Episode 66: Dr. Willy Rice Pastor of Calvary Baptist Clearwater

November 16 Episode 66: Dr. Willy Rice Pastor of Calvary Baptist Clearwater

Leah and Mike welcome Dr. Willy Rice, Senior Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater to the podcast. Willy has been one of the few community leaders who has taken a strong, public stance against the abuses of scientology. We talk about the influence of scientology in the community and the lie that you can a Christian and a scientologist.

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The infamous OT VIII document

[T]he historic Jesus was not nearly the sainted figure has been made out to be. In addition to being a lover of young boys and men, he was given to uncontrollable bursts of temper and hatred…

Can Scientologists be Christians or Jews Too?
L. Ron Hubbard on Christianity
"I'm a Christian and I'm also a Scientologist"
Scientology, Christianity and the IRS
Scientology Briefing

One of the briefings prepared by Willy for his congregation and other Christian Leaders

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A Christian Response to Scientology

Another briefing

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Going Clear

Lawrence Wright’s brilliant book

Stefani Hutchinson's on Ray Cassano

Scientology Ray Cassano speaking publicly as a member of the Clearwater Downtown Development Board

Hubbard's Public Image Policy Letter
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Price List for Flag
Hubbard on God


  • Rebecca Mount says:

    I have been in the Christian faith my entire life. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in different representations of what it “looks” like to be a follower of Jesus, and Dr. Willy Rice is the real deal! I’ve been following Leah’s story since the first news broke that she left Scientology. The stories of Scientology’s abusive practices have always been hard to hear, and then hearing that LRH promoted such lies about Christianity and other religions is also heartbreaking. I have and will continue to pray for you, Mike and Leah, as you continue your brave and beautiful work to help cult survivors. I’m currently in school getting my master’s in clinical social work, so I understand the call in wanting to help people in vulnerable populations. I do not see any cult activity where I live, but your show and podcast has given me the information needed if I ever do meet someone needing help in that area.

    Thank you for leading the charge in this important work!

  • K. Wright says:

    I feel compelled to disagree with you that what makes a cult is how the cult treats you when you try to leave. In today’s show, you stress that Christian churches are not cults because they don’t try to control you and because they are full of “unconditional love.” The reason you feel that way is because you are not gay. It drives me crazy when straight people talk about the love and acceptance they feel from Christian churches because you have no idea how badly Christians and Christian churches treat gay people. Christian churches use money and political influence to attempt to deny gay people the same rights as straight people. Gay people are ostracized and harassed in Christian churches. Gay people are shunned and rejected by their family members, often at the direction of church leaders. I know you mean well and that you are accepting of all people. However, I would say the definition of a cult must include how a “church” treats people and what kind of political influence a “church” tries to take over the lives of people. A lot of gay people have had traumatic experiences that are the direct result of “loving” “churches,” and I don’t think your podcast reflects the type of hatred that “loving churches” direct toward people who don’t fit into a narrow mold.

    • Cate says:

      I hear and understand what you are saying in regards to “Christian churches use money and political influence to attempt to deny gay people the same rights as straight people. Gay people are ostracized and harassed in Christian churches. Gay people are shunned and rejected by their family members, often at the direction of church leaders.” Sadly, I have seen this by some fellow Christians & at some churches, and for that I would like to offer my apology. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I truly hope you do know that not all Christians and not all Christian churches feel/treat gay people in a negative manner. Please know that Jesus Christ loves all people… even me, a stay-at-home who loves her kids but yells sometimes, likes to have a few drinks with friends, cusses when I get mad at my husband, acts petty about silly things, doesn’t show up to church every Sunday morning, breaks the speed limit and even (unfortunately) gossips about neighbors & celebrities. My point is, and I’m sure others could say it much more eloquently than I have here, Jesus loves everyone. Gay, straight, black, white, bleached hair, tattooed or whatever. While I’m sure He does not like when His people shun others, for any reason, He still loves them. (And yes, sometimes that makes me mad, too) I am so sorry that you have been hurt in the name of Christianity, but please know that not all of us agree with how some of us act. I am a Christian and would be honored to have you as my friend. I just like kind people.

      • Kim says:

        You said it quite eloquently. I am a Christian and a pastor’s daughter. I have seen hypocrisy in its fullest but also unconditional love. I have all friends from many different walks of life and I wanted them to feel accepted just as I would want to be accepted. Not all will agree with me but Jesus wa someone who loved with no boundaries. I get quite angry when I see so called Christians using the faith to help themselves.

  • Sarah says:

    I Loved this episode!! Pastor Willy spoke perfectly to what it means to know Jesus.
    Most importantly though this was great way for you guys to expose that Scientology and Christianity are not and will never be in the same realm of religion and further promotes the truth about Scientology and how it is so far from the truth of being an actual religion ! Tax exemption is and will one day soon be revoked from this horrible organization.

  • Teresa S says:

    I love your podcast. I just want to comment that Leah frequently comments about the Christian faith or the Catholic faith. I wanted to bring up that Catholics ARE Christians. We are a denomination of Christianity just like those who practice in various Protestants churches are. Christians believe that Jesus is the Savior and believe he is the son of God, the Christ. Protestants do not have the Pope or believe that Jesus is present in the Eucharist. We are all Christians. Some denominations believe other things that Catholics don’t believe, but again we’re all Christians. Love your show. You are both amazing people who are true heroes. Keep up the good fight.

  • Michelle Wetterling says:

    Dear Mike and Leah. I am a devout and life long Catholic. I just wanted to thank you for never saying anything negative about my faith. We have our problem priests and scandals but no one is hiding anything anymore. The bad clergy have owned up to their sins and gone to prison where they belong! Thank you personally Leah for not trying to convert Kevin James, he seems to be just as devout as I am and I would hate to have had him pulled away from Christ. God bless you both for exposing scientology for the deadly cult it is and thus saving peoples lives! You would both be welcome in my parish anytime and no one would pressure you to do a thing! Soldier on you two! I truly believe Jesus is with you both on this journey. I’d love a response if you have time. I’m a fan of aftermath and this podcast. I pray for you both

  • Lord Kinbote says:

    Neil degrasse Tyson on God

  • Guillermo Lopez says:

    Please contact Pastor Case he knows Micah Wilder (an ex-Mormon), if u ever want to pursue an expose on the psychological and manipulative practices of the Mormon church. You guys could be tremendous blessings to all the recovering x-LDS folks. Thanks

  • Summer Mabe says:

    As a person who doesn’t follow religion, I respect Dr. Rice for saying that he enjoys conversations with people who don’t believe the same as him. I read a short story by Andy Weir called The Egg, and it has stayed with me for years. The theme of the story is be kind because when you’re disrespecting someone else you’re really disrespecting yourself. Please read it, it’s an excellent story for teaching people to just be a good person.

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