Episode 67: Listener Questions #9

November 23 Episode 67: Listener Questions #9

Another of our favorite Listener Questions episodes… We have a lot of great questions, including what the organization does with all the money it makes? Are the PI’s scientologists? What would happen if we tried to rejoin scientology? What is the most bizarre Hubbard policy? What’s the story with Mimi Rogers? Does David Miscavige tune in? And a lot more.

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A to E steps

The steps that a person declared Suppressive must do in order to get back into good standing with scientology?

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The Black Bag Department

My earlier blog post about scientology PI’s and which ones are scientologist

Who is Rick Moxon?

One of the unindicted co-conspirators from Guardian’s Office prosecution (along with L. Ron Hubbard), in house lawyer for scientology, OT VIII and father of Stacy Moxon who committed suicide at the Int Base (it was covered up as an accident).

Monique Yingling on 20/2

Unfortunately the only way I have found to see Monique with her impressive display of muffins is to watch Part 1 and allow this video to then go to Part 2. At 00:30 Monique shows up with the muffins baked with love by the slave sat Gold.

Yingling and Davis on AC 360

Monique Yingling and Tommy Davis on AC 360 lying about disconnection

Jokers and Degraders

One of two of the most bonkers Hubbard policies (in my view)

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Pain and Sex

The second choice of bonkers Hubbard writings

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Data on Fragrances

Hubbard on odors and perfume — another of his completely bonkers writings (Note, his ramblings seemed to become even more unhinged towards the end of his life — though it is hard to top History of Man) ….

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VF article about Nazanin Boniadi

Maureen Orth’s excellent VF article about Tom Cruise that details what happened to then-scientologist Nazanin Boniadi who had been selected and groomed as Cruise’s new mate.

Passionate kiss quote from Dianetics
Leah's list of recommended books


  • Lauren says:

    Does L Ron Hubbard’s children ever speak out about Scientology?

  • Helen Kendra says:

    Hi guys
    Another fab episode, thanks for all you do.
    I have a question for listeners questions –
    I live in Cardiff, Wales. Do you have any idea how many Scientologists are in the U.K.? I have left Aftermath Foundation cards outside the church in Birmingham and got some insights from a friend who lives near. I saw 1 car go in and out, I did have security be alerted that I was there, ah well! I really think the numbers are tiny. I have also registered my guest room with th aftermath foundation, in case someone here needs it. Much love

  • Sam Augaitis-Elzey says:

    I have a question for you guys! It requires a bit of fluff before the question, so my apologies! I am a therapist. Let’s say I was having a nice stroll one day in Hollywood and stumbled across scientology’s free personality testing center and decided, what the hell and walked in. Inevitably, I fail the test because, who doesn’t. Then I am sent to the Reg to sign me up for classes to help rescue me from myself. This is when you are to cough up the money as well as details about yourself. I tell them my occupation…. What happens then? What do they say to someone whose money they want but who they vocally renounce as being pure evil?

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