Podcast #0 When Scientology Declares You Fair Game

July 21 Podcast #0 When Scientology Declares You Fair Game

Leah and Mike describe Fair Game, update on things that have happened since the end of the Aftermath Series and what will be covered in future episodes.

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Fair Game Policy Letter

Hubbard’s policy dictating how scientologists are to treat those declared “SP”.

View/Download Document
Fair Game Cancellation

The “cancellation” is the use of the term because it causes “bad public relations” but NO CHANGE in how enemies are to be treated.

HCO Ethics Order Racket Exposed

Hubbard directing the use of process R2-45 (shooting in the head with a .45 caliber revolver) on Suppressive Persons (SP’s). These people are “enemies of mankind, the planet and all life.”

Critics of Scientology

Hubbard decrees anyone who criticizes scientology has crimes — “Embezzled funds, moral lapses, a thirst for young boys — sordid stuff.”

Critics of Scientology p.2

Hubbard says: “Act completely confident that those crimes exist. Because they do.”


  • J Ahmed says:

    Set up your own offshoot or use this website to educate people Etc.

    • Rasa says:

      Thank you so much! I love listening to the both of you! (Your voice is amazing for the radio)

      I’m thrilled your work has helped so many people keep it up! I’m also a huge fan of the inner workings of cults so I’m a proper fan girl too 🤣🤣🤣

    • G says:

      Hi Leah & Mike!

      First off, my Mom, sister & I have been fans of both of your work since the beginning of your exposing Scientology journey. We are amazed at the bravery you both have shown and have been so emotionally touched (and quite frankly horrified) by every single story featured.

      I would be honored if you’d be willing to am address the following on your podcast:

      1.) Why exactly was the “Aftermath” docuseries on A&E cancelled? You alluded at one point to Scientology having something to do with it ending but we’re all curious as to the real reason(s) why it’s over (straight from the horses mouth)
      2.) The 3 of us are horrified by stories we have heard and we are wondering if there’s anything we can do to apply more pressure on our representatives? Do you recommend social media? We want to help in any way we can but I guess we want to MAKE SURE the message gets to these people.
      3.) Do you have any sort of idea of what is to come in the future, regarding Scientology being labeled as a “religion,” etc.

      Thanks again, we love you and support you!

    • Nancy says:

      I am so grateful that I ran across this podcast and the websites. I am a huge supporter of what you are doing and hope you continue. Huge fan of the show. People do need to know.

      Your voices are great and you guys were very fun to listen to, so you did just fine!

      Thank you for what you are doing.

    • Ann M Moyle says:

      Love that you’re back! I love your voice, Leah, and I would love to hear about how people who come out of Scientology build a life outside of it. Thank you.

  • LaDawn says:

    Love that the podcast is timely! Great idea! Are you gonna comment soon on the way the Black Ops mini documentary got pulled at the last minute?? What did Scientology bribe or scare that station with??? This is sooo timely because I can’t even believe they have this type of power still!

  • Sarb Sandhu says:

    Great to have you guys back!
    Some possible topics to take up-
    Fair gaming and the law,
    What to do and look out for if you become a target.
    Who are the current OSA chiefs, lawyers and PIs involved in fair gaming?
    What can we the public do, to help spread the word and help stop cult abuses?

  • Joseph says:

    Y’all are SO brave — and I wish I had the bravery you two have to speak out like this. You’re fearless! Pretty good first episode — and I can’t wait to hear more. One critique: PLEASE don’t be so profane and raunchy. Kids and young adults need to hear this too. More people will hear you and take you seriously without all the profanity and smut. I LOVE YOU! But I had to say it. I subscribed and will give 5 stars in expectations that this show will get better and better! DON’T STOP!

    • Joe says:

      I agree with the above statement regarding a desire for less profanity. I will listen to every episode regardless.
      What happened to your desire to cover Marty Ratbun?

