology, and so willing to risk everything to bring them to justice.

    So my question is, for Mike, did you ever think at any point in time, What if it were me on the other end of this practice? Or my children? My spouse? Obviously at least near the end, this was the case, but at what point did that turn?

    Also, are you ever afraid that if you and Leah and so many others get your way–and I hope you do–and Scientology is ever prosecuted for their various crimes, do you ever worry you yourself could face charges?

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