Episode 15: Former President Narconon, Luke Catton

November 3 Episode 15: Former President Narconon, Luke Catton

Leah and Mike cover a wide range of topics related to Narconon: including scientology’s involvement, the effectiveness of the program and the Fair Gaming Luke has been subjected to.

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Public Image Policy Letter

Hubbard telling scientology to infiltrate groups in society to create “goodwill”

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Have You Told All?

Luke’s first book


Luke’s second book

Scientology Front Groups

Wikipedia entry, though it omits Freedom Ethics Watch, STAND, Freedom Magazine, Youth for Human Rights and Drug Free Marshalls.


The Danger of Niacin

Article from Mikerindersblog.org concerning the Purification program and use of large doses of niacin

Narconons are Scientology

David Miscavige’s diagram showing the relationship between a local scientology org and Narconon

Luke with David Miscavige

Luke with David Miscavige at Narconon Arrowhead. Also in the picture between him and Miscavige are Rena Weinberg (former President of ABLE Int), Laurie Zurn (former head of ABLE Int) as well as Gary Smith, head of Narconon Arrowhead.

Freedom mag Posse of Lunatics

The publication that caused so many to begin questioning scientology and its Fair Game — still available on their website.


  • Pauline Barrett says:

    LOVE YOUSES!!! (said in my best NY accent 😉)
    Has anyone ever been able to infiltrate Scientology to get the scoop and evidence for law enforcement and IRS? Is it even possible?

  • Angela says:

    I was walking the route of the terror attack in my city, Vienna from Nov 2 to pay my respect and look what I found right next to it: Another scientology front organisation “the way to happiness” – photos at https://imgur.com/a/PWi2JWh

  • lolrondotcom says:

    i found his SP declare for your reference:



  • Sheeshee says:

    I love you guys so much! So cute the way Mike says hello to Leah in the intro. I say it along with him, “Hello Leelee.”
    Question: I know the church doesn’t, but Are the front groups required to pay taxes?

    • Mike Rinder says:

      Not the ones that fall under ABLE (Association for Better Living and Education), they all have exemption too. So does CCHR and Youth For Human Rights. Not sure there are any of them that are tax-paying other than scientologist owned businesses that fall under WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises)…

  • Therese Chan says:

    Lots of ‘front groups’ targeting veterinarians over the years too – Hollander Consulting, Silken Management, Solutions Magazine, etc. Under the guise of ‘helping your practice’ and/or ‘interviewing’ a doctor for their magazine. I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of stories on an international veterinary website. I worked for a wife/husband team years ago who had a huge management flow chart on the wall, with one of those front groups in small print at the bottom – odd folks, and I still wonder if they were in Scientology. Thankfully they never pushed anything on me.

  • Rosemary Cusson-OBrien says:

    I am a cohost of a podcast called A Vague Knowledge of Everything. Today we recorded an episode about non profits, what they are, what rules they have to follow, what tax exempt status does for them, etc. Our guest told us about a site called Charity Navigator, where they score alleged charitable organizations with tax exempt status out of 100, based on an independent assessment of the organization. It was set up to help people see where their donation money goes and what organizations are worth donating to. I searched Narconon. Not all on the list were scored, but of the ones that were, only one received a passing score, the Los Angeles location had a 75 of 100. The other ones that were scored were between 25 and 60, all failing grades. Wow. Not a surprise, but I hadn’t known that this tool existed, so I thought I would bring that info here.

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