Episode 18: Mary Kahn from The Aftermath

November 24 Episode 18: Mary Kahn from The Aftermath

Leah and Mike welcome Mary Kahn to talk about her experience reaching the top of the scientology “Bridge to Total Freedom,” disconnection, scientology’s view of psychiatry and much more.

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Hy Levy in Tampa Bay Times

Former fundraiser Hy Levy spills the beans on what life as a full time SO “registrar” is like

7 year old girl passionate kiss

Hubbard’s bizarre statement in Dianetics that a 7 year old should not find anything wrong with a passionate kiss from a man

What is Solo NOTs (OT 7)

Former senior scientology executive describes the penultimate level on the scientology Bridge

Between Lives Implants

The Hubbard “technology” of how your memories of previous lifetimes are erased

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Scientology on psychiatry

A blog post quoting from some of Hubbard’s most outrageous statements claiming psychiatry is the root of all evil on earth.


  • Aryian Mckay says:

    I’m trying to get ahold of mike or Leah I have my own personal ties. I was never a member. But I have questions about topics you have never covered. Or no one has ever covered that I know of. Please if anyone can get me in contact!

  • Cece says:

    Awwww this was the best of the best summary. Scientology in a nutshell.
    BONUS: What we can all do about ending this and getting our families and friends out.
    Thank you Mary, Leah and Mike.

  • Lindsay Garrett says:

    Thank you, Mike and Leah for continuing to put your asses on the line for the sake of the planet and the universe. If there truly is some vile and impending doom upon us to be protected from, certainly it is the web of Scientology and all the spidery bits which come crawling when they feel a lil commotion.
    I grew up in a Fundamentalist Southern Baptist cult, and though it was not exactly the experience you all had with Scientology, when you speak I often find themes in tragedy and trauma that I closely relate to.
    I just wanted to say that you’re hosting a service for so many others – not just those who have fallen prey to Scientology – but those who have fallen prey to any predatory religion or belief system.
    You are literal angels.
    I love you all like family.

  • Toini Esmay says:

    I don’t understand how the cult keeps getting away with the mistreatment and harassment of people. Why doesn’t the government do something about it. Also why was Scientology forgiven over a billions dollars in tax deft when they will put a person in jail for owing a couple thousand.
    Why does a man knock Muscavage on his ass when he attacks people. He looks a little shit and for him to be abusive is not exceptable so why do they let him get away with it.

  • Toini Esmay says:

    Thank you for doing what Leah and you do.

  • Kendy Maher says:

    Leah & Mike: Is there a plan to take questions from listeners? I have questions for Leah around forgiveness & her mother. I’m still mad at my mother but you seem to have figured that out. I would like to know how.

  • Keri Schneider says:

    I am curious why the FBI doesn’t infiltrate the Sea Org with an under cover agent like they have done for other suspected crime ridden organizations? To me, it seems like the only way they will really see what goes on and collect the evidence they need. Have they ever offered or tried to do that?

  • Carol says:

    I know there are Drs. who are svientologists but wondering are there psychiatrists who are scientologists? I think that would be dangerous.

  • Winn skinner says:

    How is Scientology saving the earth? I hear how they are selling self improvement it I don’t see the connection to saving the world.

  • Deb Donner says:

    A grown ass man passionately kissing a 7 year old child is a pedophile at the very least. Perhaps those engrams should be considered guardian angels when they give a kid the heebbie jeebbies when a grown man kisses her inappropriately. It boggles the mind that people continue to buy into this crap, but, in their defense, they’ve been groomed by a predator from a very early age. And thank you to the IRS for allowing this to continue by giving them tax free status, you asshat morons.

  • Cela Sandin says:

    Just a quick question for Mike and/or Leah: did Muskavitch (sp?) and Hubbard go through all these insane programs and levels to get to their ppsition? Or do they only put other members through all the hell?

  • Andrea Hannan says:

    You guys have referenced Anderson Cooper’s 5 part series do you know if it is available anywhere to watch?

  • Mary Peterson says:

    I love what you are doing to get justice for all those abused and tormented by the psychotic rantings of a lunatic. Smart but crazy.

    I have been looking for the AC360 piece on the church of crazy. Where can I go to in order to find it!!!

  • Keri Rutledge says:

    I’ve just finished watching Aftermath on Netflix. I watched it when it aired originally, but wanted to re-watch when it was launched on Netflix. After re-watching I have some questions, where do we send in questions to hopefully be answered at some point on the podcast?

    • Mike Rinder says:

      Yes, send them here and I note them down

      • Keri Rutledge says:

        Great, here are a couple I had.

        1. I understand that LRH is now “late” in his “return” to earth. How does COS explain this?
        2. Does DM really believe in all the bullshit that Scientology is spewing? Or is he just drunk on the power and will defend Scientology at any cost?
        3. How far up the bridge has DM made it? Did he actually do all of the course work? And who would be his auditor if so?
        4. What on earth could DM have offered Marty Rathburn in order for him to return to the “flock” knowing what he left to begin with? How could he turn his back on all his friends who have left the church?

  • Rae says:

    Always in choked up awe of this woman. Mary and Aaron Smith-Levin personify the raw, visceral hurt caused by these cult members. Completely inexcusable they have to be continually devalued and attacked by these sci-fi thugs. It’s so important to be reminded of all the hurt and mental torture Scientology still inflicts on their victims. Thank you, Mary for your continuing strength and sharing with us, again.

  • Kristin M says:

    Will you ever devote and episode to Marty Rathbun? Also, I haven’t heard you discuss Jason Beghe at all — is there a reason for this?

    • Mike Rinder says:

      The one with Ray Jeffrey covered a lot of stuff about Marty Rathbun. As for Jason, the topic just hasnt come up. He is busy shooting his Chicago show — don’t get much chance to even see him these days.

  • Julian says:

    I just finished watching the last aftermath and have listened to all of your podcasts. There has been one thing that keeps coming up and this might be something worth exploring. Identity. When there is mental conditioning that happens whether it is a religion, cult, military, martial arts organization. When leaving there is a loss of purpose and identity. Could you do a pod cast talking about this a little more.

  • Michelle Melone says:

    I know this question would cause a huge ‘fair game’ explosion but have you guys thought about doing a movie to ‘show’ and have someone ‘experience’ what you are talking about? I love what you guys are doing!!! Just a thought.

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