Episode 70: Claire Headley on Knowledge Reports

December 21 Episode 70: Claire Headley on Knowledge Reports

Leah and Mike continue their discussion from last week about Committees of Evidence with Claire Headley, now covering the snitch culture of scientology and the subject of Knowledge Reports. It is one of the most important control mechanisms within the scientology world.

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Scientology Org Board outline

This is the standard organizing board for all scientology organizations

HCO Div 1 Org Board

This is the detailed organizing board for Division 1 The Hubbard Communications Office where the Ethics Officer is found

AC 360 episode
Knowledge Reports PL
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Staff Member Reports PL
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Things That Shouldn't Be PL
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Offenses and Penalties PL
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Truth Rundown by Marty Rathbun
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Scientology Day Care story


  • TZ says:

    Regarding the violence dealt out to “parishioners” under David M: did this violence exist under LR Hubbard? If so, how much greater is the violence under DM?
    Also, does Tom Cruise actually condone this violence? Does he just turn a blind eye?

  • Will McDermott says:

    Mike – Do you both find it ironic that Tom Cruise started in a film (The Firm) about a cult who runs their employees lives and how he works to get out of one, when In fact he is the poster child for a big one?

    Just noticed a lot of the stuff done to catch him in this film is exactly what I’m sure is happening you both on a daily basis with Fair Gaming. (Being followed, chased, harassed etc)

    Really hope Miscaviage and his little puppet Cruise get what’s coming to them.

    Love the show both, really hope you never stop and I’m 100% behind your cause for them to lose their Tax Exempt status.

  • CB says:

    What a treat to have Claire Headley on for two episodes in a row! Claire is just so lovely and down to earth. So glad you were able to have her on again.

    There were some really fantastic revelations in this episode. Even though I saw Going Clear and the entirety of the Aftermath, this episode helped me understand for the first time why the beatings at Gold Base happened and why people put up with it: it’s *in the policies*!!! It is astonishing that LRH explicitly told people to give transgressors black eyes. Unbelievable.

    Thanks again for your amazing show.

  • Natalie says:

    Hi Mike and Leah
    You often speak about being interrogated on the e meter about your evil purposes regarding Scientology, LRH, David Miscavige and Tom Cruise. What were your responses? Could you deny any I’ll intent or did you always end up making something up?

  • Kathy Benziger says:

    I am a huge fan of your podcast and the aftermath. I have a question and am not sure this is the right place to ask, but could not find where you take your listeners questions. My question is this:

    If I were to come in contact with a scientologist, what one question or statement could I make to have an impact and possibly make them think about whether they should continue down their scientology path.

    • Tara Morgan says:

      This is a great question, because I essentially have the same question! I’m eager to see if they reply/respond to this one.

  • Lori Silva says:

    Hi Leah and Mike. I have been binge listening to your podcasts. I love the bravery of you 2 and all your guests who have come out to speak against Scientology. There was one episode where you were talking about someone who was on the drew Barrymore show who was promoting her merchandise. Is there a list of other Scientologists who have a business selling merchandise. I do not want to support them. Also I will not pay for another Tom Cruise or John Travolta movie. I would have never thought about that money we pay going back to Scientology!! Never again

  • Susan F says:

    Have you guys ever considered interviewing Louis Theroux for the podcast? Curious to hear about how he was fair gamed and his thoughts on Marty Rathbun returning to the fold.

  • Sara Schlesinger says:

    Leah, when you say a copy of a KR has to be sent to this office and that office, and a copy to the person who you are reporting on, who sends them? Are they physically mailed? Does a celebrity parishioner have to do it or does their handler do it?

  • Tara Morgan says:

    I have been binge listening to this podcast, and I even started watching Aftermath again for the second time. I’m just amazed at how timely this show and this topic so mirrors the current events of our time. Mike & Leah—- your contribution to this fight and others like it will eventually be written in the history books! I look forward to to the day Paul Haggis makes an Oscar winning film about the two of you!

    With that being said, I have wondered for a while now specific laws or bills have been addressed to combat a highly criminal organization such as Scientology? The laws are totally screwed up and clearly this organization has taken ever opportunity to circumvent loopholes. But is there anyone in Congress now that is actively working to help you address any of these laws? For example, do you folks have any Ally’s as it relates to forcing this organization into over sight of children jointing Sea Org, or accreditation of Scientology so called schools?

    I know every state is different, and I’m in Connecticut where in 48 years I’ve never meet anyone that is involved in Scientology or anyone that has ever met anyone in Scientology. And being a Certified Connecticut Educator, I don’t think anything like the Delphi school could ever exist in this state. As from my experience, Connecticut is super strict when it comes to regulating education both public and private. Also, our Representatives (I’m thinking about Rosa DeLauro and Senator Blumenthal in particular) that would be all over a Church of Scientology School with regulations and inspections, etc. Especially back in the days when Blumenthal was our AG. So I guess my question is…. Who fights for you? Are there any representatives in Congress from Florida or California that have helped to push for oversight legislation that would directly address some of the abuses of Scientology? And if so, who are those Representatives and what are the bills they have proposed, etc.?

    Finally, Leah— you are BRILLIANT!! Promise your listeners you won’t stop at a law degree in NYU! Yes, I’d love to see you kicking ass and taking names in a courtroom, you’d be brilliant at it! But YOU should be in Congress!! We need fighters and real feminists like you!

    Thank You,

    P.s. I used to love watching the Handmaids Tale, but I haven’t watched a single episode since I found out about Elizabeth Moss and her reaction to you at the Emmys. I can’t watch someone I can’t believe in or that I. Her case is a hypocrite in the worst way possible!

  • Kai says:

    Can you discuss the reason why Scientology has bought a good chunk of downtown Clearwater and left it basically abandoned? If they own the buildings, why not put scientologist owned businesses in there? They could have a Battlefield Earth Arcade, Hubbard Ice Cream shop, or wait for it, Diet-netics! A nutritional shop with lots of vitamins. They could do so many things, yet they have left it abandoned. Which has led to the rest of Clearwater’s population to turn against them. That seems really stupid on their part. I get that they don’t want “wogs” in the area, but it just doesn’t make business/money making sense.

    This question stems from a recent article that I read from the Tampa Bay Times about David Miscavige and the mayor of Clearwater talking about revitalizing the downtown area. The mayor is so desperate to revitalize, that he is willing to deal with a man who has a serious napoleon complex problem (not just complex I guess cause he is short). I find it really depressing that he feels as if he needs to beg for Miscavige to help.

    I still think that you (Mike) and Leah should open up a store or business down there. Make scientology lose their minds. Sorry for the long question.

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