Episode 23: Blogger and Activist Stefani Hutchison

January 12 Episode 23: Blogger and Activist Stefani Hutchison

Leah and Mike talk to Stefani — never a scientologist — about her effective advocacy against scientology abuses and her example of what anyone can do to take an active role in ending the pain and suffering that scientology causes so many.

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Stefani’s website exposing the lies of scientology.


  • Kaitlin says:

    Stefani, you are an inspiration for how we can all help, take a stand, and get involved. Thank you for your bravery! I don’t believe it was mentioned, has Stefani been fair gamed for her blog or any of her work?

  • Pam Loefke says:

    I was wondering if your guests, like Stefani, get Fairgamed after being on your show? Do they Fairgame her just for the information she provides on her podcasts?

  • Erica C. says:

    I’m currently listening to this episode. I’ve never been a Scientologist. I believe CST is a cult. I’ve been sharing with all my friends and family a recommending to watch the Aftermath on Netflix. Sharing is caring.

  • Jean Gee says:

    Hi Mike & Leah. I love your podcast & especially love to hear Leah get fired up about taking down this criminal organization. I have a couple questions about the Aftermath show. On the show, Hubbard’s/Scientology’s written policies were sometimes shown on screen. Are these available to the public or did someone have to sneak them out (or were they part of the FBI raid)? And how about the videos such as the video where David Miscavige announces Hubbard’s death, or the famous “We won the war” video? Are those released to the public? And finally, how do Scientologists listen to Miscavige’s ridiculous “emcee” voice and keep a straight face? It just sounds so phony.

  • Angeline says:

    I too have the question about whether or not Stefani is being, or is in danger of being, fair-gamed as a non-Scientologist? Also, would Miscavige, if he were to be diagnosed with cancer, use Scientology treatment or would he seek traditional treatment – perhaps in secret? In other words, does he truly believe, or is he aware of his con? Thank you for all you do.

  • Anna says:

    Fantastic work you are doing! Have you guys thought of starting a foundation for those that leave scientology with nothing? There’s this foundation called Holding Out Help that helps people who leave polygamous cults. They help with housing, finding jobs, fitting into the world, etc. Ex Scientologists, especially ex sea org members who leave with literally nothing would benefit so much from something like this. Possibly there are already?

  • Luke says:

    Loved the show and love the blog! For you next Q&A: What are your thoughts on Reckless Ben’s Infiltrating Scientology Youtube Videos? Getting past the sophomoric humor, the undercover videos are eye opening!

  • Angela says:

    Like the others, I was disappointed that you didn’t mention whether (or shall I say how) Stefani has been fair gamed. I think the practice is the main thing that keeps “never-ins” from getting involved.

  • Stephanie says:

    I am really enjoying your podcast and I just finished The Aftermath. I have so many questions.
    Is there an accurate number of members of Scientology? I’ve never met a Scientologist in the wild:)
    If you are so insulated as a parishioner, and you are basically taught to have measured reactions, and not be sympathetic, how are celebrities able to act without having authentic life experiences to draw on, especially if you spent your formative years in Scientology?
    Keep fighting the good fight!

  • Lindsay says:

    In re; the Danny Masterson case; there has to be arbitration with some of the filers of the lawsuit. This information came out on January 4, 2021. What does that mean currently for these ladies? I understand one is not because she was not a scientologist, but I was wondering an update on some of the legal jargon of this case.

  • Heather Kyle says:

    I was wondering if Scientology backs Tom Cruise or Elisabeth Moss series or movies? If so that should be talked about. I would avoid any production backed by Scientology money.

    • Joanna says:

      I already blacked listed all Tom Cruis and Elisabeth Moss productions. They pay to scientology and I cannot give them money to give it to scientology.

  • Deb Donner says:

    Wow, Stefani rocks! Another great guest. As Leah said, it’s hard to choose a “favorite” episode, you guys do a great job. I have a question not really relating to this episode though. Do you think Miscavige truly believes all the LHR teachings, or is it just about the power, the money, rubbing elbows with celebs and the fact that all this feeds his obvious psychopathy?

  • Amber Barstow says:

    From a “never in” perspective, I think this has been the most powerful podcast so far. Stefani has done an amazing job of explaining WHY exposing Scientology should matter to EVERYONE! Leah and Mike, you both have done so much, and you’ve been very effective, but for people like me who have never been in, Stefani shines a light on why it’s important that “never Ins” understand how destructive Scientology is. It’s not just that “kooky” group doing weird stuff. Well done!

