Episode 54: The Sea Organization Deep Dive with Hana Whitfield

August 17 Episode 54: The Sea Organization Deep Dive with Hana Whitfield

Leah and Mike do a deep dive into the Sea Organization with Hana Whitfield, one of the first Sea Org members. Hana joined L. Ron Hubbard in Las Palmas in 1967, and went on to Captain various Sea Org ships and bases. We cover the early years of the formation of the SO, her recollections of Hubbard, his “Mission Into Time” and much more.

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The Sea Org

The formation of the Sea Org

The Avon River

The first ship of the Sea Project, later renamed Athena.

Sea Org Ranks and Ratings
Captain David Miscavige
Do not call him Captain Miscavige
Mission Into Time

Hubbard’s failed effort to locate buried treasure he “recalled” from past lives…

Ron's Journal (RJ) 67

One of the crazier Hubbard lectures where he announces OT III and the formation of the Sea Org.

The Sea Org Contract

All Sea Org members commit themselves to serving for a billion years


Sea Org members pride themselves on being “tough.”

Physical violence

There is no concern over physical violence among SO members in the course of doing their jobs:

SO expectation

You’re expected to do any job in the SO, trained or not:

More Hubbard

More on what is expected of a Sea Org member


  • Kimberly says:

    Love the show! Great work on reiterating their tax exemption. I would love to hear your thoughts on Scientologist who leave quietly like Laura Prepon. Do you think you could use those “covert” defectors to influence more government change?

  • Stephanie Smith says:

    Can we please have more episodes with Hana?

    Suggestions for future Hana episode: Mikey, Lili, and Hana (instead of dissecting Scientology structures) just share a glass (water, tea, coffee, wine, what have you) and just share the inter generational dish of a common age being in the organization. Mike and Hanna joined and stayed longer but perhaps comparing what being in their early teens/twenties in the Sea Org across generations. Perhaps add a fourth younger guest like Misceviches niece.

    Growing up in a cult myself that started in the 60s I have had inter generational conversations like this now that we’ve all left and it’s fascinating to me.

  • Abbe says:

    Leah, I would love to hear your thoughts on how training routines that teach you how not to react, not to feel or express feelings affects actors in scientology. Can you talk about the acting process of getting to those emotions (and especially with dramatic actors like Elizabeth Moss and Erika Christensen) with what seems to be the opposite training under scientology? Thank you! Love all that you and Mike do!

  • megan says:

    After listening to ep 54, it made me think of a question if you guys ever do another q&a: knowing that LRH and David miscavige enjoy punishing people even for minor “infractions,” often in cruel and unusual ways, do you think either or both of them would go so far as sentencing someone to death if that’s something they were able to do with impunity? Or did/do they have some semblance of a consience? If either or both of them were ever able to gain any political power, do you think they’d ever contemplate genocide and if so, of which populations and by what methods? I’m just curious what your assessment is of the megalomania involved in leading scientology and whether it has any bounds.

  • Honey Shotwell says:

    What does Scientology due when there members have no more money because they’ve taken it all

    • Steve says:

      There’s always more money, you just tell them to go away until they have it. Mortgage your house, open a new credit card, live well below your means, take a 2nd job. Remember the “Sham-wow” infomercial guy, he was a Scientologist and had an army of Scientologists working in malls across America selling infomercial products. You can actually make a lot of money fast doing that.

      It’s not money that runs out first, it’s the will to keep trying. So if you break mentally, then you go away. But if you’re still dedicated to the treadmill, there’s always another thing you can do. Like crackheads, you never run out of money, you just might do progressively worse things to get it!

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