Episode 2: The Welfare Check

August 4 Episode 2: The Welfare Check

When a family member who was never a scientologist attempted to conduct a welfare check on her uncle, the former scientology President, Heber Jentzsch —
who reports say is sick, being tortured and has not been seen in public for over 10 years — she immediately became the target of Fair Game. She tells the story to Leah and Mike.

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Heber Jentsch's Niece Welfare Check on Her Uncle
Letter from Heber to Tammy Clark
Riverside County Sheriff Report
Report cont'd
Report cont'd
Report cont'd
Report cont'd
Lawyer Azrael Letter
RCSO Response
Hubbard Policy on Private Investigators
PI Rebecca Dobkin


  • Minerva says:

    Great Podcast. Thank you for sharing. I’d love to hear an episode about the days and weeks immediately after someone leaves. What do they go through? (Both people who have family / friends on the outside and those who do not). Where do they go the next day? What do they do? How do they get an drivers license if they don’t have id or a history in the system? What surprises them the most? What are the biggest differences in how they are leading their day to day lives? What do they struggle with (in outside life – not emotionally)? Do they have money? Do they go to the authorities? How long does it take to assimilate comfortably into the outside world? Thanks.!!

  • Jerry Hack says:

    My question is: why are there no consequences for the private investigator Rebecca Dobson? Is she allowed to cross state lines to harass people? To threaten them with lawsuits? If everybody shared her picture on social media and stated what she has done and who she works for, would that make a difference?

  • Harold Walters says:

    I’m willing to take the hit.

  • BigBadDad420 says:

    ay look a comment section

  • Dorothy says:

    Thank you for everything you do Leah and Mike! You are truly heroes and I send you good vibes every day that you will continue to have the strength to continue.

  • Robert Peterson says:

    Leah and Mike.
    Love the new podcast. I wish i could offer more help. I’m just an inspector who lives in new jersey. I would urge you two to contact Bob Ruff from the truth and justice podcast. His podcast is about the wrongfully convicted. He started as an armature just talking about how the justice system is broken, and was able to build an army of listeners (lawyers, judges, law reinforcement and regular people like myself) and was able to turn it into something where has has been able to get some wrongfully convicted individuals set free. It is to to point now, because of his following of armatures, and professionals that he often works with the innocence project. It is clear that you two are on a mission to end Scientology with your podcast. It is my belief that Mr Ruff can give you some advice that can help you build a following of individuals who can help your cause with their individual skills. Podcasts are a huge platform in today’s world and i commend you for yours. i believe Mr. Ruff can help you in your effort to build your platform. I believe your Podcast is not just about being a podcast and doing good numbers, i believe you want to use it as a platform to spread the truth about Scientology and make a difference. I believe Mr. Ruff can help. I apologize if i have overstepped my bounds. I love the podcast and while i was never a Scientologist myself, i fully support your effort. I will continue to listen every week. I hope i was able to help.


  • Brandy G. says:

    While listening to this episode I wondered what is the policy on dealing with elderly sea org members. You talked about how retirement is not an option. What then is happening to these elderly people?

  • Barb Kropp says:

    What can we as concerned outsiders to this frightening group do to help? No one ever joins a cult,. They join a nice church, enroll in classes that seem helpful, volunteer for a service organization, attend a spiritually oriented course, etc. Then once an individual develops friendships and a community, all goes off the rails, and separation seems untenable! During an upcoming podcast, please let listeners know what we can do to help others get out

  • James Walberg says:

    Saints = both of you. Great chemistry. You are both well-loved and the real deal. The sane world thanks you.

  • Ceanarayne (See-in-a-rain) says:

    I have a question in regards to David Miscaviage (or however you spell its name). Does he genuinely believe in Scientology or does he act like he does and just enjoys living this lavish lifestyle? There is no doubt he is a narcissist, but another question I have is if he is actually a sociopath as well. Now in regards to welfare checking, with Shelly Miscaviage, do you think she is still alive and locked up in the hole or hidden away or possibly dead?