  • SKinVA says:

    Leah and Mike – I can’t wait to listen to the next episodes. I’m glad I’m not the only one completely outraged that $cientology took out massive PPP loans. I wish all small businesses who didn’t get these loans who needed it would WAKE UP and write profusely to their congressmen/representatives. I would love to get an opinion on who authorizes these loans and how $cientology got them in the first place – pressure, fair gaming on their end, etc? I really do hope that this is the catalyst that ends Scientology or at least eliminates their tax exempt status.

    • Amy says:

      Disagree. Leah needs to be Leah. It’s a podcast, not network TV. I believe it fits the terrible and absurd nature of what Scientology has done. Expose are dirty so the least of our concerns should be the appropriate use of a MF. Focus on their crimes.

  • Donna Munnoch says:

    Listened to the new one just now. Absolutely brilliant.

    What you are doing in your quest to bring this hoax of a religion down is amazing.

    Cannot wait for the next one!!

    • Anna Yasueda says:

      Excellent podcast. I look forward to more. I’m a never in but very aware of the abuse that goes on in SCN. I’ll be waiting for enough people, change of President to force SCN to it’s knees. I’ll be there! Count on it.
      Kudos to all that have gotten out. And let’s all hope that day everyone is free to go soon~

  • SusieNYC says:

    This is great! Leah don’t worry about how you sound it’s about what you say! Please discuss Marty Rathbun. I really want to hear what happened with him.

  • Allyson Young says:

    You guys are awesome!!! I’m amazed by the information that you give. Also, the PPP loan shit is awful. How in the world can they receive any funds…..

    I want to hear if Mike has had anything else from his children.

  • Helen says:

    I am so glad to learn you two are still putting forth gallant efforts to stop this organization of evil. I was so disappointed when Aftermath ended because I know you had intended to go on with more information of injustice, and I felt A&E caved to the organization. Well, whether they did or didn’t is a moot point because we have all moved on in one way or another, however, when I discovered Bryan Semour’s series of Black Ops was axed at the eleventh hour…that was shocking and very disappointing, leaving me feeling the organization had gotten its way again. I refrain from stating it won because this is not a contest to see who wins and who looses. The only real losers are those who continue duped and abused by the organization. No one seems to realize that DM is just one little man (reminiscent of the little corporal) and if everybody just said no to him, including his guard, and walked away he would have no power. I listened to the horror stories of the hole thinking if only they would realize not to turn on each other but to turn on him. He may be feisty and scrappy but against 5, 10, 20 fed up people he’d get his ass whipped. I realize he has his praetorian guard around himself, like Kim Jong Un, who better give them nice gifts or they too will leave his ass dangling, but essentially he is alone and powerless by himself. Sadly no one sees this, or they don’t want to because if they did they would just leave him to rant and rave and eventually self implode if they did. Oh well, there’s my 2 cents. Glad to “hear” you back and keep up the good work. Mike, you can’t run for President because you were not born here but Leah…!….just saying.

  • Dustin Wood says:

    Love your work, guys. I’ve been following the story of Scientology since I first learned about it in college in the late-90s. Even though I do not know her, nor have ever met her, when news broke that Leah had left the “church” it was honestly a truly happy day for me. I know you mentioned Marty Rathbun in the first episode and I think many of us are left more than a bit befuddled over what’s become of him. I’ve seen the videos he’s made trashing the Aftermath show and he seems to be doing the bidding of the CoS/Miscavige again. If you guys have any information on what could be going on with him, I’m sure I’m not the only one interested to hear what you guys may think on the subject of his apparent re-affiliation. Thank you again for what you’re doing and much love from Dallas.

    • Joe says:

      Im fascinated with the Mart Rathbun story. Please cover in detail.

    • Angela T Trahan says:

      I”m replying to your comment, Dustin, because you said all of the things I wanted to say, so I second you. I also have been following Scientology a really long time, and I felt the same way when hearing that Leah left. I remember thinking, “Oh man, in a year, this b**** is gonna flip the tables!” And you guys are doing that slowly but surely.

