Episode 59: Listener Questions Part 8

September 28 Episode 59: Listener Questions Part 8

A special edition of Listener Questions. Leah and Mike recorded this together in LA. As usual, they cover a lot of ground from why any OT would wear glasses and a question about Tom Cruise’s bravery to High Crimes and the traits of an SP. Mike even has an answer that shocked Leah about something Hubbard claimed about himself.

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High Crimes

This is the list of scientology “High Crimes” (or Suppressive Acts) contained in the Introduction to Scientology Ethics book.

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The Anti-Social Personality (SP)

The Anti-Social Personality traits chapter from Introduction to Scientology Ethics:

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"I'm not from this planet"

Hubbard asserted he was not “from this planet”

Hubbard on Education

Hubbard’s view on how useless education outside scientology is.


  • RM says:

    Podcast listener question: Religious History is replete with groups breaking away from their “mother church“ To establish reformed schools of their religion. The Christian Reformation is probably the best example, with Martin Luther leading the break from the Catholic Church. Other examples include the Conversos of Spain, who practiced Judaism in secret to avoid the persecution of the Catholic Church. Are there Scientologists who are against the crimes, lies and abuses of the church, But still believe in the technology, and so are practicing Scientology underground?

  • Vito M says:

    Where is the whole video podcast available?

  • Kristee says:

    I recently started teaching GED at a medium security prison in Kentucky. I received a schedule of religious services that inmates may miss class to attend. The Scientology time slot caught my eye. Does Scientology want incarcerated people who have no money to donate?

  • Sid Caldwell says:

    Absolutely love every podcast. Ok Episode 59 , so funny Ms Remini talking about fucking and small dicks , I had to pull over I was laughing so hard. I cannot imagine Ms Remini telling her husband , oh Angelo please make passionate love to me . I can only imagine Ms Remini saying , hey Angelo get the fuck over here and “fuck the holy dog shit out of me” and it better be good !!! No offense Ms Remini. Also in episode 44 with Sheriff Nick Hanna I believe that is the ONLY episode Ms Remini did not say the word FUCK !! Please take no offense, just trying to be funny. In all seriousness you guys are doing a great job exposing Scientology and helping its victims. Look forward to every episode. Sid P.S. Mr Rinder and Ms Remini a great combination/pair, you guys compliment each other for the podcast ! Simply fit well together.

  • RJ says:

    Hi Mike and Leah,

    Huge fan of what you’ve done. I strongly believe you’ll topple Scientology one day. I’ve always been fascinated/horrified by Scientology and can’t stop listening.

    I am obsessed with the Super Power center within Flag Building. The richest Scientologists spend a ton of money to learn all the “perceptics”. But what happens when they don’t work? Don’t they have “time travel” and others listed. The leaked renderings are crazy. I can’t imagine spending that money on time travel and then….it doesn’t work. Do they think it works somehow? Can you do an episode based on this place?

  • Adria says:

    Every time I listen to or watch one of your programs, I want to thank you for all of your hard work and give both of you a great big hug!!! Thank you!!! Hugs!!! I’m a never-in, but I care deeply about anyone under or recovering from coercive control.

  • Jennifer R. says:

    I was wondering where is the best place to submit a listener question so that Mike and Leah will receive it. Can I submit it here? Thanks so much!

  • RT says:

    Podcast listener question – What happens to Scientology when David M. dies? Who takes over? Does Scientology die?

  • Carl Lamonio says:

    Podcast listener question’s : Once a member , leaves the cult, what would happened if someone they where closed starts to miss them ? Do they tell someone higher up ? Second question : Do Scientologists like anal ? ( This is a joke )
    Love , Carl Joshua from long Beach California

  • Carl Lamonio says:

    Question for Leah or Mike if he wants to answer : Spill the tea on Kristie Alley ! She always thinks she has a sense of humor or in on the joke about her so called religion. Is that true?

