Episode 45: Activist and Author Dr. Brian Sheen

June 15 Episode 45: Activist and Author Dr. Brian Sheen

Brian is an old time scientologist who ended his involvement and went on earn a PhD. He never spoke about the abuses he witnessed because his former wife and daughter were still involved. The story of how he came to be declared SP and his daughter’s disconnection is typically tragic but especially insane. His heroic fight to get her back continues to this day.

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Brian's website: scientologyhostage.com

A wealth of information about his story and efforts to recover his daughter are on this website

Relentless: Rescuing My Daughter From Scientology

Brian’s book about scientology

Science of Survival

Hubbard’s “solution” for the “low toned” in society “…dispose of them quietly and without sorrow…”

Dr. Candace Pert
Florida Commission on Human Rights

Brian’s complaint to the FCHR was rejected as being “outside the scope” of their mandate

Brian's YouTube channel

Brian has done a number of innovative “White Board” descriptions of scientology


  • James Walberg says:

    Another great episode. Thank you very much. Also, it seems as if this podcast has been removed from YouTube.

  • Michelle Smith says:

    (totally not an episode-related comment) I LOVE YOU GUYS! You make me laugh and smile during every episode. I love your personality Leah – I think we’re sisters from another mister. You crack my ass up when you throw F-bombs and get so pissed at the stupidity that is Scientology. Mike – you are the perfect balance to Leah’s crazy. When you two banter I just love it. I could listen to you talk about anything and enjoy it. God bless you both for the work you’re doing to help others. You’re blessed to be a blessing. Don’t forget that! PS: I hope you’re in this for the long haul because I’m not going to know what to do with myself if you aren’t on the air. <3

  • Electra in TX says:

    Am I the only one who had your You Tube channel disappear from the channel list and unable to find it on search?

    Was there at 0300 Tues but gone when I looked later and the search brought up other videos but none of the 45 “Faur Gane” episodes.
    Re-search for channel every day, still not there.


  • Daniel says:

    Mike, it seems the podcast is no longer available on YouTube

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