      I agree about Marty Rathbun. His name gets thrown around a lot, but if ppl aren’t familiar with him by anything other than your A&E series, the whole story is just a mess. It’s a bit of a mess even if you’ve been following it awhile.

      Another thing I thought about, as someone who follows cults closely, is how clueless I was about how many celebrity Scientologists grew up in Scientology. I remember thinking years ago about how weird it is that all of these people who have way more access to the world than the rest of us, cannot see it for what it really is. Not until I read your book did I start to understand how, even as a celebrity or an artist, it takes up so much of your time, money, effort and energy, as well as leaves you extremely sheltered. I don’t think the mainstream world really understands that.

      Last note…the great thing about podcasts is that nobody cares if you suck at the beginning and ends… it’s listening to real people talk unscripted and uncensored. I’m glad you’re doing this, and if I can help in any way, drop me a line!

  • Imaberrated says:

    Leah, you did well and your passion is a delight to hear. Please don’t think you have an annoying voice. It’s wonderful to hear your emotion. You and Mike are a great team. I think you’ll do well in this new format.

  • Jessica says:

    Love you guys! Great podcast! Leah you sounded great!

  • Barbara says:

    Love this format. You guys were amazing. Really glad that you can now discuss things that are happening now and things I’m sure weren’t possible on the TV show. Excited for new episodes. 👍

  • Loosing my Religion says:

    Fantastic to have you back. You are a perfect team that emanates a lot of good energy. Congrats!

  • Marilyn says:

    Leah, I love your podcast. You have a way of speaking that really engages people, because you speak very passionately.

    But to improve your show, I have one piece of advice. Please try to finish one sentence before starting on the next. It seems like you have a lot of interesting things to say. But at times, you leave so many sentences unfinished, that it leaves me feeling confused, and not really sure what you were trying to say. Your show would be greatly improved, if you were to work on this one item.

    It is great to hear you and Mike back at work together, in this new podcast series. I am looking forward to hearing more details about fair game.

  • Anneka kinch says:

    Soooo glad that you’re doing this podcast! Great idea! Such an important podcast, this is not entertainment, this is people’s lives. I’ll be listening and sharing everything! I just pray and hope that it reaches the right people and some members will be free and the system will fall!
    Great job guys! We are behind you!!

  • V B says:

    Congratulations on the podcast! You can bet I’ll be listening! I must say I was sorry that you are no longer on A&E!

  • Tim Walters says:

    Loved the podcast. You two have great chemistry and are effective in communicating the abuses and dirty deeds perpetrated by this criminal organization. I would like to know more about the Black Ops program cancelled down-under, and ways the 501(c)(3) tax exemption can get rescinded. Keep up the great work in exposing this organization.

  • Carol B says:

    I love you two, keep up the amazing work

  • Kevin Krompart says:

    I was excited to hear that you and Leah were doing this podcast. I listened to the first episode but will probably not listen again. Leah dropped the F-bomb so many times that I was shocked. It’s your show and you can do as you like,but this really turns me off.

  • Gia Allen says:

    You guys!! this is awesome. What a shit show of “religion”. I live in Ventura and i’d love to know WTF Is going on with the giant CENTER off the freeway. They have a lovely website LOL. Anyways, those bastards let off a whole bunch of balloons at their grand opening of their cult here and were supposed to do an ocean clean up,… wonder if they did? Maybe they used their business loan money to do that?? HAHAHHAHAHA I love this and i cannot believe this is still happening in the world today! Scientology is gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carrie Cogburn says:

    So glad your back we need you and missed you

  • Stacy W says:

    I just finished listening to the first episode and loved it!! I love that you guys are uncensored and I can feel your passion for the subject!! I’m sure you guys have heard about this, but I never heard you mention it before. What about the companies who sell L. Ron Hubbard’s writings as business principles? I would love to hear what you guys think about it! Keep up the great work!!

  • SR says:

    Great podcast. I’ve been waiting to hear more about this. Keep pushing. Hoping for justice for all those abused by this cult. You guys are angels.

