Episode 51: The Bridge Deep Dive Part 2 with Bruce Hines

July 27 Episode 51: The Bridge Deep Dive Part 2 with Bruce Hines

We continue breaking down the Bridge to total Freedom towards the level of Clear with Bruce Hines. It’s the stairway to heaven with turnstiles at every step.

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The State of Clear

It’s half-way up the Bridge

What is an E-Meter

This is the latest model — a basic version costs $5,000

The E-Meter in Auditing

The auditor has the meter, the person paying holds the cans

Write up on the E-Meter

Leah’s therapist provided her with this write up

Bruce Ploetz on the E-Meter

The former scientologist who was the technical guru on the E-Meter design and production weighs in

Deep Dive on the E-Meter

Jeffrey Augustine’s 10 part series on the history of the E-Meter

Wikipedia on the E-Meter
Waking the Tiger; Healing Trauma
The Happiness Rundown

Based on Hubbard “non-religious” moral code

Scientology Price List
Scientology Price List (ASHO)
Scientology Price List (Flag)
The claimed results of auditing
The Scientology "Inch Wives"

The now infamous appearance of these 4 women on AC 360

Who is Bruce Hines today?

Part of the team of scientists researching dark matter….


  • Mary Z says:

    Love the Scientology podcast! Leah and Mike, you two rock! Have watched your shows and look forward to your podcast updates each week. Episode 51 (and so many others) are so insightful, but also at times, so sad and disturbing. Hearing about the treatment of people and the significant money outlay by families that need the funds for college and retirement is so maddening. So hard to believe this is actually going on in today’s world. Keep fighting the good fight!!

    • Steve says:

      Well, you don’t need money for college if you don’t believe in education. And you don’t need to plan for retirement if you expect to be an all-powerful super spirit by the time you’re old. Or, if you expect to “drop the body” as soon as it gets annoyingly old.

      That’s how it’s looked at within Scientology.

  • No One Special says:

    My opinion doesn’t matter, but I want to express appreciation for the latest episode. Bruce Hines, the fact that you went on to be a part of explaining the universe through cosmology is absolutely impressive. You are doing what LRH never did, which is actual research and data collection to explain a hypothesis. I enjoyed getting to hear more of Bruce this time in part 2!
    As for Leah, your small detours regarding what you should want out of life according to yourself compared to what Scientology tells you to want out of life are incredibly encouraging.

    Mike, you are wonderfully clear in all of your explanations and I feel that you really try to be objective and give a picture to those outside the organization by providing legitimate documentation.

    Thanks for all that you do.

  • Julian says:

    The body is a dc electric generator. It uses chemical changes to create electrical impulses. The e-meter is measuring the electrical impulses that is traveling through the nerves and muscles and facia. Measurements from the e-meter tell you there was an impulse. It cannot tell you what it was.
    The book the body electric looks into how animals with a high dc charge capacity can grow back limbs.
    Sometimes trauma in the body can cause disruptions to the currents inside the body. This pattern unless restored will continue indefinitely. The body keeps the score.

    The way Hubbard designed the use of the e-meter was for de-sensitization. This method also known as biofeedback allows people to objectively remove the programmed response from the person. Which is great if you are attempting to clear a trauma. It is horrible if used to remove the things that make us human.

  • Sam Murdock says:

    Love you both. Big fan, I wanted to know more about Elizabeth Moss and her hypercritical role on the hand maids tale. How obvious it should be to Elizabeth moss that this character she plays is exactly what she is involved in. I don’t understand?

    • Steve says:

      Layers of irony there. Scientologists view themselves as the polar opposite of cult members. That’s the trick, getting people to join a cult under the impression that it’s their own choice.

  • Hanks says:

    Great episode! I was wondering, and forgive me if Mike has answered this – you’ve told us how you decided to leave, but do you recall the thoughts and moment you realized the technology was bunk? Was it before you left, or part of recovery?

  • Kevin Kirkwood-Eales says:

    Thank you for the podcast and enlightenment. I have a very different view point on cults and high control groups (and some religious groups)

    my question is this, how would someone like John Travolta explain his late wife’s passing from cancer? – as i understand she had gone all the way up the bridge and was clear. should she not be cured / immune from cancer is she was clear?
    apologies, i’m just trying to understand …

    • Steve says:

      The answer is always “she must have missed something”. So you simultaneously clear Scientology of any wrong doing (because it would have cured that cancer if correctly applied) and blame the dying person (implying that they didn’t confront something in auditing and that’s why they have cancer now).

