Episode 22: Geoff Levin, Musician

January 5 Episode 22: Geoff Levin, Musician
Leah and Mike talk to musician Geoff Levin about his decades in scientology, his role in the formation of Celebrity Centre, and how scientology tore apart his successful band, damaged his mental health and wrecked his family.
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Geoff's Band People! on American Bandstand

Geoff’s band had a hit record before scientology disconnection policy destroyed it

The early years of Celebrity Centre

Geoff was an integral part of the formation of Celebrity Centre

The Auditor magazine

People! were a big “get” for scientology

Tony Ortega on Geoff's story

This includes a link to an interview with Chris Shelton

Brothers Broken Film

Geoff is making a movie about his life

YouTube Channel

Geoff’s music on YouTube


  • Jess says:

    Absolutely love! ❤️💙

  • Timothy Rasicci says:

    Thank you so much for the fascinating interview with Geoff Levin. What an amazing story. I can’t wait to hear his music and hopefully see a documentary. As always Leah and Mike, you show the power of truth, love and kindness over lies, hate and cruelty!

    • Megan says:

      I’m so glad Geoff was able to see that it was Scientology that was causing his depression. What a BOSS leaking those documents! That story was wild. Good luck with the new music.

  • Laura says:

    What a great episode. Geoff lost so much of his life to that cult. I’m so glad he is out and joining the rest of you in the fight against this crazy cult.

  • ND says:

    Just listened to this episode. Again another absorbing story filled with sadness and yet in the end a positive thing has come from the ashes.

    Can the documents he leaked to Mike whilst he was under the radar be passed on to the FBI as the ‘more recent evidence’ that they require?

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you for interviewing parishioners like Geoff. I too am dealing with depression and i identify with him. My husband and i are scn in clwtr. I am flying under the radar right now, not currently on lines.. The more research i do, the more i see the outpoints in my own experience. I have a hard time identifying with the crazy things that you speak about the executives and sea org. They are revered in the group, and the parishioners do not witness these abuses. I am peeling away the conditioning. I think there are a lot of public scn who are actually good people and think they are doing the right things. They are in the bubble, as you say, and are isolated from the bad pr. Anyway, thank you for your podcast.

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