  • Leland Larsen says:

    Leah, your voice is great. Loved the first podcast. Can’t wait for more episodes.

  • learningtofly says:

    First of all – how refreshing to hear you both with no censure. Say anything you want. I have my TR’s in. lol

    I would love to hear any comments about Kelly Preston as a person- when you interacted with her. She was trapped like many celebrities but was she out of SCN or trying to get out along with JT? OR was she really that blind to oppressions?

    More importantly, do you think this now opens the door for JT to “fly” away and just disconnect and live his life.

  • Shelly says:

    Leah you have an amazing voice, don’t think you don’t. You guys are so awesome, please keep talking about this cult until it is destroyed, I will listen as long as you post more episodes!!!

  • James Walberg says:

    Welcome back. The Aftermath left us wanting more and more of you two. Thank you very much for shedding light on Scientology.

  • Brian Nolte says:

    Liked the first episode. One suggestion, don’t assume your listeners have watched your television series. Take just a few seconds to say who you are and your previous roles in Scientology and just generally don’t assume we’ve seen Aftermath. I’ve heard a lot of first episodes of new podcasts and yours is better than most.

  • KH says:

    Haven’t been able to watch any of the tv content but i love podcasts so thought i’d check it out. i know you don’t want to rehash much but would really love to hear your stories. how you got in and got out. i mean there must be some stuff in those that you haven’t gotten to say on tv.

    Also just a nerd note: it’ll probably take a little bit but the link to this site doesn’t come up if you google “fair game podcast”. Luckily I went to Mike’s blog and found link there. May want to add some meta tags to this site so google finds it quicker.

    PS: Leah, don’t worry about your voice. I think it’s great and the important thing is you’re speaking truth to power.

  • Tim Kelly says:

    Thank you Leah & Mike for letting the world know what’s going on in Scientology, I followed the Aftermath and was hoping that it didn’t finish there. Keep it going and can’t wait for the next episode.

  • That guy says:

    Leah your voice is aggresive and passionate. Love the podcast. I had a strange run in with scientologists in Clearwater. And i didnt know anything about the church until the incident. But then i watched your series and everything was confirmed. Thank you and Mike so much for speaking out for those who cannot. It’s a weird world we’re in. STAY SAFE!

    P.S. you should have a dedicated call in number so your listeners can leave a message. Ciao!

  • Mamaof 5 says:

    Leah and Mike-

    Loved the show. Love the new podcast. Keep up the hard work. There is so much going on and so much to talk about regarding Scientology — keep the podcasts coming !!!


  • Margaret says:

    I LOVED the pod and look forward to more. I don’t think the IRS, local or state prosecutors will take them on because they’re up against a corp. with UNLIMITED funds to stop, block and threaten ANYONE who gets in their way. It’s too much of an uphill battle for ‘mere mortals’ and that works in their favor…and they know it.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Jodie says:

    Thanks for this great podcast! To echo earlier comments, I’d love to hear anything about the “Black Ops” series and what happened to Marty Rathbun.

    I’m also wondering if you have any thoughts about Kelly Preston and how cancer and disease in general are handled by Scientology. Would she have been allowed to undergo treatment? Or was the disease “her fault” from this life or another? Thanks again!

  • L. Ron Hoover says:

