Episode 19: Christie Collbran Rinder

December 8 Episode 19: Christie Collbran Rinder

Leah and Mike talk to Mike’s wife, Christie, about being raised in scientology, disconnection, Fair Game and what life is like today.

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NY Times Article

Christie was featured on the front page of the Sunday New York Times in a story about her disconnection.

Christie on the Today Show
Christie on AC 360

AC 360 Part 4 of his History of Violence series. Christie’s segment begins at about 6:35

"Freedom" Mag's Jim Lynch

Lynch in action at LAX — go to my blog mikerindersblog.org for an understanding of the 3 videos about Lynch

Jim Lynch in Tarpon Springs

Lynch ambush outside restaurant in Tarpon Springs — go to my blog mikerindersblog.org for an understanding of the 3 videos about Lynch

Jim Lynch again following in LA

Lynch following us in Los Angeles — go to my blog mikerindersblog.org for an understanding of the 3 videos about Lynch

The Story of a Scientology Spy

Christie’s account of the PI sent to infiltrate our lives

Bert Leahy comes forward

Hire videographer Bert Leahy comes clean about scientology’s Fair Game practices

An Open Letter to My Family

This on the homepage at mikerindersblog.org


The scientology smear website

Azhlynne's Blog

Countering Justice4Mom with facts and the truth

Buddha Belly Birth

Christie’s Doula business she built from nothing

A Family Portrait

We talk about Shane and Jack quite a bit. This shot is a few years old, but it captures their personalities well. They’re a lot bigger now.


  • Deb Donner says:

    Question about the auditing. Who is doing the auditing and what “theten” level are they? Would an auditor be a lower level than those being audited? If so, that’s sounds counterproductive to the whole idea of the process. For instance, if an auditor is a theten level 2, and they were auditing a theten level 7, wouldn’t that be like a kindergarten kid giving Stephen Hawking math problems to solve? Trying to apply logic to a con is bizarre, this I know, but for someone invested in this, wouldn’t they wonder the same?

  • Rae says:

    I never would have pegged Mike as a Dave Matthews fan. Nice.

  • Stacey says:

    If Scientologist believe in reincarnation, why would they encourage abortion in the Sea Org? What is L Ron Hubbard came back as a baby but was aborted by a Sea Org member. The absence of basic logic is so apparent, I hope people that are mentally trapped, wake up soon. Great podcast this week. Mike and Leah, the world needs more people like you both. Don’t give up!

  • Betty says:

    Thank you for sharing Christie’s story. For some reason I had never caught on that she was also a former Scientologist. Keep up the fight!

  • Karen says:

    Hello! I have been listening to the podcast regularly, and have begun reading so much about Scientology. You both are so articulate, compassionate, diplomatic and it is absolutely incredible what you’re doing.
    I had a couple of questions:
    1. How does the, “average person,” participate in Scientology beyond a certain “level,” on the Bridge to Freedom? My husband and I both work full time… granted we have 3 small kids in daycare and live in an expensive area, but there is NO WAY we could afford giving the money you’re talking about. Do they just kind of “give up,” on you because they know they won’t get anymore money?
    2. What does a “workday,” consist of in the SeaOrg? You talk about these 8am to 12am days, but WHAT does that mean? Are you reading documents? Taking calls? What does an actual day look like?
    Thank you SO MUCH for answering our questions! Keep it up—you two are inspiring!

  • Alexis Talledes says:

    I have a few questions and they may not pertain to this episode but thought I’d post them anyways.

    1. If scientologists are only allowed to watch, read or listen to content produced by Scientology (Arrow productions) don’t they wonder why OSA is labelling the ones who got out and are speaking out as suppressive if they’re not allowed to listen to content produced from the outside? They tell them not to look it up so people should be questioning why OSA knows about it.

    2. Scientology is like our Covid situation…. you can go to a restaurant with people who are not in your circle but can’t have your family over. In Scientology you can’t be with your family who are labelled suppressive but you can hang out with people on the outside who are not Scientologists.

    3. Scientology basically de-programs you to not have any emotions and to not think for yourself. How does it feel when you first get out and have the freedom to make your own decisions and feel emotions that you had to suppress?

  • Shalona Henning says:

    Leah I was just wondering how much fair gaming has happened to you? I’m watching aftermath again on Netflix, Listening to your book again, and keeping up with the podcast but, I didn’t know if I’ve missed how much fair gaming has happened to you. Love what y’all are doing. Stay strong and keep up the amazing work.

  • Karine says:

    Great episode. It was so interesting to hear Christie’s scientology experience. I read every book possible, watched every show, movie and listened to every podcast and I didn’t know anything about her experience.

    I also want to congratulate you both for your amazing work. I want to seize this opportunity to mention Leah speaking against Tom Cruise’s meltdown. I was wondering a little be about it all, and so I welcomed her point of view and wholeheartedly aree more people should condemn these actions. I admire your courage so much, both of you. Keep up the good work. I can’t even begin to imagine the guts it takes to stand up to the church everyday like you do.

  • Valerie Hunt says:

    My question is for Leah. Growing up a scientologist did you have what would be considered a normal child hood. Did you have “normal” experiences. By the way, I have loved you since Saved By The Bell and I think what you are doing is amazing.

  • Sondra says:

    Leah & Mike, can you answer this?
    I learned from this episode that abortions are encouraged, if not mandated, in the Sea Org. This seems counter-productive to the general goal of recruiting members of the “church.” If LRH was looking to adopt children and the “church” pressures families into losing their children to the Sea Org, wouldn’t they celebrate pregnancies as guaranteed future members?

    • Mike Rinder says:

      They dont encourage abortions outside the SO. They let families take care of their kids until they are old enough to join the Sea Org then snap them up…

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