Episode 68: Chris Shelton on Cult Apologists

December 7 Episode 68: Chris Shelton on Cult Apologists

We talk to our old friend Chris Shelton about cult apologists who make a career (often lucrative) out of offering expert academic opinions in support of “New Religious Movements” — which is what they call cults. It’s a racket that scientology has used to gain credibility. We cover a lot of ground here. Chris has recently published a series of articles on this topic on Tony Ortega’s blog — they are well-worth reading.

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Sensibly Speaking Podcast

Chris’ excellent YouTube podcast channel

Confront and Shatter BVlog

Stefani Hutchinson’s excellent blog that regularly dismantles  the hypocrisy of the STAND League.

Chris Shelton's first article

Chris’s recent articles on Tony Ortega’s blog about cult apologist academics

Chris' second article
Chris' third article
Chris' fourth article
Chris' fifth article
Professor Bryan WIlson
Massimo Introviugne

See also the articles on Tony Ortega’s site

Remnant Fellowship website

featuring cult apologists Gordon Melton and Donald Westbrook responding to the HBO documentary about Remnant Fellowship The Way Down


  • Molly Collins says:

    Leah you mentioned the Mormons being toxic. This is absolutely untrue. Please elaborate on what is, in your opinion, so toxic about the Mormon church. I am really interested in your view point. As a member of the Mormon church I have never felt that the church was toxic and have never been discouraged from asking questions.

  • Lisa Bickford says:

    I love you guys, but you need to let the guests speak. Mike has so much info that it doesn’t allow the guest to voice their info.

  • Megan says:

    I just googled the Denver Scientology building . How do they get police chiefs and prominent city people to come to the openings? Is there anything going on in that building ?

  • Emily says:

    Hi Leah & Mike!
    Thank you so much for all the work you exposing the exploitation & abuse within the COS, the world needs more people like you!
    A few questions I was thinking of since your last show –
    – Do children of scientologists go to public school? Do they go to school at all? If they aren’t in school, then the district & State Dept. of Edu. should be filing truancy charges against the parents. How is this dealt with by the parents/guardians & church administration? I feel terrible for these kids who are being neglected & abused & that the church tries to hide behind religion. If these kids were in public school & the teachers saw abuse, they would have to report to CPS. What is being done, if any, to protect their children from the church’s abusive environment?

  • Steve says:

    Can you explain why some sea org people wear blue and some wear tan uniforms? Are there any other colors?

  • Helen Logan says:

    Hi Mike and Leah,
    Firstly can I say thank you for all you are doing, I have watched Scientology and the Aftermath twice and it still shocks me! The question I have for you both is…
    On that day you left Scientology Leah, and you escaped Mike, what did the next day and the days after that feel like as an ex-Scientologist?

  • Christina says:

    Catching up on episodes here. Heber Jentzsch was mentioned and that he’s been hidden away/missing for 20 years. We know this is also true of Shelly Miscavige. In the real world if someone is missing this long with people actively looking for them with no result, there is an assumption of death.

    Mike and Leah, you have mentioned that when you get old or sick Scientology will wipe their hands of you. In this case, do you think those two are still living or would Scientology cover up their deaths if they were not? Is David Miscavige powerful enough to get away with this sort of thing?

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