    I want to especially thank both you Mike and Leah for all the work you do in helping people and the awareness of all the horrible aspects of Scientology. I really do hope that anything you say or do will end all the madness and bring about some sense of normalcy.
    I am a “Never-In”. I became aware of $cientology earlier in my life, after seeing on the news or a talk show (Donahue?) many years ago about LRH’s visit to Heaven. Through Docs like Going Clear, My Scientology Movie, Aftermath, and having read Troublemaker, Bald Faced Messiah, Ron Miscavige’s Ruthless, and will be reading three books next: Marc Headly, Jenna Miscavige – Hill, and Janis Gillham Grady’s Messenger I and II. Of course, I am attempting to stay abreast of all the lawsuits being brought against the Cult of $cientology. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with the Fishman / Geertz case. I enjoy listening to you both and am interested in hearing more from Marc Headly and Tommy De Vocht. Regardless, I will tune in every Tuesday.
    I am also a Disabled United States Air Force veteran…Desert Storm/Shield and the many instances of Hubbard’s Stolen Valor are enough for me to always be an Enemy of $cientology, but that is still second only to the fact that they are supposed to be bettering Humanity by selling lies and stripping practitioners and their families of their own humanity.
    LRH was (IMHO), a Paranoid, Bipolar, Woman-hating, Narcissist of a snake oil salesman whose priority through the entirety of his life was making money and fame off the “cattle”. Unfortunately, I have personally encountered more than my fair share of people with similar traits in my lifetime. I believe that LRH did not specifically leave anyone to take over the leadership of the Org. in particular, (I cannot bring myself to use Church as it is a crude misnomer here.) because he knew when he died it supposedly would end, as all things, with LRH. Why all of this didn’t come to an end in ’86 when he died. Practitioners and Sea Org personnel keep dying of strokes and cancer. None of the gains of Hubbard’s “Superman” have manifested in anyone, ever.
    Convenient that Clear was THE goal for practitioners until 1966, when John McMaster was designated the world’s First True Clear. Yet, LRH was quick to stack the deck by “developing” the OT levels. More cogs for the money-making machine that is $cientology. More rungs on the ladder, or steps on the stairway for the masses to pay for spiritual guidance. More merchandise to monetize. Everything about LRH seems to be a repeat of a peculiar and very familiar theme or themes of taking New Thought Movement ideas and philosophy and relegating it to some sort of sci-fi bureaucratic space pirate utter bullshit. Complete with a snitch culture (Knowledge Reports) and ham-fisted attempts at Reverse Psychology. The “If you point a finger at someone, you have three pointing back at yourself” mentality. All his policies of using high pressure sales and defining people by their “statistics” alone. Eventually departing from anything remotely resembling anything humanistic, rewarding or of value. It all comes back to: Yes, but what can we sell them? Helping the abled be more abled, meaning gouging people to pay more and more…until they can’t.
    So, now David Miscavige must continue carrying on mimicking his perceptions of LRH’s mentoring. A rampaging, abusive, blow-hard who sulked like a spoiled wet-behind-the-ear child, who’s mother probably praised him too much. when things got tough. Observing how Hubbard behaved and while he was helping LRH continue “his legacy” in the Cine Org. “films” What is DM’s prime directive with the Org? Marketing above all else, even at the demise of “Management”. Keeping the money flowing in… to himself. Meanwhile, he continues to wear custom made suits with $1500 shoes and the finest meals. While most everyone else goes without. Doing his best to impersonate Hubbard knowing that he needs to get it while the getting is good. Keeping the scam alive. Packaging and re-packaging the faith like consumer electronics, adding or losing a couple of negligible bells or whistles on the new model to get a premium while being able to charge the same for the previous model. I am just not sure he’s figured out his endgame…
    I’m reminded of a Frank Zappa song called Cosmik Debris:
    The mystery man came over
    And he said I’m outta sight
    He said for a nominal service charge
    I could reach nirvana tonight
    If I was ready, willing and able
    To pay him his regular fee
    He would drop all the rest of his pressing affairs
    And devote his attention to me
    The mystery man got nervous and he fidget around a bit
    He reached in the pocket of his mystery robe
    And he whipped out a shaving kit
    Now I thought it was a razor
    And a can of foaming goo
    But he told me right then when the top popped open
    There was nothin’ his box won’t do
    With the oil of aphrodite, and the dust of the grand wazoo
    He said you might not believe this, little fella
    But it’ll cure your asthma too…

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I would like to offer my help however I am able.
    Looking forward to hearing from you later.

    PS Leah her “Muuuthafffffffffuuuuuucccck” mantra is THE BEST!
    PPS What IS Marty Rathbuns issue. I personally feel he gets his feelings hurt when people still slam the tech. (E-meter and auditing)

  • janice says:

    Absolutely loved this new format, you guys are awesome. Keep up the fight, can’t wait for the next show.

