Episode 10: Attorney Ray Jeffrey Taking on Scientology in the Courtroom

September 29 Episode 10: Attorney Ray Jeffrey Taking on Scientology in the Courtroom
Attorney Ray Jeffrey talks about scientology Fair Game campaigns and legal tactics and what happened with the Rathbun case.
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Janet Reitman's Inside Scientology
Debbie Cook's lawsuit
Settlement of Debbie Cook lawsuit
My blog post about the case
Ray's Clients Paul Marrick and Greg Arnold
Marty Rathbun meets PI's
PI Lawsuit settled
Rathbun Lawsuit
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Anti-SLAPP decision
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Texas Appellate Court decision
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Rathbun house deed
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Marty Rathbun Scientology Spokesman


  • Megan says:

    Congrats Mike and team on the Emmy!! Love you all and all the content you’ve produced over the years

  • Mary Kuhn says:

    This WAS traumatic to have all Ray’s time and talent fizzle out in the way that it did. This podcast is amazing in its parallels to our present GOP administration.

  • Lindsay says:

    PLEASE come down to Texas. We would love to have you here! Find a smaller town that will have your back. We generally accept people with open arms, and once we consider you one of “ours”, we will stand by you.

  • Brad says:

    Can anybody tell me if, now that Marty has been sucked back in to $cientology, has Monique been dragged in as well?

  • Nicklas Jonsson says:

    hi Leah and Mike can you please look in to Narcanon

  • Megan McDaniel says:

    I guess my struggle is , how can someone like Marty just up and go back to Scientology knowing full well they aren’t good?! Like he knows it because he said it! And the fact that you have to disown all your friends and family (like you both) without hesitating?
    I don’t think I could do it. I would be going back to a prison only to not have any of the people I care about there. I get that he may be doing this to protect his family. But at the same time, does he plan on doing this the rest of his life?!
    I just can’t fathom leaving my children, or husband, or my other family, just to join a cult, all the while knowing that it’s not right….

  • Angela C Henderson says:

    Hello loved this episode. So I looked up Marty’s blog. Only to find out he wrote about this episode in his blog. I was very disappointed on what he wrote about you guys. I’m hoping you guys do another podcast following up on him.

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