Episode 57 – Ex Int Base Security Chief Gary (Jackson) Morehead

September 14 Episode 57 – Ex Int Base Security Chief Gary (Jackson) Morehead

This week we have the great pleasure of speaking with Gary “Jackson” Morehead, the former head of security at the confidential scientology headquarters near Hemet in Riverside County California. We cover the efforts taken to prevent Sea Org members from leaving, both physical and mental, what the “Blow Drill” consists of, what a “Life History” is and plenty more.

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The Aftermath S2 Ep 5

One of the most gut-wrenching episodes of The Aftermath featured Gary.

Riverside County Sheriff's at Gold

Video of RCSO outside Golden Era

Louis Theroux at Golden Era

British filmmaker Louis Theroux met by Cathy Fraser outside Gold Base

"Nasty" Nathanial at Golden Era

A video featuring the Gold Security Guards and the charming Cathy Fraser.

What is Safepointing

This recent post from mikerindersblog.org breaks it down and explains how this is done.

"Eagle" lookout
Video footage of Gold Base and "Eagle"
One version of the Life History form
View/Download Document
Another version "Form 5"
View/Download Document
Application to join the Sea Org
The Blow Drill

While scientology claims there is no such thing as the “Blow Drill,” their expert on all things (at least for the past few years), Marty Rathbun, filed a declaration covering the blow drill in the Headley case in July 2010

Scientology files

Tony Ortega’s recent article giving details about the files scientology maintains

Danny "Done-it-again" Dunigan

The infamous Gold Security Guard


  • Annette Curi-Morton says:

    My favorite part of your podcasts are when Leah says “are you fucking serious?!” That happened a lot in this episode.

    I’m not sure if she really didn’t know those things but she is saying EXACTLY what us non-scientologists are thinking. Keep cussing up a storm! This deserves it!

  • JB says:

    Fantastic episode, truly illuminating on the lengths the cult will go to. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Angela C. Huntington NY says:

    Every time you talk about what a bad job the FBI is doing I am so shocked! There are so many stories and it’s unbelievable! This is a perfect example of another mistake they have made. Another really bad one!! How they mishandled what the girls on the US Gymnastics team were telling them 😞https://apple.news/AbEZYcc4vS4ym40U4z7Hh0w

  • Alexis says:

    You’ve mentioned on past episodes that Sea Org members don’t make a lot of money. I’m curious to know what the employees working at HQ make? Do they make a salary?

  • Jamie Norman says:

    Was L. Ron Hubbard as bad as Miscavage? How do you know that Hubbard didn’t leave something about what to do after his death and Miscavage did away with it so he could take over?

  • G says:

    Every Monday I look forward to listening to the podcast.

    Thank you.

  • Megan D says:

    Does Jackson give great hugs?

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