  • Mary M says:

    Great first episode! Not a scientologist and never have been, I just find the psychology behind it fascinating. I’m also confused as to how the “church” continues to get away with the things it does. You’d think with all the people who have made allegations against them that there would be probable cause for a search warrant.

  • Angie says:

    I have been fascinated learning of your experience with scientology. Wow! Listening to the stories, I just can’t believe how people choose scientology over their family. How can people not see what is going on?! Just seems crazy to me. Thank you for continuing with the podcast. I enjoy listening to you. BTW Leah, you have a great radio voice!!

  • Strand Jennifer says:

    3 PPP Loans???WTF

  • Lisa Ledesma says:

    Mike! Leah! You guys are amazing. Mike… Your neighbor was my Scientologist mom’s nurse in the hospital! (She told me she lived next to you because I had to call the hospital to warn them that my grandma was a Scientologist… Long story). God I would literally give anything to have like a 10 min convo with you. I’m a 4th generation “Scientologist” (not a Scientologist, but don’t tell my grandma. Yes I still get the mail.). It’s DEEP in my family. Anyways I don’t know why I’m reaching out. Just want you to know I love you. Thanks for all you do.

  • Lisa Ledesma says:

    Also just to add… Both of your voices are great. Leah you’re crazy! Your voice is literally perfect.

  • KJSH says:

    Mike an Leah! I am SO glad to see you are back! I really thought the cult got to the network and shut you down. I am so glad you cleared that up.
    Some thoughts- Leah, I noticed you have been calling the members of Scientology “parishioners” however you also say it is not a church (agreed, it is NOT a church). As harsh as it may sound, I think you should call them cult members, not parishioners. Another thought, I know we all want to know how to stop the crimes that continue to be committed by them. Wouldn’t it be best to get them where it hurts? Their money? Leah, I heard you say ‘write your congressman’. Sometimes people don’t know what to say or who to contact. Could you have a place on your website (maybe you do, I haven’t done a full search) where you have sample letters and a link leading people to a place they can search for their congressmen/women? Push the letter campaign on your podcast. Talk about it each week. Get people pumped. The point of the letter campaign would be to request congress to look into their church status. If they lost their church status they would lose A LOT of money. Think about the taxes they would have to pay on all the real estate they own. Am I right?
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so brave and relentless in getting the word out about this dangerous cult. Keep going.

  • Sparrow says:

    Thank you. Memories of when I was 14 years old came flooding back. I was in grade 9 and my best friend and her family were Scientologists. Well, her dad, her brother, and my friend. Her mom was not there. My friend was so mature compared to our friends. Probably because she was always at courses at the Org with adults. To be honest I was often hanging out with them after their courses were done for the night. While I waited for them I answered the phone.
    Anyway, I remember going to this man’s home so that he could have sex with my 14 yr old friend. Rape her really as she was a child. When the “higher ups” learned of they’re “affair” only my friend was punished. I should say that the rapists wife was either the first or second person in charge of that specific Org.
    After my friend had a child at 19 with another older adult in Scientology I never saw her again. I can’t seem to find her.
    That was in the early 80’s. I miss her.

  • Ana A. says:

    Hi Leah and Mike,

    thanks for the podcast! I enjoyed listening to the first episode, this is very interesting! 🙂

    I am new to the topic, and I am not from the US., nor do I have any connection to Scientology. There are two things that I would enjoy in the next podcasts:
    1) Explain some terms in more detail (ike ‘the office of special affairs’ or scientology counsellor or what happened with Lisa McPherson) (I just see the link here to the Glossary which is super helpful! It could be nice to say a quick explanatory sentence in the podcast as well, or mention the glossary)
    2) Have a kind of ‘what happened so far’ episode, with for example: what is your personal connection to Scientology and how did you get to where you are today? What happened with the show you had?

    Thanks agaIn, looking forward to the next episodes!

