Episode 47: The Life and Lies of L. Ron Hubbard Part 2

June 29 Episode 47: The Life and Lies of L. Ron Hubbard Part 2

Leah and Mike continue the deep dive into the life and lies of Hubbard with Jon Atack, covering a whole new range of topics. Also a special tribute to Ron Miscavige.

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Sonya Bianca incident
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Possible Origins of Dianetics and Scientology

Jon Atacks article

A Doctor's Report on Dianetics
The 270 Clears in Dianetics

Hubbard claims to have tested Dianetics on 270 clears

Alexis Hubbard

The daughter Hubbard disowned

Hubbard letter to Helen O'Brien

Let’s check the religion angle as it couldn’t bring us worse PR or less customers

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Wilhelm Reich legal problems
Cognitive Dissonance
When Prophecy Fails

Leon Festiger’s celebrated study of Cognitive Dissonance

Scientology States Attained

From `1968 edition of Scientology 0-8 book

Scientology States Attained
Ron Miscavige's I'm Happy
Ruthless by Ron Miscavige


  • MR says:

    “Are you gonna put your fucking elbow in my ass?”

    I swear I almost peed my pants when I heard this! Love the episode but this IMO was the best part. Heard Leah say many hilarious things but this was the tops. This is why I love her. There aren’t many ladies out there who are sexier than a foul-mouthed NYer. I don’t know if she ever considered stand-up comedy but she could be a raging success at it.

  • Kim Appel says:

    Leah, you fail to see any correlation between the Catholic Church and cultists in most episodes. Please read this and perhaps see this from a different perspective. Far too much has been lost to humankind’s progress because of religion in general but by those running the Catholic Church in particular. Humans around the globe suffer whist it sits on a hoard like Smog the dragon.


  • Antonia says:

    I have a question about Kelly Preston’s cancer treatment. I’m sorry she has died, but how was she treated? Scientology? That obviously didn’t work. Would John and Kelly go outside Scientology to search for treatment? Would that not be against the “rules”?
    Your podcast is fabulous. I’ve been watching this cult for years.

  • Oliver eagling says:

    Hu leah and mike
    I’m from the UK
    I have some experience with the church of scientology and also the Mormon church, I infiltrated both of these churches and have many stories I could tell you, not that they would shock you guys too much lol
    But I have some very imporant info on the practice of poligomy with the Mormon church which does still go on. They call it being sealed to another women. It’s a marriage done within the church do its not a legal marrage but it’s still the same. The elders had up to 20 wife’s and this is of last year. Also I have some experience with the church of scientology, I was contacted by police for simply asking for David misgaviges contact number. And much more. I look forward to hearing g from you both. Take care and keep up the good fight, your making waves and making a difference and for that I salute you both. Love from uk

  • Oliver eagling says:

    Love you guys, my favorite podcast

  • LC says:

    Hi there. What is the latest in Heber? Maybe I missed something, but has anyone seen him or is he and Shelly bunked up somewhere?

  • Sarah says:

    I’m binging the series and I’m at this episode now. I am reminded of one particular drunk history episode that you might enjoy.

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