Episode 44: Sheriff of Tom Green County, Nick Hanna

June 8 Episode 44: Sheriff of Tom Green County, Nick Hanna

What an enormous pleasure to speak to Sheriff Nick Hanna. His incredible story of discovering, investigating and prosecuting the abuses in a Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints compound on a ranch near the small town of Eldorado Texas makes for compelling listening.

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The YFZ Ranch, Eldorado TX

The site of the FLDS compound

Cult Leader Warren Jeffs

Some background on the leader of the cult

How Scientology Views Law Enforcement

Scientology and the FLDS teach that law enforcement are the forces of evil

Who Do Scientologists Lie?

Cults teach their followers that lying for the good of the cult is the right thing to do

The Story of Michael Meisner

Scientology’s infamous spy who went to the FBI and the resulting raid and prosecution have many parallels to the FLDS raid and prosecution


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