Episode 42: Listener Questions Part 5

May 25 Episode 42: Listener Questions Part 5

We take more questions from listeners, covering a wide variety of topics from silent birth and what happens when a scientologist dies, to the decision of the US Supreme Court concerning scientology donations and Hubbard’s succession plan.

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Going Clear Excerpt

The end of Hubbard’s life described by Steve Pfauth

View/Download Document
The issue appointing the Broekers

The only written document concerning Hubbard’s succession. It was recalled and destroyed by David Miscavige

Silent Birth in scientology
Hernandez v. Commissioner of the IRS

The US Supreme Court ruling that says payments to scientology for services are not deductible as they are quid pro quo payments

Sklar v. Commissioner of the IRS

Others attempted to claim deductions for Jewish school, they were denied on the basis of the Hernandez decision while scientology no longer follows this.

The L. Ron Hubbard "Death Announcement"

Where the lie was told to scientologists that Hubbard had “causatively departed his body” because it was a hindrance to “further OT research.”

Mansions built for Hubbard post death

This is the one at Gold. To see the others, visit mikerindersblog.org

The documents scientologists must sign

These documents relinquish virtually all rights

Scientology Funeral Service
The Oxford Capacity Analysis

A man in tool used to suck in new people


  • Maria says:

    I’d be interested in knowing if, when you left, you tried to bring out with you anyone you may have recruited (family not included)?

  • Linda W says:

    Could we make LRH *come back (with an actor)? He/she could have updated policies and writings.

  • Matt says:

    When did Mike and Leah stop believing in Scientology? I remember Mike going on BBC after he left the “church” but at that time they said he still believed in the teachings.

  • Lorraine Bell says:

    Leah, and Mike, I know you are busy, but could you look at this group? It is a UK org called One Britain One Nation. They are asking children at a young age to commit themselves to the Britain. It looks kind of culty to me, but I am also someone who supports an independent Scotland but I see sectarianism written all over it.


    Youtube channel:


  • Sci Ex says:

    Just listened to Listener Questions #5 and felt obligated to comment on the question about Sci’s marrying non-Sci’s, as it has become the most important issue in my life today. I’m not a celebrity, but my Joe Schmo advice to anyone that’s out there in the dating world and comes across a Scientologist… respectfully say “It was nice to meet you” and move on. The culture and values of this belief system do not mesh with traditional Christian values of honesty, compassion, and humility. Anyone living in the real world will quickly lose respect for the notion of “subjective truth.” Their views are black and white, good or bad, with us or against us. Wogs are lesser beings. They are not a “turn the other cheek” religion, and when you eventually end up in their cross-hairs over philosophical differences you’ll see just how ape shit crazy and relentless these people can be in making your life difficult. Ask me how I know….

  • Summer says:

    If you’re looking for podcasts to chat to, can I suggest that Mike collaborates with Emily D Baker? She’s a legal commentator and former LA prosecutor who’s covering the Danny Masterson case on her YouTube channel where she posts podcasts and long-form live broadcasts. Her legal expertise and your knowledge of the organisation would make for a really informative video!

  • Tony Moore says:

    For the next question show:
    What happens when David Miscavige is gone? Who takes over? Does the church change?

  • Nick Strouther says:

    Hi Leah and Mike

    I am a doctor training to be a psychiatrist in Liverpool in the UK. Thanks for all your hard work exposing the evils of scientology!

    I have some questions, well rather a few actually, specifically on Marty Rathbun.

    The questions I have are:

    · What caused him to leave scientology?
    · Did he continue to believe in the theories of scientology when he left?
    · If you had to guess – why has he gone back in? He was harassed pretty extremely when he was out
    · What about his wife Monique – I understand she had never had any affiliation to scientology and had been harassed pretty badly herself. Didn’t she sue them? Are her and Marty still together and has she “gone to the dark side” with him (as far as you know)?
    · Now that he has gone back in, what would have happened to him? I can’t imagine he’d go back to his previously high role. What punishments/ repentance would he have to go through?
    · Do you think there could be any possibility that he is being a “double agent” and trying to take down the evil organisation from the inside?
    · Do you miss your friend Mike?

    Like I said – a lot of questions! May be you could devote a whole special episode on Marty?

    Thanks again for all you both do

  • Sara S. says:

    Leah, is Jennifer (Lopez) a potential trouble source for her dad because of her friendship with you? If so, what are the effects of that?

  • Tiffany McWilliams says:

    Hey there! Funny story – I binge-listen to the podcast while I work from home, and today in the middle of one of the episodes, I got a phone call from an unknown (to me) number in Clearwater, Florida. (I live in Texas).
    I panicked and shut my phone off! Lol! Y’all have ME paranoid!