  • Minda says:

    My apologies if I’m missing a clearly marked place to submit questions. I do have some that have been bothering me for a while around the concept of how Scientologists are taught to, and do, define “crimes.”

    There is an obvious disconnect between crimes committed by Scientologists against the “church” or DM (real) and those committed against each other (assaults, abuse, etc are not real crimes).

    Does Scientology think the acts defined as crimes in the world outside its own bubble are crimes? If they were raped/robbed/hit by a non-Scientologist would they believe a crime had been committed? What do they believe about law and the legal system? Are the only true crimes ones committed against the “church” or DM?

    Thank you for all you do.

  • Donna Munnoch says:

    I listen every week without fail. Think you two and the guests you have on are brilliant. I’ve been a fan since the tv show and absolutely love what you are doing to help out anyone who needs it.

  • Anna Evatt says:

    Just finished Helter Skelter and learned about how Manson and his Family members borrowed themes from Scientology. Manson went clear! I am fascinated by this and the role the teachings played in one of the most violent crimes.

  • Melissa Dalton says:

    Love the show and I love the listener question episodes! Not sure where I can email to ask my own question so I’m going to try here…. What would a fully indoctrinated Scientologist do if there was worldwide proof and communication with Aliens? Would if strengthen their faith? Would they think it was Hubbard coming back? Would they pretend it wasn’t real? Just curious and wanted to know what colorful response Leah would have. Love you guys!

  • Susan Graves says:

    Not a Scientologist and never have been but am fascinated by the psychology of cults and honestly quite surprised I never found myself in one. I absolutely love the work you both do and know that even though you don’t publicize it you do help many people. Thank you for educating those of us who have never been and those who have.

  • Jennifer R. says:

    Mike and Leah,
    I live in Belleair Bluffs, Florida, a few miles outside of downtown Clearwater. I live right across the street from one of the Scientology facilities outside of Clearwater (near West Bay Dr. and Clearwater/Largo Rd next to the Largo Medical Center). I drive by the facility multiple times a day. For the last couple of months, I have noticed a specific vehicle that is adorned with gigantic flags (the Gadsden flag and others) similar to those seen at the Capital riot on January 6 and which adorn other vehicles associated with QAnon and right-wing extremists. Without getting too political, can you expand upon the relationship between these individuals and Scientology? In other words, what is the connection or the thread which attracts followers of QAnon and other right-wing extremist groups to Scientology?

    Thanks for what you are doing! It’s important to me that my kids understand this so they will never have a reason to explore Scientology. Especially since we do run across Scientologists occasionally in our lives and work.

    Jennifer R.

  • Erika says:

    Hi Mike and Leah,

    Great show! Here’s my question: are the PIs hired by Scientology Scientologists?


  • Jacqui says:

    LOVE the podcast, appreciate what you do. Question: Sea Org doesn’t educate their members. How do they recruit and/or train people to do roles that require specialized skills? (Comma, accounting, etc.)?

  • Kel S says:

    My question is how do practicing scientologists handle dating people who are not scientologists? When the relationship gets more serious, are they expected to convert their partner to scientology, and if the partner doesn’t want to become a scientologist, do they have to leave them? Are there serious scientologists out there who are married to non-scientologists?

  • Amy Kujawa says:

    Listener question from the podcast about Sci in Indiana and Midwest. I was very surprised it was a no. I live in MN and there is a huge building in downtown St. Paul (as you’ve always stated in the past, it’s always empty) so I assumed there was a least one in most states, but this isn’t true? Is there actually a Sci here in MN?

    • Mindy says:

      Right? I remember a big office in downtown Cincinnati. The years I walked past it, it was always empty. I wonder if it’s just a tax shelter of a way to spend their $$.

  • Mal says:

    Hey Mike and Leah, I work for a delivery company that occasionally delivers items to a local Scientology church. I have a few questions about my experience there.

    #1 What is the smell inside the church? Is there some sort of incense that is mandated to be pumped into the vents?