  • Erika S says:

    I love you both and love the show(s). Thanks you for everything you are doing. I just have one request, can you please make mention that NarcAnon is in no way shape or form affiliated with Narcotics Anonymous (NA) I don’t want people to get a bad idea about NA. As a member of another anonymous recovery program, I had to look it up to confirm they weren’t related after listening to the episode. I would hate for someone to avoid seeking help from a true non profit and helpful organization that has saved people’s lives because they thought it was the same group. Thank you so much again for all your courage and hard work!

  • Vincent says:

    Loved you A and E show and am now enjoying the podcast! Thanks for bringing us more information. I find it so hard to believe that so many can be swayed by this cult.

    Is there a way to see any of the hit pages that they put out against those who are considered fair game? I know you have both talked about them, but I can’t seem to find any.

    Thanks, again, and best of luck. Can’t wait for Tuesdays now!

  • Rachel says:

    Just finding your podcast and catching up. I have been missing the shot out of you two! Watched every episode of your show on A&E. Leah if you’re going to get cute for the podcasts you guys might ad well put them on a YouTube channel. And I think the Attorney General would address the cult taking all that money from the PPP Grant? Didnt read other comments so sorry if someone else already said this.. Cant wait to hear what’s to come from you.

  • Herb says:

    I like your podcast. But I don’t enjoy the cursing. It will be great if you can abstain or edit it curse words.

  • Brittany Boucher says:

    Thank you!

    The work that the two of you, and countless others, do every day is inspiring. It’s clearly not easy, the crap that gets sent your way for standing up for what is right!

    As a Canadian, I know that there are churches in major cities in Ontario. How can I find real information about these churches so that I can help to open the eyes of society?? Hearing about the pandemic loans that were given to the American “church” infuriated me and I wonder if my government did that too.

    On a side note, Leah, your voice sounds great and I don’t think you sound like a guy at all. Lol! It’s nice to hear someone who gets passionate and drops some f bombs to accentuate their point.

    Mike, you could read the phone book and I’d listen. Your calm tones are a great balance on the podcast. It makes for great listening.

    Looking forward to listening to new podcasts and to start going through these files!

  • Tristan Ericsson says:

    I just wanted to offer some information. I’ve been in nonprofit leadership for years and the SBA PPP loans ARE for 501C3 organizations as well as your typical small business. It’s unfortunate cults like SCI can access it, but it’s not illegal. My question is, however, why would SCI apply for SBA when they should be IMMUNE to disease?! Isn’t part of the benefit of getting up the bridge to be immune to cold/flu/disease?

  • Lee says:

    I love the podcast! Even though I’m not a prude, I think it would be even better if there were less swearing. People with young kids might be listening, and I wouldn’t want the language to be the reason they stop! Keep up the great work!

  • Jim says:

    Episode 0 too many F-words (one is too many), I won’t be listening to the other episodes. The foul language is not necessary.

  • Steven says:

    Mike & Leah,
    I am thrilled that you are doing a podcast! And please don’t worry on how well you are doing. In my opinion you are doing a wonderful job. You are continuing to bring down one of the world’s WORST cults.

    Please answer one question for me. How do I get placed on the “Fair Game” list? I would love for them to come after me just so I can have a legitimate excuse. I’d be willing to do whatever it takes to bring them down.

    And for those people who are offered by “foul” language….GROW UP AND PUT ON YOUR BIG PERSON’S PANTIES! Get over it. It is a form of self expression.

    One small side note. Mike, if I hear the word “obviously” one more time I’m going to pull my hair out. LOL

    Thank you both for continuing the fight against a cult that the world would be better off without.

