Episode 25: Whistleblower Valeska Guider Paris

January 26 Episode 25: Whistleblower Valeska Guider Paris

We talk to long term whistleblower Valeska Guider Paris about being raised in scientology, the abuses she suffered as a child in the Sea Org, being held prisoner on the scientology ship Freewinds, the RPF and much more

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Stonelands in England

The Sea Org property where Valeska lived as a child

Scientology High Crimes

Some of the “High Crimes” of scientology covering reporting to the police

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New Hope for Justice

The final chapter of Hubbard’s “Intro to Scientology Ethics” book laying out his views of police, FBI, Courts and justice in society

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The Betrayal Bond

A book recommended by Leah

Marion Pouw

One of Miscavige’s henchwomen sent after ex-Sea Org members, seen here in a smear video targeting Ron Miscavige


  • Jerilyn Sarkary says:

    How did Valeska finally escape?
    What prevents DSS or CPS from investigating child abuse? Is there a statute of limitations on child abuse?

  • Abigail D McCulloch says:

    I am just curious how/why is it legal to charge a freeloaders fee for someone that leaves the Sea Org but sue for back pay for labor?

    • Mike Rinder says:

      It’s not legally enforceable. It is only the threat of not being able to contact friends and family due to not being “in good standing” with scientology that gest people to pay.

      • Steven Britton says:

        Could the Sea Org attempt to claim it’s a breech of contract, and therefore launch civil action to “recover the amount due”?

        Note that I’m not suggesting that’s what they should do. In fact, I think Scientology as an entire organization needs to be dismantled and tossed into the dustbin of bad ideas, but, ultimately, what I think the Sea Org should or shouldn’t do is immaterial. I’m interested in what they -could- do, and have they -tried- it on anyone?

  • John says:

    Is the Freewinds still being operated today? if so, what is it’s purpose? Does the ship still spend long periods at sea? Does Miscavige spend time there?

  • Andrew Torrance says:

    Very interesting listening to Valeska. I’m from the UK so I was very familiar John Sweeney’s legendary meltdown and the documentaries such as Louis Theroux but it’s amazing to hear first hand accounts.

    What staggers me about Valeska’s stories is that outside of Scientology, in regular society, actions like she she was subjected to would see people go to jail for multiple crimes. I still can’t wrap my head around the lack of criminal cases.

    Or are they just very effective at making them go away? Any thoughts that the FBI are working on cases behind the scenes and will one day drop the hammer?

  • Rhonda says:

    This episode is so disturbing. The abuse is horrifying, my heart breaks for these poor children. It’s hard to comprehend that this cult still exists. Please keep exposing this despicable organization. Send love and prayers to all.

  • A. Scully says:

    Loved Valeska’s testimony. What tenacity she has!I found the human trafficking piece very interesting, since it’s true many do not realize they are being trafficked as property if they do not have personal documents.
    Thank you as always Mike and Leah for bringing these testimonies to the light.

  • C.A. says:

    I am also from the UK and this episode has really moved me, it sounds like Valeska and I are the same age and to imagine she was living this life in England is shocking and disturbing. Without wishing to detract from the gravity of your other guests’ testimonies, hearing an English accent has somehow it has made it more real. Do you think these practices involving the Cadet Force and their treatment of children are still taking place in England and the UK? If so, where? You are all doing a great job, and I wish you all well.

  • Lee Campbell says:

    Hearing Valeska’s story is absolutely heartbreaking. It is hard to imagine spending your entire childhood, and young adult life in circumstances such as those and still come out of it alive, and able to find a safe space to build a new life.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences even when you risk the wrath of Scientology for doing so – it is not nothing and all of you who speak out will help those in scientology eventually see the light. <3

  • Stef says:

    Got the book Beyond Betrayal. Looking forward to it.

  • Amy says:

    This was a great episode. Very compelling! I feel sosad for Valeska, that her childhood was stolen. I am very happy that she escaped.

  • Yvonne Stephens says:

    I have been wondering, it seems like LRH groomed and was tended to by attractive young women, and obviously Scientology looks the other way on child molestation. It’s never been said that LRH was a pedophile? Can we assume that LRH wasn’t abusive in that manner?

  • Kristen Kingsland says:

    I just listened to the listener questions and was wondering about the medical part. If they believe that the only reason you get sick is because of you doing the wrong thing, how do they explain the case of Kelly Preston dying of breast cancer? I mean, for someone that is attached to such a big supporter of scientology, John Travolta, after the tragic passing, does he now believe his wife to be a SP?

  • Amy says:

    Valeska mentioned being a victim of human trafficking and that is EXACTLY what this is! Are y’all aware if anyone has ever reached out to a Human Trafficking Organization (such as OUR) to look into this and potentially help the many victims?

  • Sybille says:

    I LOVE your podcast! I also watched the Aftermath. I have learned so much and had my eyes opened up to the horror of Scientology. It amazes me that it is still in existence today but there are so many cults out there.
    My biggest concern/question is why hasn’t been David Miscavige been arrested yet when Keith Reniere was arrested pretty quickly in the history of Nxvim? I feel that Scientology is so much worse than Nxvim. They are both horrific cults and I applaud anyone that finds the strength to leave.

  • Deb Donner says:

    Are celebrity children abused too? It appears to be an organization of sociopaths who inflict horrendous pain on vulnerable children. Do celebrities know that kids are being used in such horrific ways as Valeska was used? If so, they need to be exposed for their hypocrisy and they need to stop being supported by fools who idolize them.

  • Claire Mooney says:

    I love the podcast and I’m catching up and am soon gonna be disappointed that I’ll need to wait a whole week for the next episode.

    This episode really got me thinking that would the UK be the best place to try and bring Scientology to justice?
    In the UK we have gaslighting laws and also the statute of limitations in the UK increased to include historical abuses.
    Also, Scientology is not a religion in the UK.

    Just a few thoughts from me.

  • nancy daly says:

    I found Valeska to be an amazing person. To be brought up in Scientology and only being thought by them and still know that things they were doing were wrong.
    I hope she enjoys a happy life. I wish her the best.

  • Michelle Melone says:

    Do you think the mystery of Shelly will ever come out? Those that are missing? OR do you think it will always be a mystery?

    I pray that all of these people that are no where to be found. That have been put in hiding … come out soon. My heart breaks for everyone in this situation and/or trying to build a real life after Scientology.

  • Monika Smith says:

    I’ve been listening to. All the Podcasts and found this one with Valeska so disturbing. I cannot imagine the abuse she was put thru including all the other children. There must be someway to investigate what happens to the kids, and put them in jail. My heart breaks for her.

  • Christina Gould says:

    I love Leah, but she was beyond annoying on this podcast. She was being rude to the guest, rushing her along with her story, interrupting her for long periods, interrupting her to skip “to the bottom line”. Get some manners, Leah. You’re as bad as Larry King with the interruptions. Don’t you realize how much interrupting the guest annoys listeners? That’s why nobody could stand watching Larry King! Let the guests speak their truth! If it runs over, it runs over or divide it into parts 1 and 2.

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