Episode 39: Former A&E Executive Devon Graham Hammonds

May 4 Episode 39: Former A&E Executive Devon Graham Hammonds

Mike and Leah talk to the network guardian angel who oversaw The Aftermath show, Devon Graham Hammonds. They cover how the show came to be, a lot of behind-the-scenes glimpses into production, the Fair Gaming of those who worked on the show and why it ended — not because scientology “got it canceled.”

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Devon Graham Hammonds
Scientology's Cancel Culture

Scientology falsely takes credit for me “being fired” and the Aftermath “being cancelled” – neither of which happened

The Aftermath on Netflix

All episodes of The Aftermath are now available on Netflix

Scientology Price List

Some have never seen an actual price list from scientology, the business masquerading as a religion.

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  • Bre says:

    Hi Mike and Leah! Love all of your content! I have two questions that I would love to hear your opinion on.

    1. You have stated many times that Scientology is not expanding in terms of how many members they have. In a desperate attempt to keep the organization alive, do you think they would ever reconsider their policy on Sea Org members having children in hopes that they would remain in the church and raise their children in the church as well? Although I’m sure this number would not be significant, you’ve explained the stock they put in numbers so I would assume that any extra bodies would help them inflate their membership even more than they already do.
    2. Do you feel that David Miscavige truly believes in Scientology? Is he smart enough to realize it’s all BS, but is too wrapped up in the life he lives that is full of power and luxury so he instead plays the part? I can’t help but wonder if he only wants to keep the organization alive long enough until his death when the fame and fortune no longer matters.

  • Shay says:

    Tuesday was always a very special day for me because its a day where I get something in a video game…. but I haven’t even checked the game yet cause now Tuesday is all about this podcast.

    I stopped everything I was doing when I realized the episode was up.

    Devon sounds like such a beautiful person. I’m so glad you had an executive in your corner like her.

  • Trisha Matter Everton says:

    Well thank you very much. Now I have to go back and watch the show from start to finish again. 😉 I was riveted the first time around but now I feel like I know all the people interviewed and understand the stories so much better.

  • PS says:

    Are Scientologists anti-vaxxers? Do you think David Miscavige or Tom Cruise got the Covid vaccine?

    Great show!


    Did you watch the Netflix series The Sons of Sam. They say that Berkowitz didn’t do it alone and it was the son’s of Sam Carr. They both joined Scientology, became clear and dabbled in the occult. Sounds like Hubbard’s type of people

  • Daniel says:

    What is Rockslams? I downloaded some OT level document once upon a time. I was looking through the table of contents and found that term. I could not interpret the jargon and still have no idea what it means. If this question is not interesting enough for a Q&A, then what are some other weird and obscure jargon words in Scientology?

    • Ammo Alamo says:

      Jon Atack provides the best summation of Rock Slams in one of his interviews. It was on YouTube, and also linked at Tony Ortega’s site. Here is my recollection of Atack’s report about Rock Slams.

      Hubbard began seeing reports of wildly swinging E-Meter needles when a member was being audited or sec-checked. He interpreted that crazy swings of the E-Meter as a sign the person holding the E-Meter ‘cans’ had evil intent toward both Scientology and Hubbard himself. Those people who were “on the cans”- (holding the two electrodes of the E-Meter) when its needle began swinging wildly left-right were said to be Rock Slammers. Many of them were quickly demoted and sent to the Rehabilitation Force (RPF), which is the punishment group Hubbard had created to force people back in line through months or years of hard labor, lack of sleep, poor food, and abusive living conditions.

      But what Hubbard took for an indication of a person’s evil mental thoughts was not that at all. In fact, it was a very normal electrical problem inside an E-Meter, caused by carbon being shed by cheap components, which then got into the sensitive electrical parts of the E-Meter’s needle. It might happen to an E-Meter at any time, even when no person was touching the ‘cans’. When someone built an E-Meter using first-quality components it would never ‘Rock Slam’, because better components would not deteriorate and shed the carbon particles responsible for the meter’s wildly swinging needle.`

      Conveniently for Hubbard, about the time so many people were being sent to the RPF due to Rock Slams it was also a time in which Scientology needed extra ‘slave labor’ to clean up and fix various manual-labor projects around the many buildings and grounds owned by the church.
      Eventually those rock-slamming E-Meters were all sent in for their mandated annual service, and the cheap parts were replaced, so over time no more Rock Slams occurred, though the policy around Rock Slams remained in force. Also, many of those sent to the RPF for being evil Rock Slammers were reinstated back to their old posts, because their replacements were not getting the work done.

      Whew. What a long-winded explanation. But it was all a part of the controlling nature Hubbard created within Scientology. Later, someone discovered records of Hubbard himself having Rock Slams, but that was quickly swept under the rug and the person who revealed it was himself declared Suppressive and kicked out.

      Scientology – it’s always worse than you think.

  • Mike F says:

    Can you guys talk about if you knew about Scientology’s connection to the Carr brothers and the Son of Sam murders?

    This was discussed in the new Son of Sam Netflix documentary.

  • Yvette says:

    Is there a listing of celebrities who are scientologists? I would like to know so I dont support their movies, etc.

  • Katie Sirignano says:

    I have a question about awards ceremonies like the Emmys. So when your show was nominated for an award, would Celebrity Scientologists be forbidden to attend those?

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