Episode 30: Marc Headley “The BFG”

March 2 Episode 30: Marc Headley “The BFG”

Marc is the author of a wonderful book, Blown For Good, a whistleblower and an activist. He has a phenomenal memory and a great sense of humor. We cover a lot of ground with him from the Int Base and David Miscavige to the Aftermath Foundation and the Rinder bobblehead.

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Blown For Good

Marc Headley’s brilliant book about his life and escape from the international headquarters of scientology.

The Aftermath S1 Ep5: Golden Era

We traveled to Denver to talk to the Headleys and had a run in with some PI’s

The Aftermath S3 Ep8: Gilman Springs Road

The Headleys helped us understand the international base of scientology

The Aftermath Foundation

Home page of the Aftermath Foundation which helps people who want to or have left scientology

The Rinder bobblehead

The Rinder bobblehead raises funds for the Aftermath Foundation

The SP bracelet

The SP bracelet — available for Special People — also raises money for the Aftermath Foundation

HBO's Going Clear

Alex Gibney’s Emmy-winning HBO documentary


  • Andy says:

    On the show I hear talk about long hours of work. Working from 8am – Midnight or longer. What actually is the “work” being done? I mean what are they actually doing during all those hours?

  • Rick says:

    For the past few episodes there has been a background noise that sounds like someone playing with poker chips. It’s really distracting.

  • Kate Walker says:

    Just bought Marcs book on audible! Thanks guys 🙏🏻

  • Viola says:

    Leah spoke about what people can do to help. I am a public school teacher. The other day when my 8th graders were discussing dictators and censorship, I brought up Scientology. I told them enough information that none of them will ever want to join. I hope that in some small way that is helpful.

  • Ashley Wolfe says:

    LOVED this episode! Marc is very entertaining. Just placed an order for my SP bracelet! Keep fighting the good fight!!

  • Sigrid Weingold says:

    Love the podcast. I ordered my Rinder bobblehead. Keep up the good work.

  • Barb Gross says:

    Excellent podcast today! After listening, I purchased Marc’s audio book, Blown For Good. Very much looking forward to listening!
    I have a question that I’ve been meaning to ask for a long time, when referring to Scientologists working hours and hours a day, what the HELL are these people doing for hours and hours? What is their job? I can’t imagine there is that much work to do!
    Thank you so much for all you’re doing Leah and Mike! I listen every week. Bless you both!

  • Stephanie Phillips says:

    May seem insignificant or petty, but I have to ask…did they speed up the podcast this week?? It was very difficult to listen to due to how fast the track was playing
    Just wondering
    I love listening….

  • William McDermott says:

    Evening Mike and Leah, love the podcast and the constant work you and all the other Ex Scientologists are doing.

    Random question. Has Tom De Vocht gone back to Scientology??

  • Peggy says:

    Could you post the link for the aftermath on Amazon.Smile. I can’t find it. Thank you! Marc, you are a bundle of energy and doing such great things against Scientology and helping former Scientologists. I am just a regular person and have been obsessed since the Going Clear movie. I am amazed that there are friends of mine that really have no idea what Scientology is about. Keep up the great work Mike and Leah!

  • Morgan Jernigan says:

    Love Marc!! He has such a fun and energetic personality! Such a wonderful story teller. I could listen to the three of you talk for hours. So far one of my favorite episodes ❤️ Better believe I’m buying a Rinder bobble head🤣

  • Keri Luiz says:

    “Easy Bake Lie Detector” made me laugh so hard I scared my cats.

  • Andrea S says:

    Just set up my Amazon Smile charity to The Aftermath Foundation after listening to this podcast! Love you guys!

  • Kaitlyn S. says:

    I’ve been binging the podcast for a few weeks now and watched all of The Aftermath when it aired. Now I’m not expert, but wouldn’t some of Scientology’s illegal activities fall under racketeering? And then wouldn’t they be able to go after them with a RICO case? And to my understanding a RICO case can be a way to get around statutes of limitations. I’m sure you guys have considered this but I’ve never heard it brought up

  • Kim Clark says:

    I’m a little late to the game as I am binge listening to the podcast. I am just laughing my a$$ off about the bobble head conversations. Anywho I just want to say I have been following and listening to Leah about the cult you all escaped from.ever since she release her book “Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology”. I watched the A& E Aftermath show. You all are brave for keep the light shining on what this cult does and bless you for helping those who are devastated by the fair gaming after they leave.

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