Episode 75: Marc Headley on Scientology and the Internet

February 1 Episode 75: Marc Headley on Scientology and the Internet

We welcome back our old friend Marc Headley to talk about Scientology and the internet, including covering the bonkers domain names scientology has registered, and how they have unsuccessfully attempted to control access to information on the World Wide Web.

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Marc's Book: Blown For Good
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Blog post from The Scientology Money Project

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The South Park episode “What Scientologists Actually Believe”

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A recent blog post about scientology has using Click Farms in Tanzania to generate traffic to their site, but even then they still rank lower than MikeRinders blog and Tony Ortega’s

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  • Tina N. says:

    I’m listening to the episode right now and it’s at the part where the lawsuits are being discussed. Leah said that there is a legitimate basis for a lawsuit agains the hate websites, but it would be too costly to do.

    Would a class action lawsuit be a possibility? I’m guessing that there are enough people with hate websites to make this worthwhile. As far as I know (which isn’t too much, I’m not a lawyer) you don’t pay fees up front. I guess the trick would be to find a law firm willing to take this on.

  • Deborah Green says:

    I love all the information you give to help out. I try and do my part, by sending greeting cards to each Org 3x a year. I fill them with positive messages and Aftermath Foundation information. I have been doing it for over 5 years now. I hope that I can get at least one person out!

    Love you both!

  • CB says:

    The photos of Mike sleeping on whoismikerinder.com are hilarious and sad and adorable. How nice of Scientology to post evidence of their abuse for all to see!

    Listener question: there’s a Scientology ideal org near me. What would happen if I went in and said “hello, I’m an SP. Can I please be officially declared?” I’m certain I’m an SP (since I’m adamantly opposed to Scientology), and I think it’d be nice to make it official. Are they likely to fulfill my request? Or would the staff member just run screaming from the room? Or will they just hound me and harass me for the rest of my life?

  • Josie says:

    Question: Marc mentioned executives being non reactive and expressionless to avoid being targeted by D.M. Are there physical habits that are developed in Scientology that stay with you after you leave? Thanks for carrying on the fight and for all you do to help people leaving the church.

  • Mark Niles says:

    Is David Miscavige OT8? Did he have to do all the work like everyone else? Do they put him on the cans?

  • Hubbard is Burning in Hell says:

    Mike & Leah – STOP CALLING IT A ‘CHURCH’! Calling something a church lends an air of legitimacy and credibility, and that’s a mistake. Train yourselves to only ever call it ‘The Cult of Scientology’ and the ‘Scientology Cult’.

    Sorry for the fake email address, but you know how crazy those douchebags are from that cult. Every morning I flush something that’s far better than anything Hubbard’s lying ass ever wrote, and yet they believe that nonsense. Absolutely heartbreaking.

  • Hubbard Sucks Wang says:

    Also, inquiring minds want to know – is Tom Cruise the Top and David Musgaive the bottom, or do they take turns?

  • Laura says:

    What would happen if scientology lost there tax exempt status? Would the church have to pay back taxes? What would happen to all the properties, orgs?? Would they ever sell there orgs??

  • Kitty says:

    Hi Leah & Mike. A recent episode made me wonder: does David Miscavige ever go out in public? Would you ever see him out at a fancy restaurant or maybe at a Tom Cruise movie premiere? Not that I want to, but I was just curious. Thanks.

  • Sarah Howell says:

    This podcast opened my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

    So my question is this: what happens if a child is born with a disability or is neurodivergent? What happens if the child has autism? Because when Jett died, I was really confused with the reaction.

    Also why are Kirstie Alley and John Travolta not allowed to hang out with Tom Cruise? It seems so stupid to me that you have hierarchy to deal with. I like John Travolta more than Tom Cruise.

  • Tessa G says:

    Hi! So I’m rewatching your show (season 3 so 6), did you guys ever hear of someone re-claiming their account from their previous lifetime? I really want to walk into a Scientology building wearing your podcast merch and ask to have my old funds back!!

  • Tess says:

    I had a question about scientology, kids and school. What happens? Do kids whose parents who are scientologists go to public or religious schools(eg. Catholic) or do they go to a scientologists school.

    I live in Australia and I assumed they would go to a public school and high school so why would a scientologists send their child to a different religious school?

  • Kara P. says:

    Question: has anyone tried to meet with the state attorney general in California or Florida as opposed to focusing on county state’s attorneys or private lawsuits for enforcement or change? State AG’s generally look at issues that are more global or far-reaching and have more staff and resources to delve into a variety of legal issues regarding fraud, consumer protection, charities, missing persons, elder abuse, etc. They could potentially open a single investigation into Scientology and look into all these abuses. And bonus: state AG’s like big flashy cases that help their chances of re-election

  • Lisa F says:

    This was such a crazy episode! It would be a real shame if some hacker, who was really bored and wanted to do some good in the world, took down all of the hate websites that Scientology owns.

  • JULIE says:

    Just watched the South Park episode. Interesting, is the really former President George Bush commenting on the video??

  • Janet Lynn says:

    Scientology forgot to grab “David Miscarriage” twitter and websites LOL. (Probably because they are not allowed to think of anything mocking David!) This one is the best. SO FUNNY.

  • Shannon Orr says:

    When I tell y’all I snorted loud at work when Mike told Leah she needed a “plug” for sneakers! 😂 So hip, Mike!!

  • Kim says:

    I just finished listen to this podcast and I am utterly disgusted with the thought that a small man with a Napoleonic complex is allowed to bully people and get away with it.

    Part of me, the part that was a bullied kid, wants to have a face to face confrontation with COB small man and have my 5’1” fat 250 pound body literally sit on him to see how tough he really is. Of course it would have to be a meeting without his goon squad because the world already knows what a coward he really is.

    My heart hurts for all of the current and former members of scientology who have suffered the bull and physical abuse from that sad “little” man.

  • Melanie Pratt says:

    I am currently listening to this episode and Marc mentioned about Google in the late 80’s and 90’s and in the mid 90’s where it changed it’s algorithm. It is very possible he was referencing search engines in general but since he did say Google, I just wanted to say that Google wasn’t created until 1998.

  • Sunnnee says:

    Very informative. Love when you have Marc or Claire on your show. His book was amazing. So happy to that you’re continue to fight against this cult. Keep up the good work and keep the episodes coming. I am already finished! We need more!

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