Episode 41: Law Review Author Taylor Holley

May 18 Episode 41: Law Review Author Taylor Holley

Leah and I had the great pleasure of speaking to Taylor Holley, a law student at Texas Tech University who published a legal analysis of scientology’s tax exempt status in the Law Review. Her paper is a wonderful summation and careful analysis of the law and makes a compelling argument that the IRS should revisit the exempt status of scientology.

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The full text of Taylor’s analysis

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Letters to Congress

A blog entry to assist anyone who wants to write to Congress


  • Lillian Brown says:

    I have watched your aftermath show and now listen to this podcast. I’m going to be sending this letter to my congressman. I’m just a grandmother with no political power, but I do have a voice and I will be using it.

  • Alexandria says:

    Hi! I’m still catching up but listened to this one today. Is there anyways someone can make up a standard letter/document that we can mail in? Something that I can add my name to and sign and mail? And others can do the same? I know absolutely nothing in the realm of politics and it’s been mentioned before. And the first thought I think is, will MY congressman even care if Scientology isn’t in his state? And if he doesn’t know what it is will my letter even make sense or just get pushed aside? I mean I’ll do it either day I just really want what gets sent to be effective and make a point if that makes sense.

    I’m a survivor of sex trafficking. I’ve experienced the brainwashing and abuse. The control and manipulation and the mind f*ck it gives you. But I hear all of the things you guys are bringing awareness too and I’m often listening while cleaning/cooking dinners and will audibly mutter how crazy and horrible this is my kid is always asking me what happened when I do. There’s a lot of similarities but the stuff you guys are talking about is just absolutely unbelievable.

    I believe that the best thing to being change is awareness. People care but they don’t know to care if they don’t know it’s happening. And to the majority of America or the world… I’m not sure they have any idea. So you guys are doing amazing work and so are all of the other people you work with. You guys are really strong too. Advocating and doing everything that you do while YOU’RE healing as well. That’s some tough sh*t but you’re doing it and you are doing a great job. Seriously proud of you guys. 💜

  • Carol Jones says:

    Hello Heroes, I SO believe in what you are doing! I also am currently supporting the Everglades Restoration via Captains of Clean Water and Everglades Trust.
    The only reason I’m bringing this up is because somehow they have provided easy buttons to push for those like me that cannot compose an effective email, nor find who to send it to.
    It’s probably a 3rd party vendor that sends out an email with a “Send Email” button that pulls up my legislators with a wonderful message to which I can add a personal note. You could target different levels of government at different times to all of your followers like myself that just need assistance to do the task.
    My lack of action is having to script an email well enough to send, look up the proper person(s) to send it out to.
    I’m so excited since the Aftermath, then Netflix Aftermath, your podcasts (and others Ive found from yours) that Scientology IS GOING DOWN! Thanks for all you continue to do!!!!!

  • Robin says:

    With regard to the Supreme court ruling in Hernandez, does anyone know who the petition to the court to exercise the right of review over IRS decision has to come from? Is it from regular taxpayers or attorneys or lawmakers? This may be something we can do along with calling our representatives.

    I want to help, because more and more organizations are beginning to act in the same manor as Scientology using intimidation and money to control members, employees and quite frankly politicians and it needs to be stopped whenever possible

  • Kate says:

    What an amazing episode! I have been a silent supporter for years but no more. I’ll be making loads of copies of Taylor’s law review and send it all the way up the line. We will bring them down, together! Leah and Mike, please keep the faith. People like Taylor will help those like me who just aren’t sure what to do next. Thank you all!

  • Carrie Bonde says:

    I recently read Leah’s book, have watched Aftermath and am now getting into the podcast. I “reviewed” the Scientology church in the Twin Cities where I live and told them they should be ashamed of taking PPP loans during the pandemic. This was my review: “ How this “church” managed to get PPP loans during a pandemic (while they’re worth 2 billion dollars) is beyond me. Small business loans no less….I thought you were a church and not a business? You should be ashamed of taking that money from small businesses in our community that really needed the support. This on top of the rest of the craziness that is Scientology. 🙄” Their response, “ Hi Carrie, our Church is supported by our parishioners – not the government. You can call the IRS for more information 🙂 I’m sure you have reliable ‘media’ sources, but there’s no substitute for direct observation versus fiction. Be well!”….So maybe we need to interview some IRS workers on the podcast (if you can find one). Scientology told us to call them for more info so maybe we shall 😊

  • Becky says:

    While listening to this episode, a question popped into my head:
    Scientology‘s goal is to “clear the planet.” If that is so, what do they do when someone who is homeless or has absolutely no money to their name wants to join? How does one who has no money, no family, no credit, achieve “clear”?
    Is there a scholarship program, do they do anything for free to try to help this person, or do they just say “sucks to be you” and turn them away?

  • Michaela says:

    I have a question regarding 501c3 status. It is not always religion based, but I thought it is always Not for Profit. As a former Executive Director of a 501c3, we were required to file
    With the Board of Charities (New York) and I understood our tax return to be public.
    Doesn’t the Church of Scientology have to be Not for Profit to maintain 501c3 status?

  • MC Quinn says:

    Seeing as Marty Rathbun’s case could have gone all the way to the Supreme Court, are we sure he actually went willingly back to Scientology? Or could he have been abducted? Has anyone actually seen him and know that he isn’t being kept against his will?

  • Rae says:

    If the IRS on a national level is not going to enact the supreme courts decision and revoking Scientology‘s tax exemption status, is there any way to act on the state level? Could individual states be able to decide they would like to follow the Supreme Court’s decision and revoke Scientology‘s tax exemption sad status on a state level being able to recoup state taxes, property taxes, etc? It may not cripple the institution, but could be a blow to their holdings or sphere of influence?

  • Liz Bishop says:

    Just found the podcast in Feb 2022and haven’t stopped listening. This episode was fascinating! I’ve sent it to my senator and representatives and I’ve set a reminder to resend it once a month. I’ll be encouraging my friends to do the same.

    As a teacher, I need to know what grade did Taylor get on her paper AND where is she now?

  • Rae Packard says:

    I downloaded Taylor’s paper and sent it and a letter to my senators requesting a revocation of COS tax exempt status. I wish there was more I could do.

  • Ada Brown says:

    I sent Taylor’s paper to my representative. I am making sure that you are being heard by Tennessee. I also requested a response from my representative to make sure they are reading what I send. Let’s see if we can get the ball rolling and someone looking into this. As you said, I don’t care if they are a church, let them do what they wish, but I will be darned if I just stand by and don’t speak up for what is right.

    Thanks for all you do. Don’t give up!

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