  • Mechelle Huber says:

    I don’t know where else to ask this so I will ask here:

    I stopped breathing 20 minutes after I was born, am dyslexic, and autistic. I have learning disabilities, it was not easy for my parents to raise me, and I always struggled with everything, especially with stuff like being quiet and sitting still. Before I talked (at the age of three) I screamed and I didn’t walk until I was two.

    If I were born to hardcore Scientologists, like Sea Org members, how would they “handle” me?

    From what I’ve heard, John Travolta’s son, Jett, was autistic and they handled it by not admitting it. If this is true, and I suspect it is, what would have been done about it using the writings of LRH? Did LRH write specifically how to handle children with disabilities? I am not asking specifically about Jett but about all the autistic and learning disabled children born into Scientology.

    Also, if a Scientology recruiter approached a person on the street and took them for the personality test and later they realized the person was Autistic or had invisible disabilities, unbeknownst to the recruiter at first, would they ask the person to leave? Or would they be more inclined to see them as an easy target for money?

    Love your show guys!

    PS. Mike, I am the Tweeter who asked you about Scientology’s hacking war with Anonymous.

  • Meghan says:

    My mother in law is fostering two squirrels, what names would you suggest?

  • Sigga says:

    Hi Leah and Mike!
    Love the podcast and all your work.
    One thing I’ve always wondered in regards to auditing and past lives:
    One common occurrence when people participate in past life regression “therapy” is that people will gravitate towards thinking they were famous historical figures in their past life like Cleopatra, Napoleon, etc.
    Did this happen during auditing sessions in scientology and if so what would happen if multiple people thought they had been the same person?

  • Adam says:

    I have some questions for the next Listener Q&A, if that’s okay.

    1) I know that when it comes to where certain Scientologists are and what happened to them, Shelly almost always comes up. But for me personally, I think about Quentin Hubbard and it saddens me to wonder what really happened. Do you think his death was suicide related or was he possibly murdered by the church?

    2) In a previous Listener Q&A, you spoke about how Scientology effectively believes in a form of reincarnation and that we’re all going to return. Is there a cap limit on how many times they believe one can return or is it something that goes on indefinitely?

    3) I’ve been looking into anything Scientology related that I can get my hands on to keep myself sharp and aware on and off again ever since seeing The Unfunny Truth About Scientology, the work from Tory Christman and Mark Bunker, and learning about Project Chanology back in 2008 all the way up to seeing the Aftermath. In the back of my mind, I know Scientology is absolutely dangerous and terrible, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t see something weirdly alluring about. Do you know if (or have found in your experience that) this is a common occurrence with those who are on the outside looking in? I don’t want to be disrespectful to those who have had their lives ruined by the Scientology.

    4) With the Danny Masterson trial going on, what do you think this will mean for Scientology?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Ellen says:

    I am curious. Is there any part of the Scientology teachings that you have held onto, that you still believe in? Or have you both thrown out all of the teachings altogether? I am curious about your healing process. Do you continue to think, for example, in Scientology-speak? Do you dream in Scientology-language? How does your mind really heal after all of those years using “the cans”? Great show you two. Thank you for the wonderful education work you all are doing.

  • John King says:

    How do we submit questions for a future podcast?

    Here are some:

    1. Does Sea Org pay into members’ Social Security?

    2. How does Sea Org avoid violating child truancy laws? Do child Sea Org members go to a Scientology school? Do they take (and pass) state-mandated assessment tests?

    3. How many Scientologists work at the IRS?

    4. Do Scientologists tell light-hearted jokes about Scientology? You know, like, “A Thetan walks into a bar…” type of thing.

  • Rae says:

    In his show Last Week Tonight, John Oliver mischievously trolled Scientology all through his 2018 season.


    Is there an openness to you both collaborating with him and his program to expose Scientology further or to promote The Aftermath Foundation?

  • Elizabeth says:


    Previously, you have mentioned that David Miscavige’s organization is mainly staffed by attractive young women. You also mentioned in an Aftermath episode about the Apollo that LRH likewise had a staff of mostly young girls at his service.

    Has there been evidence or implications that there is any sexual harassment, assault, or cohesion that has happened between either leader and the women and girls most vulnerable due to their age, proximity, and power inbalance?

    Thank you for the incredible work you are doing.

  • Kathryn Parr says:

    Leah (and Mike, if applicable) – I am very interested your experience with therapy after leaving Scientology. What convinced you to start therapy? Did you see a therapist specializing in leaving Scientology/cults? How did you get past the distrust of psychology that you were taught? What helped you the most in therapy?