    • Mike Rinder says:

      He enjoys the POWER and from my reading of Martha Stoutt’s excellent book “The Sociopath Next Door” he fits the description to a “T.” Whether he “believes” scientology or not is something I don’t know. I am sure he believes he has the right to his empire and that probably equates to believing in it. I think Shelly is alive and at the compound near Lake Arrowhead that I visited in the Aftermath series.

  • Sean McBride says:

    I found this podcast this morning while working. i have listened to all present episodes. I was just wondering will the how ever get into the connection between L.Ron Hubbard, Jack Parsons, Aleister Crowley and magick or thelema cult. I find it very interesting that he started with the occult and tried to practice sometype of magic and seemed to bring these ideas into scientology.
    Oh and Mrs. Leah Remini they can post whatever picture of you they want. you have always been a very beautiful woman in my opinion . keep up the good work. i enjoy the show

  • Stacey says:

    Great podcast! Thank you both for your hard work to expose Scientology. I live in the Tampa Bay Area and would like to avoid doing business with Scientology owned companies or Scientology parishioner owned companies. I do not want to fund their terrible practices and do not know how to avoid this. Could you provide any insight into this? Thank you again for all that you both do!

  • Annette says:

    What happens when someone dies on the Gold Compound? Do they have a cemetery there? Do they give the body back to the family? Heber is elderly and doesn’t have much time left and that got me to wondering. Is Shelly Miscavige buried there? She can’t be still alive there, can she? Do people live DECADES there?

  • Jan says:

    Thanks Leah and Mike for starting this podcast and reaching a worldwide audience. I had a hard time catching ‘The Aftermath’, only a few episodes aired here. (that I could find) This is a horrible story but why should we be surprised when Scientology is involved.

  • celeste lewis says:

    great sho. wish it was every day.

    I wonder when the when they fo the welfare check how do we know they are actually seeing the actual person? we are relying on the sheriffs deputy report.

  • Heather Hall says:

    I SO respect what you guys are doing, even though in doing so you continue to be victims of fair gaming. I had a question about Kelly Preston (very tragic, may she rest in peace). If Scientologists do not believe in the medical community, how did she know she had breast cancer? She would have needed to see a doctor and have the appropriate testing done in order to have that diagnosis. Just curious. Thank you for all you do!

  • Maria C Aidonis says:

    This episode reminds me to ask: are scientology “volunteers” aka employees subject to income tax themselves? And furthering this topic, at “retirement” age, do scientologists collect social security? Heber is “retired” so therefore does he receive Medicare and social security benefits? Just curious as to how this all works within the scientology ecosystem and if there may be any loopholes worth exploiting. Any chink in the church’s armor so to speak that would invite further IRS inquiry on the personal level.

  • Lead SP's SP says:

    The Mike and Leah bots are out in minor force. Their stroking and butt licking is enough to make you gag.
    The podcast is a BUST, the ratings and listenership are plummeting (REAL WORLD STATS from an online service chartable.com). The REAL reviews from real people, not the toadies, state it is a rambling nonsensical rant and that Leah sounds drugged or drunk. Sorry Mike another one of your failed experiments.

    • Mike Rinder says:

      This is the best you could come up with? Everyone who doesn’t think scientology’s abuses should be allowed to continue is a “bot” and a “butt licker”? There are a hell of a lot more of them than there are of you. Does that ever make you wonder if perhaps some of your conclusions/assumptions may not be right? Or you are sure all those people are “DB’s” and not worth anything?

      BTW: We get our stats from iHeart on the number of downloads. Increasing each week — and more than 5 times what they anticipated for a new podcast. Also in the top 10 of iTunes podcasts — but I don’t know how they do their calculations.

      You realize that by commenting like this here you prove the truth of what is said on the podcast…

    • Kurt B. says:

      I’m here to tell you I’m a real-world avid listener of Leah’s and Mike’s podcast and I’m recommending it to all of my friends and family. These are two brave and valiant people who are fighting the good fight to expose the shockingly abusive behavior and methodical harassment from Scientology’s
      angry mob/members (such as yourself. “…butt licking is enough to make you gag”? Are you twelve?!). The amount of hatred and vitriol in your message here seems to be standard routine for you delusional Bitter Betty’s. What a great way to recruit new victims to your alleged Ponzi scheme. Your life and daily hours would be much better served spreading love in this world, not this kind of childish hatred! (Think about it?)

