Episode 5: The History of Fair Game

August 25 Episode 5: The History of Fair Game

Leah and Mike discuss the origins of Fair Game and what prompted L. Ron Hubbard to seek to “utterly destroy” those he named as enemies. They cover what they have experienced and continue to experience, despite Scientology claiming Fair Game has been canceled.

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Dealing with Critics of Scientology - The L. Ron Hubbard Playbook

The L. Ron Hubbard documents that detail Fair Game

L. Ron Hubbard and Psychiatry

Hubbard’s views on psychiatry and why they became his “enemy”

Operation Snow White

Hubbard’s plan which ultimately resulted in the conviction of 11 senior scientologists for espionage against the US Govt

US v. Mary Sue Hubbard et al Stipulation of Evidence

Excerpts from the legal filing in the criminal prosecution case

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US v Mary Sue Hubbard et al Sentencing Memorandum

Excerpts from the legal filing in the criminal prosecution case

View/Download Document
Mike Rinder: Lady Killer

My blog posting concerning the “Doctor Parking Lot Incident”

Scientology's Latest Lie About Me

A second posting concerning the “Doctor Parking Lot Incident” and subsequent lies about the “assault”

The Paremedics Report on Cathy Bernardini

Jeffrey Augustine’s blog post dissecting the lies in scientology’s claims about the “assault” on Mike Rinder’s ex-wife

A List of Fair Game Operations
View/Download Document
The PI's Who Surveiled Mike Rinder in Denver

THese PI’s were paid in excess of $10 million over a decade to conduct covert surveilance

The Truth Rundown

The groundbreaking series by St Pete Times reporters Joe Childs and Tom Tobin

John Sweeney's BBC Panorama Program

Mike Rinder tries to see his son at the Ft Harrison

Jenny Linson and Co at LAX

Transcript of the "Parking Lot Incident"
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  • TrevAnon says:

    I think this is the link Mike refers to when he talks about Tony Ortega tracking down Michael Meisner.


  • BigBadDad420 says:

    oh God, I had heard that Scientology accuses Mike Rinder of being a wifebeater before, but never heard the explanation of the story that they turned into that until this podcast. crazy stuff! great podcast as always.

    i suspect you guys edit your podcasts, but i hope you’ll consider some day just doing them live & restreaming on YouTube with video too!

    hit a whole other audience there… the biggest audience.

    the only podcasts i ever personally followed were ones i watched on YouTube. but i have to say, your podcast is interesting enough that I have been firing up Spotify every Tuesday to catch it… the first podcast that ever grabbed me enough to bother with that

    keep up the good work!

  • Nicole says:

    Leah unless you’re watching your blood pressure, please don’t try to speak more calmly! You don’t sound crazy, you sound passionate. Every drop of vitriol is justified.

    Also the highlight of my week is hearing you speak unfiltered, peppering my mornings with f bombs. It’s a thing of beauty.

    Thank you both so much for all that you do. Your ongoing battle to expose scientology is the literal definition of tikkun olam. You give me hope.

  • Laurie says:

    Thanks Leah and Mike for all you do. I’m loving the podcast, I loved the show, Keep up the good work! Truth will prevail!!


    Love your podcast so much!! I wish Leah would allow Mike and guests interviewees to finish their sentences. Leah is brave and passionate, and her enthusiasm inhibits others from telling their stories succinctly. I want to hear more from Mike.

  • Deanna Benson-Reed says:

    Another great episode! I keep learning more and more about this cult. Please keep up the great work! On another note, a big question I have is: what the heck happened with Marty Rathbun? His sudden exit from society is extremely troubling.
    Thank you again for all of the important work you, Leah, and many others are doing to bring this cult down.

  • Adrian says:

    When I was younger I seen all of the Scientology flyers go around. Never knew what it really was. Now that I am older and see what this church is all about. I’m so glad that I did not looking into.

    Holy crap this fair game stuff is crazy. Mike im sorry for all the bs that u went through. Leah and mike im glad you guys are speaking out about it.
    Leah and Mike you guys are so strong.

    I love listening to your guys is broadcast to educate myself.

  • Theresa says:

    Mike- this week’s episode is making my heart sink for you!!! I just listened to the parking lot incident audio and it’s truly heart breaking to think about you in that situation. Just know, we’re so proud of all that you are doing!! <3 Great episode this week. And Leah – I LOVE your attitude and vibe, don't change a thing.

  • Jane says:

    Hey Mike! Hey Leah! Love the new podcast. Been listening every week. Was so bummed when the show went off the air but we’re glad you guys are back. Keep up the great work!!

    I know you guys get a million questions everyday probably, and I don’t know if you’ve been asked this before, but I was just curious to know if either of you have ever watched the Paul Thomas Anderson film The Master? Apart from the fact that the main character is very obviously meant to be an LRH type figure, it doesn’t really have much relevance to anything you guys are doing right now, I was just curious. And if so, what did you think?

    As always Mike, go the crows!

    • Mike Rinder says:

      Yes, I watched it. I thought it was interesting and well done. I think it was too removed from the real story to be “historical fiction” but it did capture some of the attraction and charisma of Hubbard (as well as the crazy).

      • Jane says:

        Yes it was very well done – the scene that got me was towards the beginning when Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character is asking the rapid-fire questions to Joaquin Phoenix’s character and he just keeps grilling him over and over and over. Blew me away…that kind of control.

