Episode 55: Ian Rafalko and Dylan Follo

August 24 Episode 55: Ian Rafalko and Dylan Follo

Leah and Mike talk with Ian Rafalko and Dylan Follo.  Ian became an internet sensation when he posted a TikTok video about his father, scientologist chiropractor Eric Berg. Both were recently staff in scientology “ideal” orgs — their experiences are pretty shocking. Ian’s family has been torn apart and his wife chose scientology over him.

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Article about Ian's TikTok

A TikTok about his father and the destruction scientology brought to his life began the story

Ian's TikTik video

Millions have viewed Ian’s original video and others he has done since

Dr. Eric Berg

Ian’s father who has 5 million followers on YouTube and is a kool-aid drinking scientologist

The Atlanta "ideal" org

Ian worked at Atlanta “ideal” org. The place is empty.

Scientology Committee of Evidence

Dylan was called before a Committee of Evidence (Kangaroo Court) for being “unproductive” though there was nobody in the “Ideal Org” in NY for him to audit.

"Full Responsibility"

Hubbard’s crazy ideas about “responsibility”


  • Joanna says:

    Hi Leah & Mike,

    I absolutely love both your podcast and Aftermath. I’ve been listening / watching since the first episodes. The work you’ve been doing is so important not only to raise awareness of this horrible, horrible cult but also to help the brave people who made the decision to “blow”.

    In this week’s episode, the freeloader bill was mentioned by one of your guests and how he wasn’t sure how he was going to repay it once he decided to leave. This reminded me of a question I don’t believe has ever been addressed.

    If I understand correctly, once a sea org Scientologist leaves the cult, they are handed a freeloader bill for some astronomical sum that they are expected to repay. How exactly does Scientology enforce this? Is it even a legally binding and enforceable document? I can’t imagine that a billion year contract is taken seriously by….anyone….so if you just refuse to pay, do they take it to the credit bureau or to court? Other than driving the person to the brink of insanity with fair gaming tactics, how does Scientology actually enforce payment of the freeloader bills?

    Keep up the great work! xo

  • ShutterbugMD Mandy says:

    I want to thank Mike and Leigh from the bottom of my heart ❤ HEROES HEROES HEROES! you guys are making a difference in my life! I feel like you guys lived through hell, I lived in a 24 plus year prison in my brain because of something that happened! I hear these horrific stories and I’m like FUCK what the hell do you have to complain about! I suffer from PTSD and manic depression- and Scientology against psychology- FUCK you Scientology! It was not until I got help that I came to the real world!!!! Because of the survivors and you guys, I know I can go on because if they can live what they went through I CAN! Leah, I know you’re catholic, and if you’re like me, which my religion is I believe in God- I don’t believe in false prophets – DM and LRH are poster child’s for false prophets!!!!! Thank you, thank you, much love! Keep going!

  • Meghan Ritchie says:

    Leah was totally gone for the last 25 minutes or so 🤣 y’all are crazy if you think we wouldn’t notice that! Still love ya both

    • Kristy says:

      That is so funny, because I was thinking the same thing! I was wondering if Leah had an emergency and had to leave.
      I was so glad that Ian did this show, I was really worried about him since the tik toc video. I am also glad he has a close friend to help each other get through this time together.

  • Jan Waller says:

    Thanks and kudos to Ian and Dylan for sharing their experiences. I live in Michigan and I’m very interested in hearing more about the Detroit Org. Whenever we are in Detroit we walk by and it always looks empty but a city like Detroit which is slowly making a comeback from bankruptcy really doesn’t need a money sucking cult in their midst. I just hope their numbers are near to zero.

  • Evan says:

    Mike and Leah,
    Both of you have spoken often about how Scientology children receive very little education, and yet you are both extremely well spoken, and seem to me to be highly intelligent. In addition Mike you have an incredible vocabulary. How do you account for this? I’m very impressed.

  • Elinor Decker says:

    Can or has Scientology and OSA fair gamed a minor? How do they think that doing that is ethical?

  • D Smith says:

    I am a divorce lawyer in Atlanta. I feel so for Ian and am willing to help him pro Bono with his divorce.

  • chris says:

    I really love this podcast and never miss an episode and I wish to thank the both of you for all the work you do in exposing the evils in Scientology.. I enjoyed this episode though I would have really liked to hear more about Ian’s father’s (Dr Berg) keto You Tube channel , which is hugely popular. I used to listen to his channel back when I was trying keto and had no idea he was a Scientologist ! When told that his father was an influencer and had a following, Leah seemed to assume that was because he was a big donor in Scientology but , although that could be a part of the reason, it’s also a lot because of him having more than 5 million followers on his channel ! Ian did mention it at the beginning but I’m not sure Leah got it,, as Ian was explaining it as her dog entered the room . Oh well…. still a great episode and hope to hear more from the guests in the future. And yes I also noticed Leah must have stepped out at the end there where Mike took over 🙂 Thanks again to the both of you !

  • Ashlee says:

    I’m finally catching up on all the episodes and was getting the courage to email Mike about my experience as a WOG in a Scientology school. So of course I fell out of my chair this episode.

    I went to Chesapeake Ability Academy in Springfield, VA. My parents sent me there because they liked the move at your own pace and alllll the books you have to read. Thankfully I still love to read. I remember making demo kits and having my own demo kit. I remember having to make things out of clay to show I understood the course. I can’t count the times I hurt myself and I had to do the contact thing (I don’t know what it’s called in Scientology terms) and got a cotton pad with witch hazel. I was always in the ethics office. My “class” supervisor was a total dick and at a young age I knew it. I had KR’s written on me and I wrote KR’s. Our field trips were to the Scientology building in DC.

    Does anyone know when Ian attended? This is a part of my life I can’t connect with anyone on and it would be nice to know I didn’t imagine it all.

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