  • Jessica McInnis says:

    I’m sure y’all have done this, but instead of contacting the riverside sheriffs office has anyone called adult protective services and reported suspected abuse? Since mike has witnessed this abuse and Hebert was there that would be a cause to investigate. Just a suggestion.

  • Kelly Chacchia says:

    Mike and Leah: I am fascinated and horrified at everything I have read, watched and listened to re: Scientology. I have read multiple books (10+) not just one person’s experience but multiple peoples. How do the authorities discount MULTIPLE accounts of abhorrent behavior and abuse? Brainwashing is real. As I just left my child at college amid a pandemic and not being able to see her ’til Thanksgiving, I am reminded of all the disconnected families out there not only with Scientology but with multiple other cults out there. Tammy broke my heart, but she is but the latest in a long string of lost family members. I am curious…what if Suri tried to get in touch with Tom, if he were a mere Scientologist and not a Celebrity Scientologist and Scientology Fair Gamed her and her family? Would things change then or is he too far gone? The real world is happening all around them and during this unprecedented time, we have all had a taste of not connecting with family, friends, friends that are family and I CANNOT imagine years upon years of not seeing loved ones or even knowing if they are mentally or physically well.
    Curious also why Internal Affairs cannot get involved. American GREED. So sad that people can be paid off to NOT do the right thing. So anyone taking a payout is a coward!!! I am actually sick to my stomach that our government can be bought. That something so blatantly obvious is a business, gets tax exemption? Get’s 3 PPP loans but still claim tax exemption? IRS-WAKE UP!!! Congress WAKE UP!!! If the FBI can raid the mafia or other suspected criminal organizations like NXIM why not Scientology? One should actually make a bulleted list of all the illegal activities happening on a daily basis by this supposed church. Ugh-Sorry this is all over the place but I am heartsick and physically sick over this. Scientology is committing tax fraud…Please IRS take advantage of their major slip up by applying for that loan this year. Scientology having to pay taxes even this year would be a coup in and of itself! To all on the cusp of leaving and wondering if it is the right thing to do or not, no hesitation-there is a HUGE support network on the outside and help to retake your life, here and NOW.

  • Sarah says:

    WHERE IS SHELLY?!!!!!!! I can not believe this is still going on.

  • Debbie Sayre says:

    Thank you Leah and Mike! I enjoyed your show and I am enjoying these podcasts also. You can be a estranged from a family member for many years but that does not mean you don’t care for them and love them.

    Leah you don’t mince words and I love it! It’s hard to believe there is a so-called “church“ that still treats people like this in the year 2020.

    Keep up the great work

  • Rachel Hanes says:

    Hi there! I apologize because i haven’t the time to read previous comments and don’t know if this is a repeat. When i was denied access to my mother by other family members after she suffered from memory loss, i was able to get a social worker to do a welfare check on her. Is this something to explore using (social workers) in the scientology situation?

  • Soda Coaster says:

    Leah!!!! LOL your response to the body shaming. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • K.C says:

    Just listening to the podcast with my husband and how the F did they know that was Heber Jentzsch? Do Scientologist have ID?

  • Nikki Graybeal says:

    My blood is BOILING. Anyone who claims to be a defendant of human rights and ethics and faith and creates an environment that feeds hate tactics is fucking revolting. I cannot fathom how groups like this are able to destroy with impunity.

  • Hannah Vargas says:

    I am wondering why Leah and Mike had hope that Heber’s niece was really going to be able to speak to her uncle and possibly get him to leave the Gold Base? After everything they have told us, why would they have any hope??

  • Kalyn Womble says:

    I am getting a late start at listening to this podcast but so far this is as good or better than your show the aftermath. I was horrified when I read a book many years back on scientology, escaping it or something yes it has been that long but what you 2 are doing here takes courage and I applaud that. I had a grandchild that ended up in CHLA and knowing what I had read about this group it was shocking to me to see it so boldly on sunset blvd. as I walked by their bldgs. You 2 keep up the fight and hope that someday others see this as what it is a cult that has made it into mainstream that others now just ignore because it has not touched their lives yet.

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