      Seriously, the phrase “must have missed something” is given 100% of the time. Also, it’s part of the Scientology culture to keep quiet about illnesses, so it helps keep up the image the Scientologists don’t get sink, because you rarely hear about it. People literally die and you don’t find out until much later by accident, because nobody wants to spread the entheta (bad news)

      • Longtime WOG says:

        Thank you for your responses to questions posted here. It’s helpful to understand how scientologists perceive things.

  • "Bobby-Johnson Fitzpatric" says:

    Hi Mike / Leah,

    I can’t figure out how to write in listener questions, but I have a few. Feel free to share any and all of this on your podcast. I am an avid fan of your podcast stated listening after this happened I live in Denver CO. About a month ago my roommate and I were going to the rockies game (MLB) and could not find parking. There was a lot of parking in front of the scientology church and I think a guy from the sea-org was letting you park there for “FREE” if you came inside and purchased a copy of Dianetics. So my roommate and I were like what the hell and went inside to purchase a copy. This is before I started reading up on scientology. So as we walked into the building they make us fill out this contact tracing form with our information. They told us it was required by the city of Denver even though that has not been a thing for over 6 months. I figured they were trying to figure now after listening they were trying to get more information on us. I went under the name Bobby-Johnson Fitzpatric i do this as a joke sometimes I’m funny like that, my dumbass roommate used his real name. They strangely right off the bat asked us our profession I own/run a small jewelry insurance appraisal business. I appraise jewelry so people can buy the proper insurance on it. Small jewelry stores contract with me who don’t have a full time gemologist. He is a diesel mechanic for a mining company. They Immediately start giving me more attention which is ironic because my roommate probably makes about 180 a year twice as much money as I make. Anyway so we go to buy a book he buys it. They give us this very scripted tour / info and basically make us hear this whole speech about scientology. We did this whole thing to not have to pay $50 parking, and were trying to get to the game. So anyway heres were it gets even stranger the guy basically forces us to verbal commit to come to a weekend service keeps saying its free were like no shit church services are run off optional donations I grew up catholic. I don’t go to the “free” service as I am normally hungover on weekend mornings same reason I quit going to mass. So I pregamed a bit with beers before the game, and really had to pee I went and used there bathroom. On the way out of the bathroom I struck up a conversation with this super fine blond girl (Emily) wearing a rockies jersey. She’s a scientologist we have been talking and met up for coffee and date another time (dinner / mini golf). I think it’s hot in an odd way that she’s in cult and might want to ruin my life. However not once has she brought up scientology to me however, she has suggested that I go try an auditing session. We have not had sex or anything like that, I cant tell if she’s into me or not. Do scientologist not hookup? Does Tom Cruise / David Miscavage have a harem of Scientology sea-org girls? The only reason I’m keeping this thing with Emily going is because I she’s super hot and out of my league. I do crossfit but she’s like a straight 10. I am only 5’8. She thinks my name is legitimately Bobby-Johnson Fitzpatric but I go by (Real Name). We have been exchanging texts about twice a week she was out of town for about a month. Is there some orgy shit going on in Scientology? Or are they celibate? You should try and find somebody that was on the Scientolgy ship to get on your podcast? Have you tried to get Katie Holms on? Anyway do you have any advice for me? Do they try in force Scientology girls into strange sex things? What’s the deal with water in Sciehntology do they only drink bottled water? Feel free to say this whole thing on your podcast. Even if it blows my shot with Emily.

  • Lauren says:

    Not related to this topic but, since Mike was in the Sea Org and left without routing out does he have a free loaders debt?

  • Jessica says:

    Question: Do auditors have to be at a certain OT level before they can audit others? It seems like their “minds would melt” if they were administering training beyond what they themselves had completed.

    Thanks for continuing to fight! I love the podcast!

    • Steve says:

      No, most auditing is done below the level of OT, so an auditor only has to be trained/audited up to the level that they can deliver to others. To deliver the OT levels, they would have to have done them, but the vast majority of Scientologists never make it to the OT levels.

  • Longtime WOG says:

    Mike, Can you please add entheta to the glossary? I’ve found the glossary to be very helpful as I’ve retroactively been seeking to understand the scientology training my dad went through in the late ’70s and early ’80s.

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