  • cynthia seocr says:

    Thank you more than you can know. I was fucked over by $ci 40 years ago and have never recovered fully. Their “help” was the final straw in a life that was miserable and hard before and worse than ever after. Never trusted a single person after that. Ever.
    Unfortunately I don’t think they ever did anything illegal to me. I was only on staff at the Long Beach mission for about 3 years. I’m pretty sure that spiritual rape is not illegal yet. I am willing to do anything I can to help expose and stop them.
    Luckily, I never got any auditing, so I’m grateful for that. Yes, working from 9 am to 10 pm six days a week for 3 years without a vacation or day off (except our half day on Sunday) was not enough to earn even 1 hour of auditing. And I think I got paid the whole $50 a week one time, usually it was about $25 a week.
    If anybody ever wonders, absolutely everything I have ever heard from anybody on this podcast and their previous A&E series was absolute verifiable truth. That’s exactly how and what $ci is and was. That our government allows them to exist and helps by letting them profit so much is only typical for what I expect from this country.
    Its time to fix this — by my calculations, there must be millions of victims like me, because their operating model to is suck in all they can, then spit out the ones without money or resources. Unfortunately, when you are spit out, it is not unharmed. And they’ve been doing it for over 6 decades now. Just let me know how I can help.

  • A Leah Remini Fan says:

    Love the podcastd; you two have a great chemistry. The cursing doesn’t faze me at all; if that’s who Leah is and the way she chooses to tell this story I’m all for it, I think it’s hilarious, it shows her frustration and anger, and it works. Leah at the end of episode 0 you said you two had to get better at this. No you don’t. This was great, I learned a lot, and thought this was an awesome segue from the show which I miss. I cannot believe they got PPP loans from the govt!!! This is the kind of info we need. Thanks for sharing the truth. Stay safe & keep it coming.

  • Sarah says:

    SO so so glad you guys are back!

  • Savana says:

    Leah I want to say thankyou so much for publicly leaving. I have never been in scientology however at a young age (10 maybe) I had been interested in it. Its mystery from outside looking in was interesting also my dads calling it a cult added to the mystery. I don’t know if I ever would have joined but I do know I have always looked into it and you were always a look at her she is successful, she is caring, and a scientologist it can’t be all that bad. I mean what religion dosent ve a few horror stories come out. So when you left publicly I watched and listened to you and others better about the truths of it. So thankyou.

  • Jeffery says:

    I’m late getting to the party but binge-watched the crap out of the “Aftermath” on Netflix and now just discovered this podcast. It’s great! And Leah, your voice is sexy as hell, don’t sweat it. Reminds me of Mike Myers “Coffee Talk” character on SNL.

  • David says:

    Your podcast is amazing. Truly. But is there any way you can normalise / level off the sound, meaning that it’s quiet. Then really loud – then too quiet. Then really f-ing loud. Every time Leah gets passionate she’s so loud and eats the mic so much so that we have to stop listening. Just get your sound guy/gal to level off the sound. Constantly adjusting the volume takes us out of what you’re saying, which is really important. Thanks for considering.

  • Amanda Dail says:

    Shit, I mean fuck, I can find all the podcasts! HERE! I was watching what was on YouTube but I’ve listened to most out of order- I’m shutterbugmandyd on Instagram – Leah, everytime you say fuck I take a toke! You two are heroes, you guys make my life look like a tesla being shot out of a SpaceX rocket! I was baptist and my friend was holoniest – my mother and father where neither – I loved the church, but I didn’t like being condemned to hell – so I went to my friends church that was holoniest – I went for a few weeks too many, and it made me leave my church as well – it scared the ever living shit out of me – talking in tongues- flopping all over the church, and when she sit in my house and condemned me to hell for 2 hours – quoting the Bible- she told me I wasn’t fruitful – I didn’t have a heart- and pretty much going to hell – FINALLY😇 I said well don’t let me push your ass through the fucking door to get in, and I told her Jude the and though shall not be judged!!!! I went to dales pub and had a beer- or 20❤ I live my life helping the environment like my dad – and this heartless bitch for example, dug a lady that was death out of the sand when she was stuck on topsail Island NC❤ so she can suck my big fucking toe! Love you guys, keep it up!


    My question is, they have all of this money, why keep pressuring people so hard for more? Who is actually benefitting from the billions of dollars, muscavaige? Obviously all his bills are paid, and I’m sure he doesn’t do courses.

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