Episode 7: Emmy and Oscar Winner Alex Gibney

September 8 Episode 7: Emmy and Oscar Winner Alex Gibney
The legendary documentary filmmaker talks to Leah and Mike about making Going Clear and the Fair Game he has been subjected to. He provides insight into how scientology is different from other organizations he has tackled and what the government should be doing about it.
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Lawrence Wright's Going Clear

The book Alex Gibney’s HBO documentary was based on.

Going Clear: The HBO Documentary
Scientology's ad in NYT & LAT

Scientology placed an ad decrying the documentary before they had even seen it.

Scientology smears

This is a small selection of the smears on Alex Gibney by scientology

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Alex Gibney's LA Times Editorial


  • Gary says:

    I am enjoying all of your episodes so far. Thanks.

    Why did you (Leah, I think) that Marty Rathburn has gone back to Scientology? I am curious to know about this, since he played such a large role in Going Clear as an anti-Scientology warrior. Also, in relation to this, what is the status of some of the ex-members (can’t remember which) that sought to pure Miscavage but maintain the tenets of Scientology?

  • lkjlj says:

    I hope that you guys will cover new stuff, meaning previously unknown.

    I understand it’s hard to get people who aren’t already public, but it would be nice to hear from some of the PIs like the Ciera woman Tony profiled or others who now regret their work for the church.

  • Ali says:

    I really enjoyed the podcast again this week, I am from the UK and was very interested in what Alex was saying about our libel laws – I was surprised as I thought we were not so litigious! Going Clear has definitely been on TV here though, I remember watching it.
    I was also wondering about what Leah said about Marty Rathburn – he’s gone back to Scientology? I’d love to know more about that.
    Also Mike and Leah, have you seen Louis Theroux s My Scientology Movie? He would make a great guest on your podcast

  • Kristin says:

    LOVING this podcast and loved the AE documentary also. Thank you so much! This is just a silly, housekeeping request. I listen at work in my headphones and sometimes the background noises can be a bit distracting. On the Alex Gibney episode it was if someone was fiddling with a pen or maybe something metal on a table? I don’t meant to be nit picky cuz I LOVE YOU GUYS, but it was just a bit distracting. 🙂

  • Davey M says:

    LOVING the podcast guys! It’s incredible how terrible these people can be. You two are doing a great job! I loved your anecdote about the paparazzo following you! Do you have any suggestions as to what us listeners can do to help your cause?

  • Sim says:

    I really enjoy following the mission you two have undertaken, I am wondering if anyone has tried applying the RICO laws in your cause?

  • Robin says:

    I really didn’t know much about Scientology prior to seeing Going Clear. I was completely floored to find out the reality of it. Loved The Aftermath and the new podcast!
    With the Fair Game policy inflicted on former members, journalist, filmmaker an anyone that speaks out, I have to believe that it’s also happening on the inside to keep people locked in. Does the “church” use information gathered in audit sessions to keep people in and keep them from Talking or even leaving?

  • Jennifer Clinton says:

    Love the podcast and your show! I have a question about scientology that you may have answered before, but I was just wondering, do scientologists get together on a certain day of the week and worship together? Is there a sermon and if so who conducts the service? Do they actually worship L. Ron Hubbard? Just curious, thanks!

    • Mike Rinder says:

      No, there is a “Sunday Service” but it is really just for show to pretend to be like “normal” religions. They say they don’t worship L. Ron Hubbard — but his word is treated as the word of God, so I guess it depends on your definition. They do not pray to him. But they do look to him to guide them in their every action in life.

      • Leslie says:

        Do Scientologists pray? If so, to whom? Do they read the Bible or believe any of it?
        Thank you and Leah for opening everyone’s eyes to what really happens in Scientology.

  • Nicki says:

    Hello, I’m really enjoying this podcast. I have been following Scientology for several years now and I thought Going Clear was amazing. I have been wondering if David Miscavige under goes auditing sessions. And if so, who would audit him and is there a file kept on him like all other Scientologists?
    Thank you for your time and keep up the good work!

  • Brian says:

    Why aren’t those people following you arrested for stalking?

  • Jillian says:

    Got a flyer in the mail today from the Tampa Scientology office inviting me to “Attend a Local Event Like No Other.” The irony is that I was listening to this episode this morning while walking my dog past their office! Creepy! Thanks for all you guys do exposing these frauds and keep up the great work!

  • Kristen Pfeifer says:

    I am also curious as to when/why Marty Rathburn went back “into” Scientology. After binge watching all of Aftermath and going clear I was surprise to hear in these episodes that Leah and Mike mention that he’s back in. Can you two provide some insight? Is it financial gain. I thought with all his negative commentary when he came out that he’d by perfect HOLE material if he ever went back in. Appreciate your perspective!

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