Episode 36: Critical Thinker Chris Shelton Part 2

April 13 Episode 36: Critical Thinker Chris Shelton Part 2

Leah and Mike dive deep into some of the most abusive practices of scientology: the so-called Rehabilitation Project Force, the Thought Reform Program for Sea Org members, and the Truth Rundown “security checking” designed to convince a person that anything bad they observed about scientology is untrue, ending with a written apology for ever having such a thought.

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The Sensibly Speaking Podcast
The Truth Rundown

Marty Rathbun describes the Truth Rundown procedure

The Rehabilitation Project Force

This is the “Flag Order” establishing the RPF

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Knowledge Reports

The Hubbard policy creating the “snitch culture” in scientology requiring all scientologists to write reports on others

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Children's Sec Check

The interrogation designed to be used on children as young as 6


  • Destiny Simpson says:

    Just reading the news after listening to this episode and came across this guy who was jailed for refusing to take down a revenge site. Hopefully this case can be used as an example to fight scientology

  • Bmac says:

    TRD sounds exactly like the techniques used by the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office (and his own counsel’s investigator) used to pull a confession from 16-year-old Brendan Dassey in the Teresa Halbach murder case. Absolutely horrifying to watch. (Making a Murderer on Netflix)

  • Katie says:

    I love your podcast so much! The most recent episode has me wondering if you’ve thought about the truth rundown in comparison with police interrogations. I think back to all of the podcasts and documentaries about forced confessions to crimes and how people don’t understand that it’s actually relatively easy to get someone to confess falsely if the conditions are ripe for it. Your insights about auditing seemed very similar. Thank you Leah, Mike and all of your “very special guests” for being so vulnerable each week!

  • Angela C. Huntington NY says:

    Have any of you watched the documentary Allen V Farrow. It so reminded me of Scientology and made me think of all you say in your podcast. Woody Allen’s team definitely applied Fair Game to Mia Farrow. It’s amazing how pedophiles, kidnappers and cults are all so similar.

  • Sarah Besancon says:

    Love love the podcast and Aftermath. I’ve been binging all of it along with a friend of mine. Just wanted to share an anecdote/idea we had that might be interesting if you haven’t done this. We decided to look and see where exactly our local Scientology center was located in our city (in the rich part, duh). That led us to the reviews that automatically come up on Yelp or Google. If you haven’t read some before, I highly recommend it. They make for some great entertainment. Also, we wondered if you leave a bad one star review on the Scientology center, are they going to come after you?? One comment said how she felt scammed and said “Should have watched the Netflix show first”. Thought you’d get a kick out of that. Love you both!!

  • Sarah Flemming says:

    So I’m not sure how to ask questions ! But here I go.. for Leah I have always disliked how Hollywood gets such a platform for politics etc… it seems to be a small group of celebrities in Scientology,however Leah has your outspokenness hurt you in Hollywood? Have you been supported? I can tell you I will NEVER watch a Tom cruise film again! Do you think if this cult affects his career enough he will be the one to finally speak some truth?! Thank you for your bravery and courage!

  • Trisha Matter Everton says:

    The truth rundown = Beatings will continue until morale improves.

  • Christina says:

    I’m behind but catching up fast. I was shocked to hear Marty ratbun is back in. How??? Why????

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