    • Luminous says:

      Chris Shelton on his YouTube channel did an excellent, detailed breakdown of the early scientology processing techniques PTA’s film was trying to portray. According to Tony Ortega and others, the original script made the scientology connection even clearer (no pun intended), but some of that got walked back in the end. There’s no doubt PTA meant the film to use the early days of the cult–and LRH in particular–as a lens for the film, despite his hedging to the press at the time.

      I think two things sparked PTA’s interest in scientology:

      1) His relationship with Tom Cruise, whom he had cast in Magnolia in ’98/99. PTA apparently screened The Master for Cruise before it’s release.

      2) His relationship with Jeremy Blake, who’d done the mesmerizing interstitials for Punch Drunk Love. Jeremy and his longtime love Theresa Duncan went on to work with Beck Hansen in the early aughts until he disconnected from them, after which Theresa and Jeremy claimed they were being harassed by the cult. Theresa had told a friend Beck was trying to leave scientology and she was trying to help him, which was how she ended up in the cult’s cross hairs. Theresa and Jeremy committed suicide a week apart in 2007. Lots and lots of weirdness in that story that I hope gets investigated more fully one day…ahem, Leah and Mike. ; )

      • Jane says:

        Wow thanks for the info! Never knew some of that.

        The story about Theresa and Jeremy, I feel like I’ve heard/seen that before but I can’t remember where. I don’t think it was ever covered on the Aftermath. Could it have been a youtube video or one of the documentaries?…I’ve definitely heard that story just can’t remember where.

        • Luminous says:

          There was a high profile Vanity Fair story on Theresa and Jeremy in 2008 called “The Golden Suicides” by Nancy Jo Sales. It’s considered the “definitive” story, but there are several issues with it. The biggest is that a VF journalist named John Connolly did a lot of the investigative work and interviews for Sales. Connolly was eventually outed as a spy for the cult. Sales herself was found to have odd and unclear ties to someone who figured prominently in the last year of T&J’s lives, and whose version of the events Sales leans on for her article. (That would be “Father” Frank Morales, a conspiracy wingnut and 9/11 Truther w/ties to Alex Jones. Did I mention all the weirdness? ; )

          After the VF article, and a lot of heat in the blogosphere leading up to it, the story went cold. The media seemed satisfied with the, “Welp, guess they were crazy” conclusion. Beck has never really been pressed about it publicly, as he should be. It hasn’t been covered in any of the critical scientology books and documentaries, to my knowledge, although there were threads on boards like OCMB and ESMB back in the day.

          The story pops up in random places from time to time–e.g., amateur true crime podcasts. But these outlets lack the different streams of knowledge to put the pieces together–of scientology and its fair game policy, Beck Hansen’s historical ties to the cult, and how the bohemian art and music scene operates (that incubated T&J and that Beck likes to dabble in, and steal from). A newer podcast series called Disgraceland–it’s like true crime for music lovers and old punk rockers–was set to do an ep on the story last year, but pulled it at the last minute after the cult allegedly rattled its sabers.

          The story deserves to be revisited, in light of what we’re all learning about the extent of fair game ops. Plus, I really want to know: what’s the deal with Tuesday?! (Like I said, weirdness…all up and down…)

  • Kristen H says:

    I am completely enthralled and astonished by your stories! I am appalled at this organizaton and can’t wait for justice to be served. I have questions about certain aspects for future episodes – where can I ask those?
    Thanks for bringing these brainwashed lowlifes to the attention of the general public. You are both AMAZING!

  • Donna says:

    Maybe this has been addressed elsewhere, but I just watched the BBC documentary that you participated in Mike, and in it, it states that you still believe in Scientology and are part of a “Reformation” group. Can we assume you are no longer part of that group? Is it still going? Do you still believe in some Scientology practices?

    • Mike Rinder says:

      YEs, that was in 2010. Have a very different perspective now. No, I don’t believe in scientology practices. THere are some people who have left scientology who continue to practice their version of it. It’s a tiny number and unless you know about them you likely would never realize they exist.

  • Shannon N Tate says:

    Thank you both for your work and attempts to educate the masses about the truth behind Scientology. Leah, we appreciate your enthusiasm and passion. But with all due respect, if possible, please allow Mike to finish his thoughts and sentences. You cut off every thought he tries to communicate. It’s a bit jarring trying to understand. And the interruptions and tangents derail the conversation at times.

  • Vanessa Troccoli says:

    I have read Leah’s book, watched the Aftermath and now I’m listening to the podcast. The teachings of this “Church” / Cult are Absolutely fascinating, completely disturbing, and I’m utterly flabbergasted! It seems the non celebrity members suffer the most ($$, loss, control) while some celebrities are still drinking the kool-aid! Since you both left and have been outspoken against the teachings and talking with former members are you two (or your current family members) experiencing Fair Game?
    God Bless You both! Continue your efforts to expose this fraud and I hope this cult is eradicated!!!


    Love the Podcast, but Leah Please quit interrupting the person who speaking. It’s so annoying to listen to and rude.

  • LauraN@UK says:

    Absolutely love you two, thought I would do a little searching on my lunch break and found this little gem!!!


    LMAO at the term scripture!!

  • Eleanor says:

    I’m listening to your podcast right now in London UK -it’s blowing my mind just like aftermath did. Your message is getting out there great work!

  • Jan Shaver says:

    Why do you never hear about Scientology in the Midwest? Are there scientologists in states like IN where I live?

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