Episode 61: Julian Wain and the Delphian School

October 12 Episode 61: Julian Wain and the Delphian School

Leah and Mike welcome back Julian Wain, who appeared with his wife Katherine in Episode 49. This time they discuss the Delphian schools — Julian both attended and taught there. These, like other “Applied Scholastics” schools use HUbbard “technology” to indoctrinate kids and act as recruitment pools for the Sea Org, despite the public claims they make.

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Episode 49: Katherine and Julian

Katherine and Julian discuss their personal journeys out of scientology and the horrors of disconnection

The official scientology website

Applied Scholastics, the mother organization over Delphi schools is on the front page of the scientology website

Applied Scholastics

How scientology describes Applied Scholastics: “fully independent nondenominational organization”

FAQ page on Delphian website

They describe L. Ron Hubbard as everything BUT the founder of scientology.

FAQ page on Delphian website

Scientology is listed LAST…

Jualian's Delphi School Yearbook

The yearbook is dedicated to L. Ron Hubbard

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IRS rules on religious purithy
The Delphi logo

One of the four points is “Ethics”

Dianetics "passionate kiss"

The reference mentioned from Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health concerning a 7 year old girl not reacting to a passionate kiss from a grown man

Scientology Lower Conditions

The lower ethics conditions that are integral to scientology “ethics tech”

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Viktor Frankl Man's Search for Meaning


  • Staci Williamson says:

    Listening to this episode now, have there been cases where pedophiles join Scientology just because it seems so easy to molest children without getting any kind of reprimand or in any trouble of any kind?

  • Heidi Strater says:

    Thank you for this platform! I know you are being harassed and I admire people who will stand up against wrong!Years ago my ex husband joined a cult and I did everything I could to protect my 4 yr old son from what they were teaching. My son is now 26 and is still dealing with the consequences of his fathers decision. When we first got married he was very interested in Scientology. It was the early 90’s we lived in Florida and it was a radio show called dianetics. I have since become a licensed social worker and therapist and have studied cults. Thank you for your work

  • Claire says:

    Hi Mike & Leah,
    Big fan of the podcast! Keep up the great work! Sending you all much love from Australia! Stay Strong xx
    I have a question, has the abuse in scientology ever intentionally or unintentionally crossed the line to murder/manslaughter? Is murder out of the question in? Is it possible that people that have ‘disappeared’ have been killed?

  • Anthony Kendrick says:

    Hope you do an episode on John Coale, Sarah Palin’s former campaign advisor and all of the political connections that scientologists have with democrats and republican.

  • Jesse Bello says:

    Hello Leah and Mike,

    I’ve attached a quote that I find so fitting for your show and the current state out country is right now:

    “Monsters exist, but not enough to be truly dangerous.
    More dangerous are common men, living among us, ready to believe and act without asking questions”

    I love everything the both of you have done to bring this terrible distain for human life, to light. I’ve seen all of the Aftermath and I am bingeing the podcast so I haven’t caught up yet but I am fascinated by the stories…

    Certain questions have come to my mind about Shelly Miscavage and why she may have disappeared- obv there are rumors about certain “high ranking” scientologists and their sexual orientation. It is possible she came into certain information about these men, witnessed something and was taken away so she could NEVER speak on what she saw? Like all 3 of them…

    I know it sounds absurd but what isn’t in scientology?

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