  • Mary Lou says:

    This episode sent a strong message of the power an individual can have and that each of us can do one thing to bring awareness to the horrible practices and help to bring about change. Right after listening I invited all of my FB friends to watch the aftermath and Going Clear to start a conversation. I’ve never met a Scientologist but learn from a friend that she knew many growing up and that one of her friends was taken away and she never saw her again. Thank you for bringing awareness. I will continue to do my part. Do you know how Scientology has grown in Latin America and if the abuses there are even worst due to the corruption so prevalent in many of those countries?

  • Chris says:

    Firstly, Leah and Mike – congratulations, thank you and keep up the good work!

    Like Stephani Hutchison (and the rest of us “Wogs”) I’m what she terms a “Never-In” – a Never-Have-Been, Never-Will-Be and For-F*cks-Sake-Wouldn’t-Wanna-Be. Everything I know about the so-called “Church” of Scientology I have learned from the “Aftermath” series, and the “Fair Game” pod-cast, as well as from the guests you have interviewed.

    From all of that I’ve learned enough. What a crock of absolute horsesh*t!

    Anyway, thank you for introducing us to Stephani Hutchison and her blog in Ep. 23. The work you and your guests (as former Scientologists) do to expose the lies of Scientology is extremely important. Furthermore, the work Stephani is doing to disclaim the false information that the so-called “Church” disseminates from an ordinary citizen’s point of view (that of a “Never-In”) is equally critical because it removes the question of vindictiveness and personal grievance from the information (of which former-members are accused) and validates the information – the truth – from an independent source. The work that Stephani is doing also proves the value of “doing your own research” and shows that – if you really want to – you can discover the truth about virtually anything for yourself. Something very few people will ever take the time to do but would be so extremely helpful in this ‘tap-n-go’ world of disinformation.

    By your recommendation I am going to absorb all I can from Stephani’s blog and continue to digest every bit of information that you, Leah and Mike (and team), broadcast and publish in your endeavour to erase the so-called “Church” of Scientology from existence.

    Thank you and all the best!

  • Shelly says:

    Hi Mike and Leah! I, like many others have followed the work you do and continue to pray for the day when this corrupt industry will be taken down. As we talk about Scientology being tax exempt, we also need to consider the money it receives from parishioners. This money is a write- off for the parishioners. So, we have Scientology getting billions to abuse people and those people then writing off the money donated to their “church”. It keeps money that should go to taxes to maintain highways, law enforcement, schools, etc…. from going to the right place. I am not faulting the parishioners, but pointing out that the corrupt nature of it being considered tax exempt runs even further than just the idea that they don’t pay taxes on what they receive.

  • Lauren Bubb says:

    I discovered this a week ago because of How Did This Get Made and half way through this episode. I have listened to 23 episodes since Friday haha. Just wanted to say that I am from Cape Town, South Africa and I had no clue that there was still a scientology branch here, especially as it has been mentioned in previous episodes too. They really are not active at all, never hear anything about them or am I living under a rock? I am legit shook at this information because it’s really heart breaking to hear of the CRAZY BANANAS NUTNESS that is the abuse expeienced by so many people and the fact that there is a centre 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) from my house, really has me concerned. Like, how active is the South African Scientology community?

  • Karla says:

    You are an inspiration. You’ve done things I’ve wanted to do but don’t have the extra time in my life. As a public school teacher (esp. during pandemic & hybrid schooling) my time is dedicated to creating new versions of lessons & keeping current on my subject matter. You took the time to RESEARCH & FIND REAL ANSWERS & information about what scientology is lying about. Thank you! Please keep doing & sharing your findings!
    As a practicing cradle Catholic, i tend to compare what “they” call a “religion” to what I know religion to be. There are horrible things that Catholic priests, bishops, and other officials have done & covered up, but I never fear that if I speak out & against these awful repugnant behaviors that my religion, the Catholic Church, or other parishioners will “fair game” me.
    Thank you for dedicating your time to researching & proving their claims are crap!!! I hope your research can help lead to TAKING AWAY THEIR TAX EXEMPT STATUS. “They” are a business, give nothing back to society, and continue to destroy people and their families.
    Thank you! Thank you!

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