Episode 23: Blogger and Activist Stefani Hutchison

January 12 Episode 23: Blogger and Activist Stefani Hutchison

Leah and Mike talk to Stefani — never a scientologist — about her effective advocacy against scientology abuses and her example of what anyone can do to take an active role in ending the pain and suffering that scientology causes so many.

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Confront and Shatter

Stefani’s website exposing the lies of scientology.


  • Kaitlin says:

    Stefani, you are an inspiration for how we can all help, take a stand, and get involved. Thank you for your bravery! I don’t believe it was mentioned, has Stefani been fair gamed for her blog or any of her work?

  • Pam Loefke says:

    I was wondering if your guests, like Stefani, get Fairgamed after being on your show? Do they Fairgame her just for the information she provides on her podcasts?

  • Erica C. says:

    I’m currently listening to this episode. I’ve never been a Scientologist. I believe CST is a cult. I’ve been sharing with all my friends and family a recommending to watch the Aftermath on Netflix. Sharing is caring.

  • Jean Gee says:

    Hi Mike & Leah. I love your podcast & especially love to hear Leah get fired up about taking down this criminal organization. I have a couple questions about the Aftermath show. On the show, Hubbard’s/Scientology’s written policies were sometimes shown on screen. Are these available to the public or did someone have to sneak them out (or were they part of the FBI raid)? And how about the videos such as the video where David Miscavige announces Hubbard’s death, or the famous “We won the war” video? Are those released to the public? And finally, how do Scientologists listen to Miscavige’s ridiculous “emcee” voice and keep a straight face? It just sounds so phony.

  • Angeline says:

    I too have the question about whether or not Stefani is being, or is in danger of being, fair-gamed as a non-Scientologist? Also, would Miscavige, if he were to be diagnosed with cancer, use Scientology treatment or would he seek traditional treatment – perhaps in secret? In other words, does he truly believe, or is he aware of his con? Thank you for all you do.

  • Anna says:

    Fantastic work you are doing! Have you guys thought of starting a foundation for those that leave scientology with nothing? There’s this foundation called Holding Out Help that helps people who leave polygamous cults. They help with housing, finding jobs, fitting into the world, etc. Ex Scientologists, especially ex sea org members who leave with literally nothing would benefit so much from something like this. Possibly there are already?

  • Luke says:

    Loved the show and love the blog! For you next Q&A: What are your thoughts on Reckless Ben’s Infiltrating Scientology Youtube Videos? Getting past the sophomoric humor, the undercover videos are eye opening!

  • Angela says:

    Like the others, I was disappointed that you didn’t mention whether (or shall I say how) Stefani has been fair gamed. I think the practice is the main thing that keeps “never-ins” from getting involved.

  • Stephanie says:

    I am really enjoying your podcast and I just finished The Aftermath. I have so many questions.
    Is there an accurate number of members of Scientology? I’ve never met a Scientologist in the wild:)
    If you are so insulated as a parishioner, and you are basically taught to have measured reactions, and not be sympathetic, how are celebrities able to act without having authentic life experiences to draw on, especially if you spent your formative years in Scientology?
    Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Lindsay says:

    In re; the Danny Masterson case; there has to be arbitration with some of the filers of the lawsuit. This information came out on January 4, 2021. What does that mean currently for these ladies? I understand one is not because she was not a scientologist, but I was wondering an update on some of the legal jargon of this case.

  • Heather Kyle says:

    I was wondering if Scientology backs Tom Cruise or Elisabeth Moss series or movies? If so that should be talked about. I would avoid any production backed by Scientology money.

  • Deb Donner says:

    Wow, Stefani rocks! Another great guest. As Leah said, it’s hard to choose a “favorite” episode, you guys do a great job. I have a question not really relating to this episode though. Do you think Miscavige truly believes all the LHR teachings, or is it just about the power, the money, rubbing elbows with celebs and the fact that all this feeds his obvious psychopathy?

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