Episode 78: Dylan Gill and Church of Spiritual Technology

February 22 Episode 78: Dylan Gill and Church of Spiritual Technology

We talk to Dylan Gill, former executive of Church of Spiritual Technology (CST) about the organization established to preserve Hubbard’s words in the event of a nuclear holocaust for all future civilizations, what the symbols etched into the ground mean, the various homes built for Hubbard after his death that are maintained to this day, and much more.

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The Church of Spiritual Technology (CST)

The Wiki entry describing CST

The Archiv e Project

A scientology promotional video describing their over-the-top activities to preserve the “technology” of L. Ron Hubbard

CST Headquarters

Drone footage of the CST headquarters at Twin Peaks in San Bernardino County CA

Whispering Winds ranch

Drone footage of Hubbard’s last home, near Creston CA

CST Tuolomne property

Drone footage of the vault in central California

CST Tremontina NM property

Drone footage of the CST vault and Hubbard mansion near Tremontina NM

CST Petrolia CA property

The CST vault and property near Petrolia N California

Bonnie View

The $10 million mansion built for Hubbard at the Gold Base, Gilman Hot Springs CA


  • Cynthia Lewis says:

    I love your content SO much! It is so interesting to hear the different stories and experiences. I think it’s great what you are doing to expose the cult and provide support to the survivors.

    My favorite episodes are the “Listener Questions” because people ask some really good questions! Mine is not haha but here it goes: Would you consider video taping your interviews and uploading them on youtube? A lot of podcasts do this, and it really ads another level of understanding when I can see people sharing their stories and your interactions with each other. (Plus who can get tired of looking at Leah?)

    Much love 💕 Stay safe 😷

  • Siobhan says:

    Mike and Leah, thank you so much for all your work and words! Dylan seems to be raw still and needs you guys. He doesn’t seem realize his worth and I know his kids love him as is, but want him to heal. Help him do the work, show him what that means. I may be wrong but you can share your wisdom, as you do on the podcast.

  • Ariel the Human says:

    Has anyone tried to walk into Scientology claiming to be the reincarnation of Hubbard? Like, what is to stop me from walking in there and saying that I just rememebered all of my past lives’ memories and I am the real Hubbard? Especially with all of this information about him, I feel like it could be relatively easy for someone to try to pretend.

  • Rach says:

    I’m so impressed that Dylan was able to get out and despite his initial struggles of homelessness is now in a better place. This is exactly why the Aftermath Foundation is needed.

    I want to throw a question in for the next Q&A episode:
    Can you give us an update on Scientology in Australia – where the bases are located, how many Scientologists are currently at RPF, why the AFP didn’t press charges on the Jose Navarro human trafficking case and more information on the stabbing at a Scientology centre in Sydney?

  • Christian McLaughlin says:

    Hi Leah & Mike — Thanks so much for your epic, tireless, unprecedented fight to expose lies & evil, on your riveting shockuseries and via this podcast. Like many of my friends/colleagues here in L.A., my perspective on this cult & its victims has been changed by you both… and by the personal stories you fearlessly highlight. I do hope Leah will keep acting — she deserves to play many more excellent roles. I’ve been a working WGA TV writer/producer & an author/playwright) for over 25 yrs & one of my current projects has a lead perfect for Leah. I’m on Twitter @westgateposters & westgategallery on IG — DM me for deets please! Suppressively yours, Chris

  • Tina Palmer says:

    So glad you guys have been brave enough to bring to light what this cult is doing. I commend you and those who stand by you in presenting this to the forefront.

  • Amanda says:

    LISTENER QUESTION 🙂 You started to go on about the chain of command with all the orgs.

    Since LRH tried to set this up like the military there should be a chain of command. Will you please explain the Chain of command, if CST is at the top why is RTC running things, where does OSA, Flag, the ships and CMO , etc sit in regards to CST …. this might also need a diagram posted 🙂 thank you.

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