Episode 65: Filmmaker and former Jehovah’s Witness Aaron Kaufman

November 9 Episode 65: Filmmaker and former Jehovah’s Witness Aaron Kaufman

Leah and Mike talk to filmmaker Aaron Kaufman. Known for producing Robert Rodriguez films, more recently he directed Crusaders, a documentary on Jehovah’s Witnesses for Vice TV.  Aaron was raised a JW. His doc focuses on the data base of sex abusers amassed by the organization which they have refused to make public. Plenty of scientology parallels in this discussion.

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Aaron's IMDb link

Aaron is a producer in Hollywood who did the well-known Robert Rodriguez movies

Vice TV Crusaders

Vice Versa series on Vice TV

What is Disfellowshipping

JW’s practice similar to scientology disconnection

Characteristics of a cult

One of the best summaries from Dr. Janja Lalich

Australian Royal Commission Final Report

Official government inquiry in Australia into JW’s sex abuse of children

Ruben Ortiz podcast
Candace Conti case

One of the first people to sue and win a jury award against the JW’s for sex abuse as a child

Leah's list of books on trauma

These are books Leah recommends, you can find the full list on my blog


  • David the Electrician says:

    Dear Mike and Leah,

    My question is about the defamatory internet sites created and more specifically the members who create them. I imagine that there is some guy in an office at the OSA department that just gets a memo to attack an SP and create lies and nasty stuff on a website about them. If in general scientologists are not supposed to be on the internet then –

    1. How does the guy in the office get special permission to be out there, and
    2. Has someone in this position ever found bad stuff (truth) about scientology and then been motivated to get the hell outta there.

    Thanks a bunch and Keep up the good work,

    David the Electrician

  • Cheryl Fullerton says:

    I knew a girl who grew up in JW. The sexual abuse is rampant and the Two Witness rule is there to cover the perverts asses. Looking forward to watching the documentary. Great vid, thank you Mikey and Leelee.

  • Jehovah hates yoga pants says:

    Regarding the JW mandate against tight pants, Aaron glossed over the reason for that. Well, mark your bingo cards, because the reason is homophobia!

    This board member with the sartorial bee in his bonnet (Anthony Morris III) says this openly. “The homosexuals that are designing these clothes, they like you in tight pants!” That’s the level of bigotry, conspiratorial thinking and busybodyhood we’re dealing with here.

    Source: I’m not sure if I’m allowed to post links here, but search “jehovah’s witness leader tight pants” or similar on YouTube for actual footage of him saying this.

  • Ashley Driscoll says:

    Dear Leah and Mike,
    I have been listening to your podcast for over a year now and I just want to say that this has been therapy to me after a very traumatic experience with a church, a pastor and a Bishop in Raleigh NC. several years ago. Your podcast and the bravery and compassion you both have shown is palpable and it continues to be a source of strength to me. Thank you both for continuing to show up and even when you might not want to please know that by continuing this fight you are helping many of us to continue our own fight for healing and closure. With much love and gratefulness.

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