Episode 29: Journalist Tony Ortega

February 23 Episode 29: Journalist Tony Ortega

Leah and Mike talk with Tony, who over his decades of reporting on scientology has become the most expert reporter in the world on the subject. He has a daily blog about scientology, wrote an excellent book about Paulette Cooper, the poster child for scientology Fair Game. Tony and his family have been subjected to Fair Game campaigns by scientology since the 90’s.

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The Unbreakable Miss Lovely

If you have not yet read this book, do so. It is the remarkable account of the most outrageous Fair Game campaign against a Holocaust survivor and journalist.

Leah Remini Leaving Scientology 2013

Tony’s story breaking the news of Leah leaving scientology

The chapter from Troublemaker not in the book

Tony published a chapter that did not appear in Leah’s book about Tom Cruise

More on scientology "Religious Arbitration"

The latest in a series of articles about scientology “religious arbitration” — it contains links to the earlier articles.

Intelligence Principle

The writing by Hubbard that describes framing enemies to cost them their jobs…

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  • Natasha versluys says:

    This episode is unavailable for download in the iTunes Store.

  • Krista says:

    The podcast won’t play on iheart or the website

  • Lisa says:

    Love the podcasts! I am curious, the pod cast tonight talked about ‘faith.’ Also how Scientology does not believe in doctors, or psychiatrists etc, would John Travolta’s wife who passed away from cancer, receive any treatment?
    Also, another question off topic, what will happen to Scientology when David Miscavage dies or is no longer in charge?

  • Emma says:

    Just wanted to say I’m listening from New Zealand and I’m loving your podcast. I’ve learned so much about this crazy cult and I’m so glad you’re getting the word out. I didn’t know much to start with but it’s very interesting (and a disgrace!) they recently bought and did a up a huge building in Auckland. HUGE!!
    I’m telling everyone about your podcast. I think you two will be the downfall of Scientology. No one new will want to join from now on. Well at least I hope not. Great show thanks for your work!

  • Maryann says:

    I have read Leah’s book the moment it was released. Also religiously watched Aftermath and haven’t missed a podcast. I live in Sarasota so my husband and I drove to Clearwater to see The beautiful beach and the spooky downtown and Flag. Just read the missing chapter from the book….wow. Always thought things were not quite right in the Tom Cruise world. I hope as Tony Ortega said today that our new admin can look into IRS and abuse. This has to stop. You two are such badasses…. I admire you so much.

  • Katelyn A Thomas says:

    For me, Leah asking where is the help for the victims is huge! I am currently working on my master in social work with a mental health concentration and she is right. Where is the help for the victims, even having a group session to get together would be beneficial As a social worker, the fact that there is no victim advocacy andmakes me want to do something, I hope to be of help when I have the proper criteria

  • Ruth Ann says:

    Love the podcast but wish Leah would actually allow the guest to actually speak. I know she is very passionate but I do wish she wouldn’t make it about her and her story over letting the guest speak! I love Leah and totally like to hear her but still.

  • Sarah says:

    Love all the work you guys are doing! I’ve listen to every podcast I’ve watched every episode of the aftermath probably twice I just think what you guys are doing is amazing and helping so many people. My question is do you think David Miscavage actually believes in all the teachings of Scientology or is he just using this as a chance for power and money?

  • Amber says:

    very upset
    did you know there is a whole fucking podcast about Tom fucking Cruise
    it’s called Meeting Tom Cruise
    it sounds horrible
    like celebrity worship culture is so damaging
    and it’s all about him
    he’s a crap actor and a crap human being
    like I can’t believe that this exists
    and their whole end game is to meet him
    this is the kind of celebrity worship that leads to #freebritney
    I just can’t
    I’m letting you know because I knew you guys would understand
    my husband doesn’t think so
    but I do
    I fucking hate Tom motherfucking Cruise

  • Amber Veronese says:

    in regard to #freebritney: the celebrity worship thing is what lead her to the sad state she’s in now, not saying that celebrity worship is the #freebritney movement bc she does indeed need to be freed

  • Jonathan Kadmon says:

    How am I only just now hearing about this podcast? I used to wait with bated breath for new episodes of “The Aftermath” on A&E. It started me on a whole journey of reading everything I could find on the subject of cults and mind control. I’m binge listening from episode 0 now and it’s fantastic. You guys changed the way I think about a lot of things.

  • Jess Marie says:

    Loved this episode! I can’t wait to get off work and read the missing chapter of trouble maker!
    You are all amazingly strong! ❤️❤️

  • Ashley Wolfe says:

    Such a good episode! I was excited to hear about an unpublished secret chapter In Leah’s book! Can’t wait to read it on Tony’s blog.

  • Gretchen says:

    Thanks to both of you for all you do.
    Why can’t Scientologists who Fair Game SP’s be sued for libel? It never seems to be mentioned so I must be missing the obvious answer. 🙂
    Thank you

  • Becky Wyman says:

    But seriously, what kind of water!?!? We need a name Leah!!!

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