Episode 32: Aftermath Executive Producer Aaron Saidman

March 16 Episode 32: Aftermath Executive Producer Aaron Saidman

We talk to Aaron Saidman, co-founder of production company (IPC) that was brave enough to bring The Aftermath to air. Tune in for some behind-the-scenes insight into the making of the program, how it came about, the impact it had and how the people involved dealt with scientology and their Fair Game tactics.



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With Aaron and Eli

Aaron Saidma (far right) and his producing partner and co-founder of IPC, Eli Holzman (far left).  The tall man in the middle is Matthew Belloni, then Editor of the Hollywood Reporter


  • Sherri says:

    Leah, I’ve listened to every podcast and I think what you and Mike are doing to expose Scientology is phenomenal. I was involved many years ago for just a short time. Your guest speakers are excellent, but I’d like to listen to what they have to say without constant interruption which oftentimes changes the course of conversation the guest was sharing with listeners before the interruption. I adore you and I admire your passion and perserverance, but please stop using the F-word and talking about your periods. It really distracts from the seriousness of the subject matter and the purpose of the podcast.

  • Trent Daniels says:

    Love the show. I started listening because I wanted to understand who people got pulled into it. Leia please let mike get a few more words in.

  • Rachelle says:

    Hi Mike and Leah! I didn’t realize The Aftermath was on Netflix until I heard this episode & so I’ve been binging your work this week. One thing that struck me is that, over and over again, it comes up that being a scientologist is so much work and it’s all for nothing.

    I was listening to another one of my favorite podcasts this morning. It’s called Embrace the Void. The most recent episode is an interview with cult expert and podcaster Matthew Remski. He says this:

    “That’s a very standard thing in cults, is that the work is endless but the work is also pointless. Because the ultimate product of the work is to substantiate the relationships of the hierarchy. There’s no external product, just like there is no external information that’s allowed to come in.”

  • Nicole Corradino says:

    I have just started watching your show on Netflix. Thank you for your kindness and educating us all about this cult. You are brave and loving

  • Josh says:

    Would you please talk about the Kabbalah Centre. I’ve heard stories about financially exploiting it’s parishioners and I think it deserves a conversation.

  • Angela C. Huntington NY says:

    I am finally caught up on your podcast! I loved The Aftermath and really missed you guys, and was so excited when I realized you had a podcast (heard you on the “How Did This Get Made” podcast!).
    Listened to the episode Aaron Saidman and it made me realize how much work you all did on the show! Leah I know you don’t like the word “entertaining”, and intúyalos got what you said, but I also liked what Aaron said, you guys did make me cry, and I’ve cried a few times on the podcast too. I do a lot of non friction reading, and watch a lot of documentaries, and I’m not sure if I do it for entertainment, or to learn, but I find it all fascinating and helps me to be more aware, for myself and my family. I keep thinking about the books that I’ve read from women ego have escaped from a kidnapper, especially Jaycee Dugard, who was held captive for 18 years! How she was actually at the police station and didn’t escape then! Would you ever go Seder doing a podcast related to those who escaped from kidnappers? It’s so similar to a cult, I never realized it before!
    Thank you for all you both do!! 💗💗

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