Episode 13: Listener Questions Part 1

October 20 Episode 13: Listener Questions Part 1

Leah and Mike answer questions from listeners: from scientology beliefs to the 411 on Leah’s nails, we cover a lot of ground.

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Handling Past-Life Auditing

How scientology handles those who claim they had scientology auditing in past lives.

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Steps A - E

The steps dictated by Hubbard to return to “good standing” after you have been declared a Suppressive Person

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  • Deb says:

    I love listening to you. I lived in Hemet, CA in the early 90’s. The apartment I lived in also housed a lot of Scientologist. Very bizarre situation. Every morning and evening they would be bussed in and out. After your show I now understand more why things were so odd. Keep fighting. You guys are the best. Leah you alway make my day.

  • Heather Gilbert says:

    Check out Escaping Polygamy. Also, please talk about Kirstie Alleys sudden interst in politics and any ties w Republicans and scientology.

    Love what you’re both doing with this podcast, don’t stop fighting!

  • Tom says:

    Great show.

  • Heather Kyle says:

    I was wondering why people like Nicole Kidman or Katie Holmes do not speak out again Scientology publicly. You never hear them bring it up or speak of it. They don’t speak of it at all. Nicole’s children with Tom are grown so it can’t be because of a custody issue. Do you think Tom see Siri secretively? Also why isn’t Tom called out during interviews about his affiliation with Scientology? Are interviewers told they can’t ask about?

    • GOBBLEGLOP says:

      Your last question was spoken about in a previous podcast. I forget the full answer because there was some musing on the subject, but they said no, you aren’t explicitly told not to ask about Scientology…. but, anybody in the media, in that position to be interviewing Tom Cruise, would already know that asking him about it would end the interview, get them nothing, and that they and whoever they represent would lose access to him in the future, at the very least.

  • Katie Cutrell says:

    I love your podcast and was thrilled to learn the two of you were doing this! I watched all of your shows on A&E!

    One thing I have always been curious about is how, once people like Mike Rinder and Tom Devocht left Scientology, how did they afford to live? They were making pennies on the dollar for years and then had to start all new lives. I couldn’t imagine what that was like.

    • Mike Rinder says:

      Both Tom and I got jobs selling cars. Requires no resume, back then it was straight commissions on sales (that model has changed now). If you didnt sell you didnt get paid. Long hours were no issue for us having come out of the Sea Org, nor was hard work. Car sales were simple a mathematic equation. The more people you talked to and the more people you took on a test drive, the more sales you made. Your skill at interacting with people affected that equation, but nothing changes the fact that the more people you talked to the more cars you sold. It was a way of making money to survive at the outset.

  • Laura says:

    With all the ex-Scientologists coming forward with their stories why is nothing being done by the FBI, IRS etc. how long does it take and how much proof is needed to. bring this cult down?

  • Ludera says:

    Is there unofficial email address or somewhere where we can send more questions? Thank you for the great podcast I’m a big fan.

  • Peggy says:

    So interested in why Scientology would want their members to vote for DJT ? Super interesting!

  • Julie Moyes says:

    Why is David Miscavige able to intimidate and brutilize so many people? Is it mind control like NXIVM leader Keith Raniere?

    Thank you for standing up and educating people about Scientology.

    My husband and I look forward to your podcast each week.

  • Grace Smith says:

    If, out of curiosity I decided to read Dianetics, would I be converted? I’m thinking, because of everything I have learned from you guys, it is not an issue, but should one feel afraid to read it just in case, or should you just read it to get the whole picture and make your own mind up? Or if you read it knowing all the abuses of the church of Scientology, does it then just become a Scf-fi read?

    • Mike Rinder says:

      You’ve got nothing to worry about. If you have a basic understanding of what you are reading from the internet, you will likely find it unconvincing gibberish — especially if you know that Hubbard in the end decided the reactive mind was simply all imagination and that “clearing” means coming to the realization that you simply “mocked up” your “reactive mind.”

  • Kenneth Hernandez says:

    Hi Leah and Mike,
    Big fan of the podcast! I listen every week on the way to work! My question is how is scientology handling Covid-19? I am sure “members” in the SeaOrg or at the gold base are not following social distancing, so how are they handling this pandemic. My other question is riverside county just announced places of worship are supposed to be closing due to the pandemic, shouldn’t the gold base be closed due to the local government regulations? PS. Keep fight the great fight!!

  • Eva says:

    Thanks for the podcast!

    I have a question:

    I’m German, and of course you know that Scientology doesn’t have it easy here. They’re not recognised as a religion or church either officially or in public opinion. Court verdicts have confirmed that they seek to overthrow our Constitution and the democratic system, and that they commit human rights violations.