  • Katherine says:

    I’m so fascinated by the aspect of Scientology and Acting. This is going to be long one, so bear with me.
    How would a Scientologist explain, rationalize or reconcile the fact that none of the characters they play are Scientologist? A suppose a pro Scientology person would argue that all of Tom Cruise’s characters in the past decade could be Scientologists because they all are trying to save the world.
    Is it a Scientologist Actor’s perspective that, of course, they aren’t playing Scientologists, because Scientologists are “perfect” and there is no “work” in playing a perfect person, and it is more artistically fulfilling to play “flawed characters” who they perceive as anyone who isn’t Scientologist.
    You have Elisabeth Moss playing struggling Catholic Peggy Olsen, Danny Masterson playing pothead Hyde, Laura Prepon playing a drug smuggling lesbian, John Travolta playing a dirty cop, also playing alcoholic Bobby Long, Erica Christiansen playing a cheating wife who struggles parenting her kids in Parenthood etc. Etc.
    Is their goal to show that these characters “lifestyles” are the wrong way to live? How does a Scientologist not recognize that in never playing a Scientologist in a role, that BEING a Scientologist is not the norm? What is a Scientologists actor’s explanation on the absence of “representation”?
    You have actors who take the craft very seriously and I suppose some that don’t so am I way off here?

  • Maggie says:

    Do you think Ruby Ridge, Waco, and other such standoffs involving government agencies causes hesitation from oversight bureaus when it comes to intervening in Scientology? That seems, to me, to be one of the only semi-reasonable explanations as to why the FBI and the IRS has not yet done anything about this cult.

  • Sara P says:

    I am so glad you all are continuing exposing scientology!!!
    I have a question, I am in the dental field and have been asked to participate in MGE, management experts, which is suppose to be a training/business course. Many of the people who are involved in teaching are scientologists and most of the material they use is from LRH. Yet the Dr’s I work for say “this isn’t scientology”
    I am not comfortable with this. How is MGE connected to Scientology and does they money they make go to scientology as a whole. I feel these sub groups need to be exposed for what they really are.
    Thanks so much!

  • Penny Seneca says:

    Does Dave Miscavige study L Ron Hubbard’s teachings for hours and hours every day and go through auditing like other Scientologists are required to do?

  • JJ says:

    Another Q for the next listener questions: how long until Scientology cuts Danny Masterson loose, or if they won’t, why not?

    JJ from Melbourne which is clearly better than Adelaide, Mike :p

  • K says:

    I recently came across an old e-meter, with “cans” on a thrift store website and I found that very curious. I have seen the “textbooks” of the organization (I will not refer to it as a “church” nor a “religion”) on this site occasionally as well. I know they can’t be happy about their “tech” being out there like this. Would they possibly use their fair game tactics against this charity if they found out?

  • Breea L says:

    I love your podcast and the banter between you both is sincere and refreshing. Thank you! I’ve been curious as to your thoughts on David Miscavige’s plan of succession. Essentially, who will become COB? And will Scientology survive his passing?

  • M says:

    Kind of a silly question: Why would anyone on the higher OT levels wear glasses? If all of this training is supposed to give you ultimate mental clarity and control, including the ability to theoretically rid your body of cancer, shouldn’t it fix your eyesight too?

    Of course the answer to that question is, “Because it’s all BS.” But it seems like the church would do a better job concealing such a simple, obvious flaw in their technology.

  • Annette Curi-Morton says:

    I know Scientology are all about the celebrities. Celebrities bring fame and money. Does Scientology do anything for celebrities? Were/Are they more likely to get industry jobs by being in scientology? Does Scientology “fair game” industry people to make things happen?

  • Michelle Melone says:

    These personality test you speak of … are these the same people that have a booth at state fair? I have seen these at our state fairs….

    Is this the same?

    Another question – you guys say nothing changes in Scientology – but then I hear you guys say well that was added by ‘someone’. Please explain.

    I love Leah’s passion. I love so much how Mike just lets Leah be Leah!! LOVE YOU GUYS. I pray everyone helps where they can and Scientology is shut down. I know you guys don’t care about that but I don’t see how Scientology can function at all without being shut down. I agree hurting people is the most important.

  • Rae says:

    Took Mike’s suggestion during the Labor Day hiatus and re-listen to this podcast. Just a follow up on why you both couldn’t go into law or politics. Why not now? If Kim Kardashian can go be a lawyer, it’s totally possible for you both to achieve the same. Leah, you mention that it is going to take a specifically trained lawyer in Scientology rhetoric to take down this organization: why couldn’t it be one of you or one of the other ex Scientologists who have left?

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