Episode 64 : Tory “Magoo” Christman

November 2 Episode 64 : Tory “Magoo” Christman

Leah and Mike talk to a long term scientology whistleblower, Tory “Magoo” Christman. Her story covers the gamut — OSA dirty tricks, disconnection, the Lisa McPherson Trust, being Fair Gamed and a whole lot more. It is an episode that seemed too short with such a bright, smart and kind person.

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Attestation from Tory christman
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Narconon's Success Rate

Narconon has falsely claimed an absurd success rate

The Aftermath

The episodes on Clearwater covering Gabe Cazares and Bob Minton

Operation Clambake

Andras Heldal-Lund’s website Operation Clambake

The 6 month check
Magoo Dancing in Boston

The video taken by Mark Bunker

Mary Tabayoyan Declaration
Penny Atwell Jones
Tory in WIS?

Tory featured in the scientology “encyclopedia” What Is Scientology?

Tory in another publication

Tory featured in another scientology publication

The Tory Christman Program

The Fair Game program put together by OSA pursuant to Hubbrd policy. Tory’s responses and notes are in red script

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Counter Attack Tactics

One of 2 key references used to compile the Tory Christman Program

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Intelligence Principles

The other key reference

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Tory's dad, Paul Christman

See my blog for more docs


  • Jennifer Taylor says:

    Thank goodness! Finally Tori! I’ve been waiting to see you guys talk to Tori since the aftermath first came out. I’m so happy you guys had her on the podcast and I hope she comes back to talk more about her escape story and how she got on her feet after leaving. We’ll done M & L

  • adele omalley says:

    Hi Leah, Mike and all you survivors! i’ve been an avid listener since the start. I watched the series. One thing i’ve noticed is the language LRH used. all the little sayings etc one in particular “fair game” for example, here in the UK means to us is- if you hurt me then i can hurt you in any way, i can sink as low as i can possible go because you are now “fair game” it’s all fair game because you hurt me. Language is important in cults. an episode about the use of these sayings would be interesting. where they originate from (mainly the UK imo) Also a forensic psychologist episode would be amazing because LRH is THE biggest narcasist sociopath! and a ep going into detail about this would be wonderful. xxxx

  • Ann Taylor says:

    Thank you sososososo much for having Tory on your show. I have been watching her videos for years. Her videos help the public understand Scientology and how to approach the indoctrinated in a respectful manner.

    I LOVE Tory
    I LOVE Leah and Mike

  • Tanner says:

    This has been my favorite episode of the podcast so far. This was a phenomenal interview; Tory is so clearly very intelligent and well-spoken.

  • Your goo my goo our goo says:

    I’m so delighted to hear people talk about a.r.s and Operation Clambake. The OG online resources! I remember reading Clambake when I was a student and boggling at their glossary page.

  • Jaye says:

    As an fyi, during this episode Leah said that Marty Rathbun dowsnt have a job and his house is paid off and he’s doing fine. The first two are true. But Marty and Monique aren’t ok. Monique was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer last spring – the details are hers to disclose but she’s been very very sick. I can only imagine the effect of the fair game tactics they both endured for so many years on Monique’s health. Y’all were dear friends. I’m not trying to get on the way of hurtful rifts or take Marty’s side. But there’s a way to be a mensch in the face of someone’s grave illness even if her husband has acted so badly to people he once loved as the dearest of friends. Mike, as part of your intro of Tory in this episode you thanked her for her grace and kindness toward everyone, even the $ci sh*theads she’s been trying to fight for more than 2 decades. That same grace and kindness could come from y’all tpward Monique and Marty. Just because he’s acted badly doesn’t mean you have to.

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