    Public officials and people working for some other organisations aren’t allowed to be scientologists or vice-versa. It’s not considered a religious affiliation, but rather membership in a for-profit organisation that is directly working to overthrow the democratic system and remove people’s freedoms.

    Ironically I’ve seen official US government reports on the human rights situation in other countries where the US take Germany to task for oppressing a religious community and its members – because we don’t let Scientology, which *isn’t a religious community*, pursue their goals here.

    Do such reports result from direct or indirect Scientology influence? Or do US authorities actually believe that anything that calls itself a religion should be able to do whatever it wants?

  • Celine Desjardins says:

    Hi guys, I love you so much! I love everything you do. I’ve watched and listened to everything you have done. You are so passionate for your cause. I hope some day this “church” will get its ass kicked! The abuse you went through and all go through in Scientology is unfathomable. It’s disgusting, vile, insane. I cry listening to the guests you had on your show and now your podcast. And your families! The last episode of season 2 with your families sharing their experiences was heartwrenching and heartbreaking. Leah do not change one bit!! Oh my god I’ve loved you for so long! We are the same age. Brooklyn is my favorite place in the world, our first car was a Toyota Tercel and we both swear like sailors! Don’t change on the show! No filters! You have such a big heart. And Mike you are a teddy bear with loads of emotions and wisdom. I love you. I love how you laugh at Leah’s comments and jokes. You’ve been through so much yourself. I’m so happy you are telling the world about your life in Scientology and now exposing it. I just watched Scientology the ex files and Scientologists at war. I forget but did you interview Marty Rathbun on your podcast yet? I love the show! I love you guys! Keep it up and thank you for your hard work. Céline

  • Beth Meagher says:

    Can we talk about MARTY!? I’ve always been curious about the title of his blog. It’s peculiarly scientology-like. What the hell?!!

  • Megan says:

    This is a very specific weird question. Recently I rewatched all the episodes of King of Queens and I noticed that many times there are different mentions throughout the show of things that Scientology is against. Some examples are: lots of mention of therapy and medication for mental illnesses (in a positive light). Even episodes of Doug and Carrie going to therapy. Also mentions of other religions, etc. Those are just a few examples of some things.
    Well since Scientology is trying to always draw people into their religion or to the things that they preach, I am wondering what/if they ever said anything to Leah about it. Did you get in trouble/talked to or were you in the back of your head almost like rolling your eyes that you had to say those things or “promote” them? When I watch the episodes it’s all I can think about I need answers!!

  • Lauren says:

    I listened to Mike on the Koncrete podcast. There was mention that LTH’s kids (at least a couple) have since left Scientology. Do they ever speak out? I think Mike said one of the daughters was in his first wedding? Is he still in contact with her since she left?

  • Rose says:

    Hey Mike and Leah! Love you both so much, former Narconon employee here. How can Elisabeth Moss say she’s pro LGBTQI if she is a Scientologist? Doesn’t Scientology believe that being apart of the lgbtqi is 1.1 on the tone scale? I was also heartbroken to find out she was a Scientologist as I loved the handmaids tale

  • Sarah Cox says:

    Hey Leah. I love your and mikes podcast. I listen to it all the time. I came across the part in episode 13 where you stated the majority of riverside county voted for Trump because scientologists were telling their people to vote for him. After some research, I found that is not accurate. The majority of riverside county in California voted for Biden with 53% and only 45 % for trump. History has also shown that the majority of riverside county has voted democrat. Clinton won riverside in 2016. Also the majority of registered voters in riverside county as of October 26th 2020 are democrat. I’m curious as to where you got your information. Mine was from the certified votes from the state, politico, ballotpedia, and a few local California news websites.

    • Mike Rinder says:

      Dont recall ever saying this about Riverside County? There is one thing that is for certain, the precinct that contains “Big Blue” is the only precinct that voted for Trump in the area. But that is in LA County.

  • Fiona Beasley says:

    Mike Rinder I love ur accent, whatever the hell it is. I think you still have some Aussie in there. You pronounced Melbourne and Brisbane properly. I hate the way Yanks pronounce it.

    I love ur podcast and love that you continue to call out the abuses of this so called church and you give others a platform to raise awareness of other “organisations’ and their disgusting abuses of people.

    Thank you both

  • Brad says:

    I love the TV show and the podcast. I was curious about two things first has anyone ever asked where LRH’s writings about scientology prior to the 1950s are since he has lived many lifetimes. The second is since LRH has lived so many lifetimes why do scientologist only celebrate one of his birthdays?

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