Episode 52: The Bridge Deep Dive Part 3 with Vicki Marshall

August 3 Episode 52: The Bridge Deep Dive Part 3 with Vicki Marshall

This week we are joined by Leah’s mother, Vicki, to discuss the OT levels. Vicki achieved the very pinnacle of scientology auditing, doing OT VIII on the scientology cruise ship Freewinds. We talk about the earlier OT levels and our experiences on them and then Vicki’s recollections of OT VIII. Suffice to say, it was underwhelming.

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The Scientology OT Levels

The highest levels of scientology’s “Bridge to Total Freedom”

The Freewinds

Scientology’s “cruise ship” where OT VIII is delivered exclusively

Operating Thetan Level 1

Most of the early OT levels are in Hubbard’s distinctive handwriting. There can be no mistaking the authenticity of these materials when they are in his own hand…

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OT 2

There are literally hundreds of pages of “dichotomies” like the example pages here. You read through these and note the reactions of the E-Meter:

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Hubbard's "RJ 67"

Now we get to the great “breakthrough” Hubbard called the “Wall of Fire.”

He announced it to the world in “Ron’s Journal 67”

OT 3 "The Wall Of Fire"

If you have seen Going Clear or watched the South Park episode “Trapped in the Closet” you will recognize this material.

The first page gives the big picture of the story and identifies Xenu:

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"Incident 2"

Hubbard’s breakdown of “Incident II” in 10 steps — this is the incident that occurred 75 million years ago described above

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Incident 2 volcanoes

Hubbard’s list of volcanoes where the thetans were blown up with hydrogen bombs. Many of these did not exist 75 million years ago. Lots of spelling errors and inconsistencies — it’s like the list consists of ones he could remember (Mt. Ranier etc) and then huge generalities (Andes, Himalayas) and then “Tangier” and “Canada”…

Incident 1

Before Incident 2 (75 million years ago) there is Incident 1 — 4 quadrillion years ago.

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This is the first issue which describes what NOT’s does for you — makes you “CAUSE OVER LIFE.”

NOT's Procedure

The procedure for handling Body Thetans (BT’s) on NOTs is MUCH simpler than on OT III. Same BT’s, but now instead of Incident 2 you just ask them “What are you?” and then “Who are you?”

Even with this “new tech” they still get people to pay for the “old tech” and do OT III…

NOT's handles cancer etc

This is how NOTs supposedly solves the problem of cancer and other physical problems. It’s caused by BT’s…

Price List for OT Levels


  • Kerri gusto says:

    I love Leahs mom!!! U have to have her on again. Also I love u guys. I have been listening every Tuesday sense u guys started. U GUYS ARE AWESOME!! and please have mike say fuck more. 👍👍

  • Angela says:

    Can we make a deal of no eating while doing a podcast. Love you guys but it’s super gross listening to someone talk with a mouthful of food.

  • Ann says:

    Love the information, the discussions, the guests, the hosts.
    My only remark is meant to offer feedback. Please offer the guest more space and grace to speak. I felt Bruce Hines, for example, was not exactly given the best chance to talk and to explain his experience . He’s obviously knowledgeable on it all but was cut off more than once. At least that’s how I felt while listening.
    All that said I really do appreciate and honor both of you Leah and Mike, and your tireless work on getting the truth out about SCN.
    Your 3 seasons of the Aftermath killed me. I cried so much.
    I was once a staff member and I lived through some stuff.
    Well anyway, much gratitude. Sincerely.

    • Sue Loomis says:

      I am in total agreement Ann…I just finished listening to Bruce’s episodes as a guest and I barely heard him speak. I know Leah and Mike get very excited and passionate when they talk about Scientology, but if you have a guest, let them speak, otherwise, don’t have a guest….

      And I am perfectly fine with listening to just Leah and Mike talk…but I did feel sorry for Bruce giving up some of his precious time to sit on the sidelines.

  • Angela T Trahan says:

    Listening to Leah bitch out her mom for doing the same stupid shit that Leah herself does 20 seconds later is the best.

  • Robin says:

    LRH seems to have been schizophrenic.

    Have the big celebrities completed the OT levels? The OT levels seem to be completely ludicrous! Getting to clear seems less crazy so how do people react to the OT levels when they get there?

  • Jay Tee says:

    Hi Leah and Mike,
    For your next listener questions podcast, would you please consider answering the following?

    Has Miscavige completed “the bridge” and who audited or audits him? My guess is that no one audits him and that he himself has NOT taken the bridge courses.

  • Anita Sheffield says:

    I always wonder about the concept of being able to “cure” yourself. How does someone rationalize it when their loved one dies of a disease they were supposed to be able to cure? I think about Kelly Preston dying of cancer and wonder how John Travolta explains it? Did she receive medical care? If she did, wasn’t that contrary to Scientology teaching? If she didn’t, how can he live with the knowledge that she may still be alive if she had medical care? I would imagine for as long as they have been scientologists they would both have gone up the bridge.

    P.S. I think Vicki is a riot!!

  • Heather Barnes says:

    HALLELUJAH!! you guys got out of that…..cult!

    this episode was so eye opening, and also sad for those that are being duped by the lies.

    Question – what was the final straw for each of you? what was it that caused you to decide to get out?

  • Honey Shotwell says:

    What happens when your in you auditing session and one of your so called spirits blow they get reborn in another body isn’t the other person in the room worried that the spirt that just blow will then attach to them instead of being reborn? You know since there are millions of them I would be worried that one would jump from someone else’s body to mine if that makes any sense lmao

  • Bonnie W says:

    So interesting! It’s amazing that people believe this stuff. I’m wondering how the E-Meter thingy works? Does it always register badly? Who makes them? What’s the technology behind it? Is any of it based in fact? For a non-Scientologist it’s hard to understand how everything is based of holding this meter.

  • Peyton says:

    LOVE you guys. You are amazing humans. Question about past lives. So how exactly do they break it to you at OT 8 that everything you already learned about past lives has been BS? And do BT’s also have past lives? Or their own BT’s? ‘Cuz that could get complicated…

  • Linda says:

    I’m confused. In the lower OT levels, you’re remembering past lives. Then you get to OT 8 and they reveal that you made all those past lives up. So, does Scientology believe in past lives or not? What did you achieve at OT8? Or is OT8 the punchlines of a massive prank?

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