    #2 Everytime I leave I always say have a good day. I never get the standard “Thanks. You too.” response. The front desk workers either respond in a very hauty voice “Oh I will” or no response at all. I don’t know which is ruder. What’s up with that?

  • Elliott W James says:

    We do have Scientology in Twin Cities in Minnesota. Now granted this is a very open, liberal area.

    I used to work near their office Minneapolis. Subsequently, they purchased the former Minnesota Science Museum (oh Irony thy sting is bitter) in St Paul, when the institution relocated to larger premises.

    The offices always seemed to be empty if you looked in through the window.

    Never say a huge presence, they’d be out on the street at various times. They only bothered me once. All I said to him was “You’d better tell your Auditor you’ve been talking to an SP.” They never tried talking to me again.

  • Elliott W James says:

    Two questions for the next Q&A podcast:

    1. I know that Scientology is not regarded as a church in Germany, but as an corrupt business. Growing up in the UK, I remember that senior members of the “Church” where banned from entering the country.

    What is the presence of Scientology around the world? How do other countries handle the organisation?

    2. What does the organisation do with all the money it makes? Simply increasing your bank balance (from another episode) make zero business sense.

  • Cheryl Rand says:

    Just a short note to:
    1) thank you for this podcast and for all of the important work you continue to do
    2) say don’t kid yourself about the Midwest…Scientology may not have a stronghold in Ohio and Indiana but those states are rife with nutty/dangerous religions/cults that meet in barns or public schools. These groups are big into conversation therapies, anti abortion tactics, etc etc. They don’t survive on big money. They survive on fear (and lack of science being taught in public schools). Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christian Scientists get all the press in the Midwest but there are tons of smaller groups organized by guys who got pissed off when
    their girlfriends dumped them for women.

  • Adelaide says:

    Hi Leah and Mike,

    I hope you, your families and all podcast guests are doing well!

    I just had a question regarding Tommy Davis, where is he now? Would he be in the hole?

    Thank you!

  • Susanne says:

    Can you explain what the Scientology base near Trementina, New Mexico is for? The aerial imagery shows symbols on the ground near an airport – weird stuff…

  • Amanda K says:

    I have a question for the next question episode: I understand that Scientology isn’t a real church, but is there any kind of “service” or is it literally just reading books and auditing? Like, I’m Catholic, so I attend Mass. Is there a Mass or church service equivalent for Scientology on a weekly basis?

  • Kara says:

    Podcast Listener Question –

    Will you ever do an episode highlighting sexual abuse and the aftermath within the Catholic Church? It feels like an elephant in the room to not acknowledge past and ongoing wrongdoings within Catholicism.

  • Jenifer Carpenter says:

    Hi Mike, I watched the episode of A&E’s “Aftermath” on “Nation of Islam and Scientology”. Gross stuff man. I’m asking if you’d consider doing a podcast series and revisit this subject. I think it needs a little more exposure. Thank you

  • Eyanda-u says:

    Honestly, why is Leah so much shocked about the fact that L. Ron Hubbard is not from this planet? I was thinking she is responding something like “Oh, that explain eeeevery thing” and laughs, but she looks, like she is realizing something. In spirituality is it called starseed people and it’s a good thing. You are here to help increase the good on planet earth. I think she is a starseed. And yes, some starseeds messed it up, but you can try it again and can doing better. We all learn from it.

    I found this podcast episode on 2 Youtube channels and in the comments of “Michael Rinder’s Channel” somebody wrote, that the channel is made by Scientology. Is that right? The same episode (no. 59) is also in the channel of “Leah Remini”. I think, also not a channel from the real Leah?!?
    Do you both have a Youtube channel?

    Here are the 2 links of the channels:

  • Libby says:

    I live in Ohio and was shocked when i was walking through the Dayton Mall and a scientologist approached me to buy dianetics. They had a table setup at a local small business fair at the mall. I asked my friend who ran the fair and she said they presented themselves as authors selling books. I googled it and I guess there is an org in Columbus. Midwest is full of loons lol.

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