Episode 74: Julian Wain on WISE

January 25 Episode 74: Julian Wain on WISE

Leah and Mike with their old friend and Leah family member Julian Wain discuss his experiences with WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises) companies and how they implement high pressure sales techniques into dental and chiropractic offices, and act as recruitment agencies for scientology.

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An earlier blog post about WISE

Wikipedia entry on WISE
Hard Sell"

The official scientology dictionary definition — the sanitized version. In scientology fundraising circles it means “do whatever necessary to get the money”:

More on Hard Well

Excellent Tampa Bay Times piece about scientology Hard Sell techniques, featuring former Flag reg Hy Levy

STerling Management Systems
Greg Hughes

Founder of Sterling, he went on to become WDC WISE and then was in The Hole and now out of the Sea Org

Time Magazine cover story
The Command Chart of scientology

The organizational structure of scientology — taken from the official scientology “Command Channels Booklet”:

The WDC Sectors

The various “sectors” overseen by the Watchdog Committee (WDC) in CMO International, which includes WISE:



  • Joan Hanson says:

    On a recent documentary regarding Scientology they showed the billion year contract, and the Contract Stated in the header and in another area: “employment contract”. It is my understanding thatEmployment under the federal law (and each state law) has very specific requirements such as minimum wage compensation, Occupational safety and health requirements, Age requirements and preventions of discrimination and so on. How can the Sea Org Individual who signed this contract get treated the way they are such is not getting appropriate pay time off and so on?

  • Meg says:

    Mike and Leah, do you have any intel about Beck? Love his music, always been curious to know what kind of Scientologist he is and how much he is into it.

  • Lisa Koch says:

    1) Scientology recruits celebrities, but it seems like many celebrities (including Leah) were raised in Scientology and became famous along the way. Does Scientology encourage parishioners to go into acting or performing in order to gain more publicity? Did they support Leah’s career because of this?
    2) David Miscavige is very wealthy because of the church. Is there anyone else at the top of Scientology who also benefits this way, or does he take everything for himself?
    3) Most cults end up with the leader sexually abusing many members. It doesn’t seem like Hubbard or Miscavige have done this? Is it really just about power and money?

  • Paula says:

    What about the WISE app for money transfers? The first time I heard about it I thought that it was connected but then the more I looked I couldn’t find a connection, and thought if they weren’t connected it was very unfortunate that they chose that name.

    When I first heard you guys talk about chiropractors using this method of getting people on a pre-payment program, it’s suddenly dawned on me that the first chiropractor I went to in this town must have been using that. I didn’t get on his prepayment scheme, And when I finally figured out that I didn’t like being railroaded into constantly coming in I sneak out of there without making a next appointment & said I would call. I didn’t. They called me for months though to try and get me back but I would never answer, thank you God for caller ID!

  • Janet says:

    I’m sure you are already aware but scientology has a podcast called Let’s talk Scientology subtitled Fair Game so that when you search for Scientology Fair Game it brings up their episodes. I keep reporting them but don’t know what else to do.

  • Mike says:

    OK I understand the real estate investments as a way to hide their money or launder it. What I don’t get is if the Scientology leadership doesn’t believe in the alien stuff or even in the writings of Hubbard, why would they spend so much money preserving his writings on those special expensive discs for future alien generations? Yeah it’s busywork, but seems a huge waste of money

  • J. says:

    I’m listening to this podcast and Leah’s talking about how WISE dental practices operate and alarm bells are going off in my head because it sounds exactly like my experience with my dentist, Maryam Seifi. So I do a little googling and sure enough, there she is: https://www.truthaboutscientology.com/stats/prosp/prosperity059.html

    I really should have known when her practice was on Hubbard Drive, but I was so naive $10,000 worth of dental work ago.

  • Dalton Laras says:

    I have a question. Since a few months now the Scientology website, as well as Scientology TV, Freedom Mag etc seem to offer absolutely no new content. “A look back and ahead 20/21” is still the latest article on scientology.org.
    Not that I mind, but it seems Scientology is turning inward and not publishing anything anymore to the outside world.
    Is this an indication the end is near for them, you think?
    Regards, Dalton

  • Sarah S says:

    I have watched every episode of After Math as well as listened to each episode of your podcast. I hear your growing frustration for what you perceive as lack of movement by law enforcement or the government but I want you to know you ARE making a difference. You have likely prevented – directly through your exposing of the truth – many people from
    Falling victim to this “church”. As a result of what I’ve learned I’ve spoken to many people
    About it myself because I would never want anyone I know or care about to become a victim. It’s a grass roots movement. Keep
    doing what you’re doing and never doubt the power it has had.

  • Julie says:

    You often mention that all Scientology members are working constantly night and day. What actually are they doing except running around with clipboards and smoking as witnessed around Clearwater? Also, those not living in the confines, what are their work requirements?

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