Episode 35: Former Scientology Executive and Critical Thinker Chris Shelton Part 1

April 6 Episode 35: Former Scientology Executive and Critical Thinker Chris Shelton Part 1

This week, Leah and Mike are joined by their old friend Chris Shelton — a well-informed former scientology executive who has provided some of the most cogent analyses of scientology in his podcasts, appearances and writings. A lot of what is covered in this week’s episode concerns the fake “religious” aspects of scientology.

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Critical Thinker At Large

Chris Shelton’s YouTube channel

Scientology: A to Xenu

Chris’ excellent book

The Scientology Background and Ceremonies book

The book describing scientology “Sunday Services” and the “sermons”

Scientology "Sunday Service"

This is the PR description of the “Sunday Service” taken from the scientology website

The Prayer for Total Freedom

The only “prayer” in scientology — carefully worded so as not to offend scientologists

Can Scientologists Be Christians or Jews Too

A blog posting about the lies scientology tells in an effort to appear “normal”

Braving the Wilderness
The Demon Haunted World
Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion


  • Jane Z Sullivan says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your podcast. Really wanted to hear Chris Shelton and more from your other guests. Leah, I adore you, you are courageous and caring, but can you dial it back a smidge???????

  • Jennifer Lloyd says:

    I am sure you are making a difference. I just noticed that the Church of Scientology in Calgary, Alberta Canada has been re-named as “Hubbard Life Improvement Ministry of Calgary”. Still Scientology, not sure who they think they are fooling.

  • Christina Rojanautai says:

    This comment isn’t only for Leah and Mike but everyone who has come out and spoken their truth but others who are struggling to get out/ go through their difficult struggles. I’ve followed your shows and your podcast and all I can say is I love you. As a person, I struggle sharing my affection to others but watching and listen to many stories, I wanted to reach out to the TV screen or the podcast and give you a hug and tell you that your important that you matter. Leah and Mike, To you guys, April 6 episode, I don’t remember what was said that made me want to comment here but I just wanted to let you know that you’ve gone above and beyond. I know there’s a lot of things that you still need to do but you guys are amazing, beautiful souls to continue doing what your doing. You’ll always have my love, support and faith in you and the people who continue on speaking out and speaking your truth.
    -With much love

  • Cindy from Down Under says:

    Mike and Leah, I just love this show, the two of you, and all of your guests! I have listened to every episode. Leah, I love your in-your-face, sassy attitude. And Mike, being a true-blue Aussie myself, I can say that it took me some time to become used to your unique accent (which does not sound Australian in the slightest), but now I look forward to hearing you talk every week.
    Listening to this episode moved me to comment for the first time. I am a devoted Catholic, although I do not blindly follow all of my religion’s doctrines. Lately I have been attacked, persecuted, and disowned by various members of my family for my faith, the same faith tradition they themselves grew up in and have now turned their backs on, which is totally within their rights. Your plea for tolerance, compassion, and a willingness to accept others despite all our differences was such a refreshing change to what I have been subjected to recently.
    I think this is the most important message to impart on a world in which the increasing sentiment seems to be, “if somebody is not for us, then they are against us.” The saddest part is, that some of those who have fought so hard over the years to gain acceptance and equality for themselves are now the ones who are persecuting and shunning those who have differing or opposing opinions.
    So thank you both, and Chris of course, for putting the message out there. You have given me hope that there are still good people out there striving for a world in which everybody is valued and accepted. ❤️

  • Alexis T says:

    Great episode. Here’s the bottom line….if it’s not taught in our World Religions courses in high school and college then it is not a religion!

  • Nancy Loggains says:

    Everything Chris Shelton does is so awesome. I’ve been following him for years! He’s such a great orator and he cares about his fans, I’ve never had him not answer a question or made me feel “less than” for asking the stupid question. Keep up the good work. Lea-Lea and Mike you’re always an inspiration!

  • Mike says:

    Love this podcast. I can not thank Chris Shelton enought for the Carl Sagan book recomendation. Just 42 pages in and I love this book. A must read.

  • Kathy Fine says:

    Love you, Leah and Mike, and what you are doing. I wanted to hear what Chris had to say, but had to stop listening because he wasn’t getting airtime. Maybe less from interviewers and more from interviewee?

  • Megan S. says:

    I’m so happy to hear about former scientologists getting an education! I’m an assistant professor at a community college – I teach many older students. In many cases students who are not straight out of high school do better because they are more motivated. Good luck to both Leah and Chris in your education.

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